Netanyahu Appeals to Freedom-Loving Americans

Ten years ago, Congressman Curt Weldon wrote a book, “Countdown to Terror,”  enumerating the many dangers a nuclear Iran posed to the free world.  Weldon, a Republican, represented Pennsylvania’s 7th District in the House of Representatives for nearly 20 years.  He was no fly-by-night pretty boy Congressman.  He was a senior member of Congress during a Republican administration.

Weldon was vice-chair of the Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee.  He was also the co-chair of the Duma-Congress Study Group, the official inter-parliamentary relationship between the United States and Russia.

Inspired by the events of 9/11, when it appeared the CIA was not going to divulge information to the public that would make it politically viable for Congress and the President to impose viable sanctions against Iran, Weston set about doing his own research with an Iranian insider he called “Ali.”

“Ali” was identified in April 2005 as Fereidoun Mahdavi, a frail, elderly former minister of commerce in the government of the Shah of Iran.   Mahdavi has said that the bulk of the information that he provided to Weldon originally came from Iran-Contra arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar.

The CIA and former intelligence officers vehemently dispute Weldon’s charges.  Bill Murray, the former CIA station chief in Paris, said that, after interviewing Mahdavi on several occasions and investigating his claims, the CIA determined he was lying. The CIA says that Mahdavi never gave them anything specific about Iran’s weapons capability or terrorist activities. As for Ghorbanifar, he is the subject of a rare CIA “burn notice” after the agency found him to be a “fabricator” during the Iran-Contra affair.  These reports were alleged by the Washington Post and the progressive bi-monthly, The American Prospect.

“This book is an act of desperation,” he wrote in the first sentence of the first chapter.

Weldon was defeated in November 2006 for reelection by Joe Sestak, who was able to outspend Weston in campaign money.

In 2006 Weldon faced investigation by the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section for suspected unlawful ties to two Russian companies and two Serbian citizens, when in a filing with the Federal Election Commission Weldon’s campaign committee reported that it transferred $70,000 to the “Weldon Legal Expense Trust.”  When reports surfaced of this in September 2006, Russ Caso, Weldon’s chief of staff, said that the congressman and his staff were unaware of any investigation.

The FBI and Justice Department’s investigations were triggered by a 2004 article in the Los Angeles Times reporting on Weldon and his daughter’s links to the Russians and Serbians.  On October 16, 2006, FBI agents raided the home of Weldon’s daughter as well as five other locations of Weldon associates in Pennsylvania and Florida as part of the investigation.  According to an article in the October 17, 2006, edition of The New York Times, “investigators are trying to determine whether Mr. Weldon misused his official position to help his daughter’s company obtain lobbying contracts from foreign clients and helped steer contracts to favored firms.”  On October 16, 2006 Weldon acknowledged he was under investigation.   Before Weldon’s public confirmation, an unnamed federal law enforcement official mentioned in press accounts said that Weldon had not yet been told about the inquiry.

A grand jury was impaneled as part of the investigation. Evidence reportedly had been obtained through wiretaps of Washington area cellphones.  On October 19, 2006, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Weldon has in his possession a letter from the House Ethics Committee that he claims “closed the case” about whether he used his influence to help his daughter. Weldon said he has not decided whether or not to release the letter. Although emails from the Weldon campaign quoted by the Inquirer claim the Ethics panel “closed the case in 2004,”  the article reveals the matter was not dismissed until September 29, 2006. The Ethics Committee action is not binding on the Department of Justice investigation.

On Dec. 22, 2006, the LA Times reported that a federal grand jury had subpoenaed Weldon’s congressional records prior to the November elections. Because a member must notify House leadership promptly if they receive subpoenas while the House is in session to be entered into the Congressional Record, Weldon may have violated House rules depending on when he received the subpoenas.  On July 17, 2007, The Washington Post reported that, as of Spring 2007, federal investigators were continuing to examine Weldon’s official actions taken on behalf of his daughter’s lobbying clients. The same article noted that Weldon had spent at least $30,000 in legal fees and related investigatory expenses as a result of the probe.

Weldon was never charged in the incident, however the USA Today claimed in 2008 that the incident had cost him his re-election, which is undoubtedly true and was probably the whole point of the smear campaign.  Barack Obama did much the same to his opponents for the Illinois State Senate.

