The Cowboy King and His Sidekick, Obama

In the absence of leadership in our own country, the American media has taken to cheering on the Clint Eastwood-quoting King of Jordan, Abdullah II.

Yesterday, I posted an inaccurate date for his ascension to the throne.  Abdullah II became king in 1999, not 1992.  I apologize to my readers for the inaccuracy.  There was a reason for it, however; 1992 was the expected date he would ascend the throne, according to astrologers.  The problem was, King Hussein, Abdullah’s father, did not cooperate and die at the predicted time.

The Progressive Prophets based their predictions on the assumed legacy of his Jesus Christ.  At the time, historians hadn’t yet corrected their own calendars.  Later evidence suggested Jesus was born between four and seven years earlier than previously thought.  That meant he was older than 30 when He began his mission.

So then would the Great Dictator of the Age of Capricorn be older.  For the religious, that would be the Anti-Christ.  The PPs thought he would follow in Christ’s footsteps, preaching to the poor, healing the sick, and leading the young.  Actually, Jesus led anyone, of any age, who would follow Him.

At the time, I was an astrology student.  I told my elders I thought they were wrong.  If whoever this was was truly the anti-Christ, he would do exactly the opposite.  After all, isn’t that what “anti-“ means?  Wouldn’t he be a warrior?  Wouldn’t he be born a human king?  Wouldn’t he be wealthy?

Abdullah is wealthy, as are all the Middle Eastern monarchs, although his country itself is poor.  All Jordan has is refugees – lots of refugees.  It turns out, King Hussein, not Abdullah (we would have heard about it, come to think of it), massacred the Palestinians in 1968 before signing a peace treaty with Israel.  Abdullah took in the refugees of various wars and even married a Palestinian.

All those refugees are a wonderful playing card for Abdullah – his aces.  Currently, the U.S. gives Jordan $1 billion a year in humanitarian and military aid; Abdullah wants more to pursue the Obama-created terrorist group ISIS.  According to a Fox News report, Abdullah was all about the military, even becoming a soldier with the British forces (his mother was English).

Abdullah is a regular modern-day Patton, it seems.  Hard-charging and ruthless, he seems to be just the guy America would like to see take down the Islamic extremists.  But he’s told Congress and the Pentagon that he needs more money and military hardware to take them down.  How much more is unclear, but our Congress – our Republican Congress – is more than willing to accommodate Abdullah, seen as a Western ally.  He is, after all, half-Western himself, isn’t he?

How can Congress say no when our own president has failed to do what Abdullah plans to do?  Doesn’t it seem like a strange coincidence that that horrible video was released during the king’s visit to the United States and the White House, even though the soldier was murdered weeks ago?  Abdullah once headed Jordan’s security forces?  How could he not have known about this video sooner?

We’re well aware of Obama’s fecklessness in regard to foreign policy and Islamic terrorism.  He won’t even allow the word “Islamic” to be used in his press releases and statements.  ‘There’s nothing Islamic about their terrorist acts,’ he’s told us.  Even though the dictates come straight from the Koran itself and are preached by Muslim mullahs.

We no longer take the Old Testament’s dictates literally (i.e., “crush the abomination out of Israel” regarding children born out of wedlock).  Glenn Beck said that the Reformation – the break with the Roman Catholic Church and the beginning of Protestantism (1517-1648) – cured us of that violence.  The real Reformation came with the birth of Jesus Christ.  He was the real reformer.  We no longer take His dictates literally and that’s a great mistake on our part.

I promised one of my readers I wouldn’t let today’s post get as long as yesterday’s, so I’ll abridge here.

Giving the money to Jordan would seem like the right thing to do.  Given Obama’s deceitful, dissembling performances, I just can’t help wondering if Abdullah isn’t his partner.  Every actor needs another actor with whom they can interact.  Abdullah magnifies Obama’s seeming weakness, and by proxy, America’s.  In turn, Obama’s fecklessness makes this Muslim monarch appear to be a great leader, a “warrior king” as everyone seems to agree he sees himself.

I just can’t help worrying that Congress (and our Conservative media) are falling into a political, moral, and foreign policy trap.  Three years, Abdullah said.  That’s how long he told the Pentagon it would take for him to subdue ISIS.

An interesting time-frame for his military plan.

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