One State, Two State, Islamic State, Jew State

One State, Two State, Muslim State, Jew State

Getting up very early in the morning means early nights.  I fell asleep on the couch at about y7 p.m. (!) only to wake up around 9 p.m., or was it 10, to the sound of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly ripping into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his campaign promise of never succumbing, as Israel’s prime minister, to a one-state solution.  Was he going back on his campaign promise (just the way Obama has)?

Either Ms. Kelly hasn’t done her Muslim homework or we’re so desperate for a Conservative leader ourselves that we’ll drag one across the ocean to demand that he stick to the Conservative principals he espoused while campaigning for office.

Poor Bibi.  Conservatives were so relieved to hear a genuine conservative politician speaking that they didn’t hear what he really said.  He said he’d never agree to a one-state solution because it isn’t possible. That’s what they have right now (one state, Israel) and even though Arabs – which is to say, mainly Muslims – are in the minority, they don’t like it.  Among other things, they can’t impose Sharia law in Israel.

The non-Muslim Arabs who tend to be poor have thrown in their lot with the Muslim Arabs.  The communist Muslims have done a good job in spreading their propaganda about the class divide in Israel:  “rich” Jews and “poor” Arabs.  Works every time.

Still, while Obama’s operatives, One Voice, may very well have bused Arabs in to vote for Herzog, Netanyahu’s opponent, they must have done so knowing that the genuine Arabs – even they – voted for Netanyahu.  Even poor non-Muslim Arabs know their lives are better in the democratic state of Israel with the Jews than under an Islamic caliphate.

A one-state solution, Israel, is not working thanks, in no small part, to Obama’s interference.  The only other kind of “one-state” solution that the agitators must mean is a Palestinian state.  No Israel at all.

Therefore, the only “solution” would be the creation of two states.  Actually, Israel already exists, therefore the second state would be Palestine.  Israel never should have yielded the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, which is now teetering between democracy and theocracy.  At least one side of the Suez Canal should be ruled by a democratic government.

The Palestinians aren’t a nation – they’re a tribe dating back to Old Testament times whom the Jews bested in battle.  Sorry, but that’s the way they did things back then, and for a long time after.

That’s what we were told about the former Republic of Yugoslavia.  Originally it was supposed to be a state for all Slavic peoples, the way Israel is supposed to be a state for all displaced Jews.  Bosnia was conquered by some Muslim warrior in the 13th Century and subsumed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  The Muslims won the day.  That was supposed to be it.  No going back.  The Muslims won.  Game over.

However, the Slavs did fight back and then-Pres. Clinton backed the Muslims, claiming that the Slavs had no right anymore to the territory since it was conquered way back in the 13th Century.  All those states:  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia now all bear the prefix “Socialist Republic of”.

What is good for the Muslim goose is not good for the Kafiric gander, though.  The Jews don’t have the same claim to victory because they are not Muslims.  Never mind that even Christianity didn’t exist at that time, much less Islam.  Muslims live there now and so, according to Obama, Palestine must have its own (Islamic) government.  And Israel must not.

Obama is a Pre-Columbian Anti-Colonialist.  The Pre-Columbians believe that all conquered territories, except those conquered by Muslims, must be returned to their native inhabitants.  America should be returned to the Native Americans.

No, wait.  All but one tribe, the Algonquins, migrated here from Asia.  So the Native Americans must march themselves back across the Bering Strait (by that time, the Climatists Climate Change Theory will have reestablished the land bridge across the ocean) and return to wherever their ancestors began their trek to escape from starvation and strife.

We European-Americans must do the same.  We’d have to clone ourselves first since our ancestors typically came from diverse countries, unlike the Hispanics who came from Africa by way of Spain.  My brothers and I would have to go back to Ireland and Germany, and from there to Rome, although our German genes would be very comfortable in Germany since the tribes were indigenous to the area since the 4th Century B.C.  Attila the Hun was born in the province of Pannonia, which was conquered by the Romans in 35 B.C.  Attila was born towards the end of the Roman Empire, in 406 A.D.

The place of origin will get mighty crowded in a hurry, which is why peoples migrate, to alleviate overpopulation.  Overpopulation leads to a strain on resources and land, and eventually, war.  The conquered who survive move on.  According to Obama, though, that means some other natives of some other place must kill or be killed.  Since the natives were there first, it’s only fair that the conquered conquerors return to their place of origin and kill or be killed there.