No wonder Obama sneered after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, “Nothing new.”  David Axelrod followed up by calling the Prime Minister “childish” for not getting everything he wanted and not being able to go to “Disneyworld.”  America has certainly given Iran everything it wants, including a sunset clause for the production of uranium.  Given that stipulation, one has to wonder:  why even bother negotiating any treaty at all?

Such criticisms are mind-bogglingly adolescent and even snarky.  Is this the way our administration behaves?  Well of course it is; Obama’s attitude towards Israel’s prime minister has ever been thus.  His operatives are working behind the scenes in Israel, supporting Netanyahu’s socialist opponent.

Obama’s Iranian-leaning foreign policy can be explained in two words:  Valerie Jarrett.  Born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents in 1956, it’s not hard to figure where her loyalties lie.  A graduate of Stanford University and Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Obama administration, and nine years Obama’s senior, he takes his lead from Jarrett.

Netanyahu is a stand-up guy, and not one to be put off by bad behavior, snarky comments or empty seats.  A consummate politician, he offered praise to both sides of the aisle, and declared John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi his good friends.  Notwithstanding this declaration, Nancy Pelosi ran off as soon as the speech was finished to the “Cry and Fry” television set to complain to the networks that she considered Netanyahu’s appearance in Congress a terrible insult to Obama.

The Prime Minister’s speech was straight and to the point, enumerating the dangers of a nuked-up Iran and giving a timeline of ten years if the sunset clause is implemented before Iran can start launching.  Given that Iran already possesses tens of thousands of centrifuges.

His “friend,” Secretary of State John Kerry, claimed he had “twisted his words” in Congressional testimony.

According to Fox News:

“The State Department accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of taking congressional testimony by Secretary of State John Kerry out of context in Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress Tuesday.

“In a statement released early Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki quoted in full an article written on the website that claimed certain remarks made by Netanyahu about Iran’s nuclear program “misrepresented what Kerry had said” in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Feb. 25.


“In his address, Netanyahu said Kerry had disclosed that Iran could ‘legitimately possess’ 190,000 centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium by the time a deal designed to restrict Iran’s nuclear capability for a decade would expire. The Israeli leader, who referred to Kerry as ‘my long-time friend’ in his speech, said that amount of centrifuges could put Iran  “weeks away from having enough enriched uranium for an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons and this with full international legitimacy.”

“However, the article circulated by Psaki noted that Kerry had only said that a peaceful nuclear power program could use that same number of centrifuges.

“’[I]f you have a civilian power plant that’s producing power legitimately and not a threat to proliferation, you could have as many as 190,000 or more centrifuges,’ Kerry told committee members.

“Later in his speech, Netanyahu described the proposed agreement as one that ‘doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.

“’So why would anyone make this deal?’ the prime minister asked.  ‘Because they hope that Iran will change for the better in the coming years, or they believe that the alternative to this deal is worse? Well, I disagree.’”

“The State Department statement was the latest salvo in an ongoing war of words that marked the run-up to Netanyahu’s address and climaxed with harsh criticism for the Israeli leader from congressional Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who branded the speech an ‘insult to the intelligence of the United States.’”

What intelligence?  Certainly not the “intelligence” of the American voters, who sealed our fate and Israel’s when they re-elected Obama to office in 2012.  Certainly not the “intelligence” of the Liberal media.  They have an intelligence of a sort that is steeped in Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, and Maoist ideology.  In short, they hate freedom.

Certainly not the “intelligence” of some of our Republican representatives.  We must give John Boehner credit for inviting Netanyahu to speak before Congress.  We can even give some credit to New Jersey’s Senator Bob Menendez, who publicly declared his departure from Democrat brethren.  New Jersey is home to a very large Jewish population.

Was Pelosi speaking of the intelligence of our chief intelligence-gathering agency, the Central Intelligence Agency?  Criticizing them is not wise – no one wants operatives sliding down ropes from black helicopters onto their roofs in the middle of the night.  Nor is it fair.  The CIA puts its agents’ lives on the line for us, with no honors and certainly no credit from the far-left political wing.

