America’s Mayor is Right About America’s President

Former New York City Mayor Rudolf Giuliani was right – our Emperor-in-Chief Obama does not love America.  In fact, he hates it.

Giuliani’s remarks were not about race or even place of birth.  Truthers believe he was born in Kenya.  His father, Obama Senior, was a Kenyan.  His mother was American, born in Oklahoma.  We who have studied astrology (even some like myself do not like to practice it) have no trouble whatsoever believing he was born on Aug. 4, 1961 in Hawaii.  Astrologically, it’s the perfect birthdate for this guy.

Obama Senior was an anti-Colonialist/Imperialist.  Anti-Colonialism is a special branch of Communist beliefs.  His mother was a fervent Communist and an atheist.  For awhile, she left her son, Barack, in the care of her parents.  Obama’s grandfather hung around the ramshackle, radical community on the island, befriending noted Communist Frank Marshall Davis, whose associates included Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett.

Vernon and Frank Marshall Davis were both members of a communist-controlled group in Chicago, the Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers.  Vernon wrote syndicated columns for the Chicago Tribune.    He was also a member of the Illinois Council of American Youth for Democracy, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) youth wing.

Then there’s David Axelrod, who gave Obama his campaign slogan, “Hope and Change.”  Axelrod’s mother, Myril, wrote for a “progressive’ daily called, PM, from 1940 to 1948.  The PM suffered a political divide between Marxists and Stalinists.  “Among the most popular writers,” according to Dr. Paul Kengor’s 2012 book, ‘The Communist, Frank Marshall Davis:  The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor,’ ‘was I.E. Stone – hailed by liberals for decades as the ‘conscience of journalism’ – but who we now know was once a paid Soviet agent.

Axelrod enrolled at the University of Chicago in 1972.  Through his work at the Hyde Park Herald, a weekly local paper, Kengor tells us, Axelrod met David Canter and his partner, Don Rose.

“David Canter was the son of Harry Jacob Canter, who in the 1920s embraced every progressive/communist cause under the sun, from the Scottsboro Boys to Sacco-Vanzetti.  In 1929, Harry Canter was convicted for radical activities and served a year in jail.  While his family today describes his work as “progressive,” the truth is that Harry was secretary of the Boston Communist Party.  In 1930, he ran for governor of Massachusetts on the Communist Party ticket.

“Harry Canter was so progressive that, in 1932, he got a special invitation to Stalin’s USSR, which he eagerly accepted, taking along his entire family.  Fluent in Russian, he taught printing techniques to the Bolsheviks, translating major volumes of Lenin’s writings.

“In 1937, Harry and his family suddenly left Moscow and landed in Chicago.  David Canter, now 14 years old, had been nurtured in the USSR under Stalin’s collectivization, mass wealth redistribution, and five-year plans.  Like David Axelrod, whom he would mentor eventually, David Canter attended the University of Chicago, writing for the college newspaper, and other publications.  He eventually edited the Packing –House Workers Union newsletter, Champion.

David Canter was eventually subpoenaed to testify before the Democrat-run House Committee on Un-American Activities, although he refused to answer any questions.  He was told that other Communists had testified that he, too, was a Communist.  Still, he refused to answer any questions.    The committee was particularly interested in a publication he co-founded with LeRoy Wallins (a well-known Communist), Translation World Publishers, subsidized by the Soviet government, “an outlet for the distribution of Soviet propaganda.

“In addition to the Packinghouse Union connection, the Canter family was also very much acquainted with the Chicago Star, founded by Frank Marshall Davis and Ernest Demaio.”  Frank and Harry canter taught at the Abraham Lincoln School, teaching an evening class entitled, “Wartime Trade Union Problems.”  Another evening class, “Trade Union Leaders,” was team-taught by Frank’s pals, Herbert March and Ernest DeMaio.

“…the overlapping orbits are fascinating,” Kengor writes.  “Think about the relationships:  Frank mentored Obama.  The Canter family mentored David Axelrod.  Valerie Jarrett is Vernon Jordan’s daughter-in-law.  Robert R. Taylor, Frank’s “anti-war” and “civil liberties” pal, was Jarrett’s grandfather.  Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod became Obama’s top two presidential advisors.”

Listen to Obama’s own words about race, from his introduction to “Dreams from My Father”:

“They know too much, we have all seen too much, to take my parents’ brief union – a black man and a white woman, an African and an American – at face value.  As a result, some people have a hard time taking me at face value.  When people who don’t know me well, black or white, discover my background (and it is usually a discovery, for I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites), I see the split-second adjustments they have to make, the searching of my eyes for some telltale sign.  They no longer know who I am.  Privately, they guess at my troubled heart, I suppose – the mixed blood, the divided soul, the ghostly image of the tragic mulatto trapped between two worlds.

“And if I were to explain that, no, the tragedy is not mine, or at least not mine alone, it is yours, sons and daughters of Plymouth Rock and Ellis Island, it is yours, children of Africa, it is the tragedy of both my wife’s six year-old cousin and his white first-grade  classmates, so that you need not guess at what troubles me; it’s on the nightly news for all to see, and that if we could acknowledge at least that much then the tragic cycle begins to break down…well, I suspect that I sound incurably naïve, wedded to lost hopes, like those Communists who peddle their newspapers on the fringes of various college towns.”

