Hillary is “Yesterday’s” News

Hillary is “Yesterday’s” News

In the Harry Potter movies, after You-Know-Who returns, Harry asks or is told whether what the characters of Hogwarts and environs experienced the “first” time is the same as what is happening to them presently.

Various characters reply, “It feels like it did before.”  Hagrid says so in the very first film.

Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton, in announcing her bid for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016, noted, “There are some new voices in the new presidential Republican choir.  But they are still singing the same old song… a song called, “Yesterday.”

She even quoted the Beatles’ lyrics for youngsters who might not have heard of the Beatles.  Mercifully, she didn’t sing them or the remaining Beatles might have sued them.

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.  Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.  Oh, I believe in yesterday.”

She couldn’t have put it more precisely or accurately.  Quoting that particular song seems more like a taunt – and a pretty stupid one, at that.  That’s exactly the way we Conservatives would put it.

The front-running Democrat contender for the presidency quotes a song from the Sixties – when America’s problems began (or renewed themselves, even older Americans would claim) – then accuses Conservatives of nostalgic longing, presumably for racist attitudes which actually belonged to the Democrats more than to Conservative Republicans.

Our troubles have, indeed, returned.  The reawakening is apparent everywhere from culture to education to politics.  For the last decade, young girls have been wearing their hair long, straight, and parted in the middle, as girls did in the late Sixties and early Seventies.  Mini-skirts are back in fashion, along with love-beads, platform shoes, fringed smocks, and long boots.  Guys have adopted the Beatnik look (not to be confused with the Beatles look, in which the Fab Four cut their hair in the style Middle Age pageboys or troubadors.)

Even Afros are said to be making a come-back.  Worst of all is the widespread popularity of the peace sign.  Darned fools.  Stupid kids.

We’ve seen it on television beginning with the series “Mad Men.”  Television ads are using old pop tunes (at least the ones they can get the rights to; not all the old Marxist musicians are willing to aid and abet commercialism and Capitalism).

The Hippies (that’s what we called them in the original Sixties) are considerably over 30 and they’re in charge of everything from university classrooms and department chairmanships to advertising to corporate public relations.  They’ve been in charge of the Media (called “The Press” back in the Old Days).

They haven’t been entirely successful in bashing the military the way they did back in the Sixties, throwing bags of feces at soldiers returning from Vietnam and screaming at them, “Baby killers!”  But they have done a credible job of defunding the military and engaging us in decidedly wrong battles and decrying the right ones.

Hillary Rodham-Clinton grew up from being a Flower Child/Hippie to a Progressive lawyer, who played a minor role in the Watergate scandal as an aide to the prosecutors.  They kicked her out, though.

Then the Democrats suffered a crushing setback when Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected President of the United States in 1980.  They hissed.  They yelled.  They defiled his name.  They fairly seethed with rage.  They even tried to get him impeached for the Iran-Contra scandal.  Reagan just smiled and when on to be re-elected, earning him a beloved place in the hearts of Americans.

Conservatives wonder why we can’t find another Reagan.  They can’t find that person because they’re looking in the wrong place.  They’re looking with the middling ranks of the Republican party.  Reagan was a converted former Democrat.  That conversion gave Reagan all the credibility as a Conservative he needed to trounce the Democrats.

What worse message, what worse enemy could they have than a message of Conservatism from a defector from their own ranks?  Those are the days we Conservatives long for.  Conservatism without the Democrat-created racism, angst and division.  America prospered, for the most part, in the Fifties, and even in the early Sixties, and again in the Eighties.  That’s because whether the presidential candidate is a D or an R, so long as they at least practice fiscal conservatism, the country will do well.

However, the country will not prosper if it falls apart morally and socially.  When families fail, so does the economy.  If we don’t produce enough workers to make doing business in this country economically feasible for businesses – a higher population of workers necessarily lowers the wage rate.  We can weep for the loss of wages.  But if we’re not competitive, businesses will take their business elsewhere.  Or bring the workers from elsewhere here.

That is what Disney is doing.  Disney is forcing its current employees to train their replacements, who are more than willing to work for lower wages.

Big Government advocates like Hillary will certainly clamor for “tolerance” when it comes to illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, single mothers, and abortion.  These things are all weapons against Capitalism.  Once Capitalism collapses, rather like the Twin Towers on 9/11, the government will simply step in and take over lives, at the cost of our freedom.

Unwed mothers are not unique to our times.  They have been legitimized and underwritten by the hapless taxpayer in our times.  That’s what we get for “tolerance.”

In researching my genealogy, I found my family was rife with unwed great- and great-great grandmothers and philandering great- and great-great grandfathers.  One of my great-grandmothers was buried with her second husband’s mistress.

One grandmother was never issued a birth certificate because her father, the year of her birth, married another, much younger pregnant girl.  He had a choice of applying for a birth certificate or a marriage license:  he couldn’t do both without arousing the suspicions of the authorities and his wife.  Another great-great-grandmother never even listed the father of her baby nor did the child have a middle name, since she couldn’t be baptized in the church.  Another great-great married at 16 and gave birth at 17.