If there’s “nothing new” about Iran’s nuclear build-up, there’s plenty new about the transformation of our foreign policy regarding Iran since Obama took office.  As Betanyahu once noted humorously on Fox News some years ago, Iran hardly needs civilian nuclear power; they’re sitting atop major oil fields.  What do they need nuclear power for?

Where Obama has forbidden the use of the phrase “Islamic Terrorism” – or “Islamic” anything for that matter – Netanyahu came right out and said “Islamic militants.”  Iran’s goal is to start small, gobbling up its neighbors.  Once having gained that power, as Germany once did in the 20th Century, Iran will go on to overpower the region, and with its nuclear armament safe from nosey, Western investigators, ultimately a worldwide caliphate, an Ummah.

Netanyahu’s concern, he plainly stated, was his own country, Israel.  “We will defend ourselves alone, if we must,” he said.  Still, he pleaded with Congress to oppose Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

He gave an excellent speech.  But was he speaking to a group of choir boys?  They’ve failed Americans in every issue of freedom from Obamacare to illegal amnesty.  They’ve rolled over.  Their applause for the Prime Minister was thunderous and well-deserved.

But will their thunder and lightning turn into a spring shower with a rainbow, singing larks, and backpats for Obama when it comes time to confront our Adolescent-in-Chief on his nuclear pact with Iran?  The English Parliament ignored Winston Churchill as Germany was secretly building up its weapons manufacturing.  Churchill, too, had secret informants in German, whom Parliament laughed off as cloak-and-dagger cartoon characters.

The English stopped laughing when the first bombs dropped on London, they had to cross the English Channel in little boats to rescue what was left of the English and French forces after Dunkirk, and their own future King was suspected of being a Nazi sympathizer.  Thank goodness, Mrs. Simpson took care of that.  What would have happened to England had Edward VIII not abdicated the throne?

Liberals and Progressives find it very inconvenient to reference history.  That’s why they like to call themselves “Progressives.”  They want us to look forward with a fresh view and judge their political motives and actions by the past.  This time, it will be different, they claim.

The world won’t fall into war and then tyranny?  The Founding Fathers were wrong?  Big Government is good?  Good for whom?  Big Business?  Big Corporations?  Big Money?  Big Donors?  The Jews won’t suffer through another pogrom, another World War II holocaust?  They’ve been persecuted for centuries.  They’re being persecuted in Europe right now.  Iran makes no excuses about it.  They mean business.

Curt Weldon was too much of a small fry.  We Tea Partiers are even smaller fish.  But not even a Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to stop tyrants from marching all over us.  Winston Churchill only succeeded once the bombs started falling.   Unfortunately, Obama considers Netanyahu “small fry.”  He’s got the bit in his teeth, as it were.  Obama’s riding on the crest of a young, ignorant voting bloc, an incestuous media, and a compromised Republican Congress.  He’s not going to let anything or anyone stop him.  Like Axelrod’s “child,” he’s going to do exactly what he wants, when he wants, where he wants.  And he’s going to do exactly what Iran wants done.

In World War II, the Germans used conventional bombs, however.  Thousands were killed, but England, with America’s considerable assistance, was able to mount a defense and win the war.  Today’s nuclear weapons are much more powerful even than the bombs that destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Iran does not deserve to have nuclear weapons of its very own, anymore than Germany deserved the chance to build up an army.  Iran has declared itself to have genocidal designs on the world.  They are not a peaceful nation.  They have proven that through the murder of millions, including their own people, massacred for trying to forge a democratic-style government.

Meanwhile, Obama stood by and shrugged.  If Congress imitates Obama, cowers before him and his media minions, and shrugs, the Armageddon Iran so ardently desires (and remember, Iran took its name from Nazi Germany’s ideology of the Aryan  nation, the perfect people) will be upon us.

Hope you’ve stocked up on hazmat suits, iodine pills, and freeze-dried meals.  The Comedy Central morons have just determined our future.  Netanyahu was hoping to speak to freedom-loving Americans.  Afraid they’re as marginalized as…Curt Weldon.  Or music radio.  Just try to get a copy (in any form) of the World War I-era classic, “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag.”

And smile, smile, smile as freedom is annihilated.

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