O Declares Jihad Against Bibi

Unable to come to terms with the fact that his plot to foil Benjamin Netanyahu’s election as the Conservative Prime Minister of Israel failed, Obama is turning to the United Nations and its Security Council for support.   He and John Kerry are calling for the U.S. to support a U.N. Security Council resolution that would call for the resumption of talks to conclude a final peace settlement to create a Palestinian state.

According to Foreign Policy.com, after winning Tuesday’s election, Netanyahu publicly abandoned his commitment to negotiating a Palestinian state, despite over 20 years of U.S. diplomatic efforts, and promised to continue the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

Shortly before this week’s election, the United States informed its diplomatic partners that it would hold off any moves in the U.N. Security Council designed to put Israel on the spot at the United Nations in the event that Netanyahu’s challenger, Isaac Herzog, won the election. But U.S. officials signaled a willingness to consider a U.N. resolution in the event that Netanyahu was re-elected and formed a coalition government opposed to peace talks. The United States has not yet circulated a draft, but diplomats say Washington has set some red lines and is unwilling to agree to set a fixed deadline for political talks to conclude.

“The more the new government veers to the right the more likely you will see something in New York,” said a Western diplomat.

Obama is said to be beside himself with fury that Netanyahu first spoke to Congress without first consulting with the emperor-in-chief.  Netanyahu received thunderous applause from Congress for a very straightforward speech about the dangers an nuked-up Iran poses not just to Israel, but to the world.  In his speech, Netanyahu promised to oppose Iran, alone, if necessary.

The Democrats clucked at Netanyahu’s lack of manners in not consulting with the President first before he accepted the invitation to speak to Congress.  The mainstream press basically branded Netanyahu a war-mongering hater and dismissed his speech as inane.  Meanwhile, Obama’s operatives, through the organization One Voice, were campaigning for Netanyahu’s opponent, Herzog, spending millions of our tax dollars to unseat Netanyahu.  Thought America wasn’t supposed to be in the business of nation-building, that it makes us imperialistic colonialists?

Then, Netanyahu had the nerve to go and win a decisive victory in Israel’s election, an election the prime minister himself called for, in order to gain support. In defiance of every ethical consideration, Obama’s minions worked hard to bring in the votes for Herzog, even busing voters in to their polling places, all to no avail.

Early reports from Obama’s cheerleaders indicated that Netanyahu was far from winning the election that night.  They claimed it was a tight race.  But it was no such thing.  Netanyahu’s Likud Party won even more seats than it had before the elections.  Obama ground his teeth.  Drat that Bibi.  Despite public calls to remember his own manners, our commander-in-thief would not call Netanyahu to congratulate him.  That doesn’t sound very American.  In our own elections, it’s customary for the loser to call the winner to concede the defeat and congratulate the winner.

Ah!  A light begins to dawn.  Obama couldn’t bring himself to concede defeat to Netanyahu.  Instead, he sent John Kerry to whine to the United Nations for him and do an end-run around Netanyahu.  Accept a Palestinian state or be evicted from the United Nations.

The Truthers must be having a field day.  Not only do they believe that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, they believe he’s a Secret Muslim.  There’s no proof that he was ever christened or baptized into Christianity, so far as anyone knows.

He’s certainly acting like a disgraced Muslim potentate who has lost a battle.  Israel was supposed to surrender to the Palestinian state – and depend upon it, if there’s a Palestine, there will no longer be an Israel – and remain in the Middle East only upon the usual Islamic terms of dhimmitude – half the profits of their country, no public worshipping of their religion, a high jizra (a tax on non-Muslims), and no voting rights in the country’s elections.

Not exactly the way Israel treats the Muslims.

What else should all this be to Obama?  The Israeli people have spoken in their election.  It’s their country, not his.  What’s the big deal?  Why the hissy fit?  Why the determination to push a Palestinian state, knowing perfectly well that it will mean the political obliteration of Israel?  Why the public mockery of an educated, sophisticated and canny leader while Obama begs for a renewed relationship with representatives of a backwards country that abuses women who frequently shout at our Secretary of State?  Why is he negotiating with dictatorship that behaves as though it holds all the cards and refuses to negotiate unless the United States agrees to the first item on its wish list – the continuation of a nuclear arms build-up, whose weapons have only one purpose – to destroy Israel?

Is Obama some kind of nut?  The American people sit every evening before their televisions, their mouths agape at Obama’s petty, petulant, patricidal behavior.  Why, anyone would think he was a Muslim himself, and a Communist Muslim, at that.  What else are we to make of his policies, attitude, and behavior?  He’s arrogant, juvenile, and imperious, pugnaciously engaging in vicious retribution when he doesn’t get his way.  This is the leader of the free world?

His most recent outrageous suggestion is to make voting mandatory.  Again, that is something dictators do.  Proponents of mandatory voting fail to make clear the problems with mandatory voting.  A mandate would force all voters to choose even if no one on the ballot was suitable for office.  They know that the silent, non-vote sends a message to a party (like the GOP) that doesn’t heed a major portion of its base.  A mandatory vote, guaranteeing 100 percent turnout, also forces a “mandate” to be declared for the victory.  Saddam Hussein won 100 percent of the vote in his last election.  That is something that could not have happened in a free America.

We are being hurled – not simply led, but thrust – down the path toward tyranny and subjugation by someone who clearly does not have the United States of America’s best interests at hearts.  Nor will our Congress do its duty, as ordained by the Constitution, and invoke the separation of powers to rein in this dictator before he turns the United States into a subordinate of the United Nations and an Islamic Caliphate.

My prediction still stands – that by 2016, we will no longer be a sovereign nation, as we are now.  We may hold an election in that year for president.  But that president will preside over a very different nation, one that will be obeying the orders from a triumvirate of political bureaucracy (the U.N.), economic communism, and cultural theocracy.

Enjoy what freedom you have left while you can.

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