So much for hope and change.  This was Marx’ view, that immigration leads to war, therefore, it must be discouraged.  Obama obviously doesn’t share that view.  By all means, allow the immigrants into the United States.  If it isn’t conquered, how else is “social justice” to be achieved?  America is where the money is.

Israel is where the Jews are.  That’s where they came from, and because they were better educated and more socialized, they thrived and yes, conquered.  Or prevailed.  They didn’t believe in human sacrifices, for starters.  Their Ten Commandments said that everything didn’t go; that there was one God who had a set of rules that He insisted be followed, or else.

Then along came Christianity.  Christians said the problem with the Jews was that they began to deviate from the original rules and began writing them down in a book called “The Talmud”, much as Muslims would later include a companion book to the Quran, called “The Hadith”, the commandments of Mohammed, the prophet of Allah.

Later Christians decided, against the obvious commandments of Jesus, that it was open season on the Jews.  Not until after the German Holocaust during World War II, did Christians realize that this probably was not the thing Jesus would want them to do, murder Jews by the thousands and millions.  His last words were a prayer to God, the Father:  “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Different sects of Christianity would argue about the meaning of those words.  But that sounds pretty much like “forgive the Jews” to me.  Even if they don’t want to be forgiven.  Even if they still don’t accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  Forget about it.  We accept Jesus Christ and that was His commandment to us, His followers:  Forgive them, anyway.  Let the past go.  God’ll take care of it.  Leave it to Him.  Embrace the Jews as your brothers and sisters.  Jesus might even tell us to embrace the Muslims.  That would take some considerable thought.  Our ancestors tried to kill the Jews, not the other way around.  They’ve only ever defended themselves.

The Muslims.  That’s another story.  They expect us to deny Jesus Christ was the Son of God and accuse of straying from His commandments.  That’s none of Mohammed’s business.  His answer was to punish the Kafirs by cutting their throats and other heinous acts of butchery and slavery.  The Koran may or may not say it, but the Hadith sure does.  Some peaceful religion.

So, that is the choice Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel face:  taxation, enslavement, and ultimately, extinction.  Or submission to “Allah” and the followers of his prophet, Mohammed.  That’s some choice.

Mohammed was a cunning student of Judaism and Christianity, and especially of the Book of Revelations and what it says God will do to the Jews for denying, and eventually abetting in the crucifixion of, His Son, and to Christians who have lapsed in their Christianity.  The Muslims yearn to be the deliverers of His vengeance and are eager to bring about The End Times, after which the world will be ruled in “peace.”

The Communists are eager for this same, unified world, minus the religion.  In the late 1950s, they adopted the peace sign from the Greenpeace movement, who claim they designed it through some weird transmogrification of naval signal flags.  The progress of the design concept  takes an awful lot of imagination.  There is an easier explanation for the thing:  any astrologer (and the Muslims, particularly the former Persians now known as Iranians, were particularly adept at the study) would recognize as the progeny of the astronomical symbol for the earth, with the horizontal, latitude line broken in half and bowed down.

There’s your “submission”.  The word “Islam” means both “submission” and “peace” or “submission through peace.”

Or, “peace through submission.”

I’m horrified every time I see some little girl cheerfully wearing this thing.  I insisted my brother remove it from his ex-wife’s car (which he was driving while she was living abroad).  I was sickened, but not surprised, to see that Lady Gaga had the peace sign tattooed on her arm.

“Peace through submission.”  That’s the deal Obama wants from Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of Israel.  Netanyahu’s reply is, ‘No way.  Not a chance.  Get lost.’  Let us hope that he doesn’t change his mind.  He gives the impression of being extremely intelligent, gracious, well-mannered, canny, and strong.  The media reports this morning tell a story of Obama finally calling the Prime Minister to congratulate him, but with an “icy” caution.  Yet another blow to America’s reputation as a decent, freedom-loving, diplomatic nation.  We have a fool (of sorts) in the White House who dares to mock a true leader.

Don’t bow down to him, Bibi.  Don’t do what generations of Jews, and others, did before you and try to make a deal with these people.  Don’t surrender to the catcalls of Obama’s cheerleaders that in defying Obama’s injunction to recognize an Islamic state of Palestine you are somehow a “racist.”   You know that is a risible accusation.

Thank you, Mr. Netanyahu, for being so diplomatic in suffering Obama’s vicious diatribes, his insults, and his threats to break off relations with Israel.  We have to put up with him.

You don’t.

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