In his days at Columbia University, Obama sought every lecture on Communism and Socialism that he could find.  Although he was trained in law, he never actually practiced law, and only taught the subject as an adjunct professor.  He attended the New York Socialist Scholars Conferences, and probably the Midwest Academy retreats.  Midwest Academy later indirectly funded Obama’s campaigns.  He worked for awhile in the financial world.  But one day, he saw his suited-reflection in the mirror and decided that was not who he wanted to be.  What he really wanted to be was a “community organizer” like Saul Alinsky.  He wanted to wake up minority communities on the wrong side of the highway and “change” the way America worked.  He openly admitted that, if it were up to him, he would throw out the Constitution and start over.  He also openly used a variation of the Marxist phrase, “redistributing the wealth.”

Obama is the Black Elephant in the room.  Republicans don’t want to take him on in any aspect because of his magic melanin.  He could raise the old Soviet Union flag over the White House, and the Republicans wouldn’t do a thing about it.  He restored relations with Cuba.  Our Republican representatives said nothing (there’s a lot of money to be made in the cruise ship trade to Havana).

He’s fumbled the foreign policy ball so badly that it’s hard to tell just whose side he’s on.  Or rather, it’s hard to say, because we mustn’t criticize our Glorious Leader.  We have Obama to thank for the ISIS crisis, for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, for the disaster in Iraq, for the rising of Iran, and the muscle-flexing of Putin.  He’s either fired or forced the resignation of every general who opposes his strategy.

A federal judge has temporarily put a stop to the onslaught of illegal immigrants.  But it’s like putting a Sponge Bob bandage on an arterial wound.  The measure is only temporary.  The Middle East is in flames and our military is being downsized.

Yet the Republicans are all over Giuliani (who has nothing to fear politically) for declaring the Obama doesn’t love America.  Well, he doesn’t.  I’ve been saying it for countless years about Obama and his ilk.  He doesn’t love America.  That is, he doesn’t love freedom, individual rights of free speech, property ownership, and gun ownership.  He’s followed the Marxist mandate right down the line.

Before Republicans read Giuliani the riot act, they might try reading Obama’s two autobiographies, “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams from My Father. “  Read Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption.”  Paul Kengor’s “The Communist.”   David Limbaugh’s “Crimes Against Liberty.”    (“President Obama came to office with a strong wind at his back.  He established high expectations of himself, and the public took him at his word.”)

Read “Radical-in-Chief:  Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism” by Stanley Kurtz.  “Barack Obama’s own statements about his New York years are consistent with the notion that he was a socialist at the time.    If these were the only bits of evidence available, it would be a mistake to make too much of Obama’s few remarks on this mysterious period in his life.  Yet juxtaposing Obama’s account of his time in New York with his attendance at Socialist Scholars Conferences reveals a pattern.  There is also clear evidence that Obama was a’“pure Marxist socialist’ during his time at Occidental College.”

Read David Limbaugh’s other tome, “The Great Destroyer.”  “Contradicting Obama’s post-racial appeals, the Obama administration has zealously promoted race-based policies and preferences – under the euphemism of ‘diversity’ – inside and outside the government.  The Obama administration used federal ‘stimulus’ funds for such politically correct projects as purchasing manuals for every Omaha public school teacher, administrator, and staff instructing them on how to become more culturally sensitive.”

Trying reading Kurtz’ “Spreading the Wealth:  How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities.”  “The key to Obama’s second term education plans lies in the role being played in the administration-orchestrated Common Core program by Linda Darling-Hammond.  Darling-Hammond was Obama’s education adviser during campaign 2008 and led his post-election team.  She was on the fast lane to appointment as Secretary of Education until her leftism alienated even many Democrats.

Darling-Hammond has collaborated with William Ayers, who supported her appointment as Secretary of Education (he advocates a redistribution of resources to the poor and minorities as a payment on America’s ‘educational debt’.

“The Ayers-Darling-Hammond link is no fluke,” Kurtz writes.  Both were leaders of the small schools movement, which was supposedly about reducing school size, but was, in fact, about creating places to push Leftist politics, like The Peace School.  Ayers and Darling-Hammond have also worked together.  She contributed to a collection of essays edited and published by Ayers in 1998 (when Ayers and Obama were working together at their own education foundation in Chicago.

“Darling-Hammond’s contribution to that volume emphasized funding disparities between urban and suburban schools and praised the non-standardized alternative assessments (like having students keep personal journals instead of taking tests) popular in the experimental schools that sprouted up in the 1960s.

“It is clear from Darling-Hammond’s writings that her long-term goal is to circumvent America’s localized governance structures by centrally funding and administering the nation’s schools on the European model…Darling-Hammond hopes that laying down a national curriculum will set a precedent for greater federal control of America’s education system, even in matters of funding.”

Or you can read one of Dinesh D’Souza’s books, like “Obama’s America:  Unmaking the American Dream.”  “Behind such polices there is an attitude, captured in Obama’s recent remark, reported in the New York Times:  ‘Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China.’    Ah yes, that’s because the president of China is basically a dictator.  He doesn’t have to answer to Congress, and he is largely unaccountable to public opinion.  He just does what he wants, and I’m sure he has lots of little czars to help him executive his grand designs.  Obama so desperately seeks this kind of power that he blurts out one of the most imprudent remarks of his presidency, and the New York Times obligingly buries it in the last line of a long article on Obama’s Middle East policy.”

By count, that’s eleven books on Obama, two of them in his own words, about how he feels about America.  How much more evidence do Republicans, the Media, and the American people need?  Or are they boiled frogs wearing color-blind blinders?

Go, Mayor Giuliani!  Whatever you do, don’t let them intimidate you into apologizing.  The facts are on your side, in black and white.

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