My parents, of the Greatest Generation – stood like islands amidst all this familial, social chaos.  They were aghast at the casual way in which their grandparents and great-grandparents flouted morality and custom.  So much for the Victorian morality of the 19th Century (carried a third of the way into the 20th).

Yet my great grandmother had the chutzpah to lecture my poor mother about the evils of wearing red shoes.  I guess she knew of what she spoke.

Looking over the birth records there were many such instances of unwed mothers, their poor children dying in infancy.  My great-grandmother’s mother remarried.  Nonny was left to live as a little maid in the home of either strangers or very distant relatives at the age of 5.  She came twice America to see her mother, only to be sent directly back to Germany again.  She returned again at the age of 14, to stay.  Two years later, she was married, and the next year directly, had her first child, my great uncle (who carried on the family tradition), as did my grandfather.

I don’t know about my paternal grandfather, but it’s said that while he may not strayed off the marital path, he certainly strayed off the path of morality, to say no more.

Sorry to be rattling the family skeletons.  If it seems like “too much information,” consider this:  my mother’s parents separated (though never divorced) in 1934 and sent her to live with that self-same grandmother who had, by then, remarried to yet another unfaithful spouse.  For a time, she was sent back to live with her mother (her father was a merchant seaman) and there, she starved, chewing on shoe leather to stave off the hunger pangs, before my grandfather came back home on leave and sent her back to live with his mother.

My great-grandmother hated my mother because she hated her daughter-in-law.  Let us say it was well-known in the family whose daughter my mother really was and my great-grandmother was livid.  My legal grandfather never made it an issue to my mother:  as far as he was concerned, she was his daughter.  My great-grandmother took her in because she was still her granddaughter.

But she was exceedingly cruel to my mother, hurling verbal abuse at her and neglecting her emotionally.  She hired my mother out for labor (housework), just as she had been.  How many other children, even today, suffer this and worse in the midst of illegitimate families, being raised by drug-addicted mothers, or living with resentful grandparents?  How many of them would starve, if not supported by a government which has all but legalized drug abuse, turns a blind eye to alcohol abuse, condones immoral conduct, and unwittingly lends support to child abuse by supporting young, unwed mothers and not holding the fathers to account?

I grew up in a stable family in the suburbs.  My parents may have had problems financially (who doesn’t?).  She hated her in-laws.  Everyone, that is, but my unfortunate grandmother.  As my paternal grandmother had not had a birth certificate neither did she get a headstone for her grave.  Her elder son took the money assigned for that purpose and did who knows what with it.

She now has a headstone thanks to my older brother, who happened to be in that part of the country on business and sought out her grave.  He phoned my mother to tell her about the negligence.  My mother then sent the money to place a headstone on the grave of her mother-in-law who, on my parents’ wedding day, wore black to the ceremony (because my mother wouldn’t raise us Catholic; therefore, they were married in a Lutheran, not a Roman Catholic, church).

A sad story, isn’t it?  And there are so many others.  All because we think we’re being “modern,” more tolerant, more enlightened and, dare I say it, more “progressive” when we lay aside adherence to traditional moral values, picking up where Adam and Eve left off.

I can still remember seeing Hippies – dirty, barefoot, and drugged – back in the Sixties.  I was a child of the Sixties and I’m getting old now.  But not addled.  I can still see the television coverage of the Watts, Haight-Ashbury, and Newark riots.  I remember passing by Newark as we went south on the Garden State Parkway towards the Jersey Shore.  It was summer and you could smell the stench of burnt buildings.

I can remember war protestors burning my beloved American flag and how they were confronted by enraged construction workers.  I remember television footage of pagan priests setting themselves ablaze.  I can remember still the day in kindergarten when we were forbidden to publicly pray to God.  I can remember praying anyway, when I was about to enter, yet again, the pit of Hell – my 5th grade classroom – to be tormented by the class bully and the door bursting open, in answer to my prayer, revealing my mother, coming to my rescue.

I can remember the Communist lessons student teachers tried to teach us about God and how He didn’t answer prayers because He didn’t exist.  I remember being taught the incomprehensible, mathematical grammar of Noam Chomsky and the equally incomprehensible arithmetic methods.

Now, here we are, some 50 years or so later, and we have Common Core and a confusing war, this time in the Middle East.  We have a Communist-in-Chief for president, we have former war and civil rights protestors expanding upon an already impenetrable bureaucracy (begun by FDR).

Cities are burning.  Cops are being called names, being murdered, and charged with brutality against a notoriously criminal element.  We now have the gay marriage which the Hippies failed to institute in the Sixties.  Marriages are in shambles, the middle class is disappearing, the carefully laid out suburbs of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies are on the verge of being demolished, thanks to the predation of the Affordable Housing program.  Our suburban towns are surrounded by a trail of filth, garbage, drugs, and higher taxes – and we have nowhere to go.

Our parents were similarly beset and besieged back in the Sixties.  It feels the same as it did before.  That time, evil was defeated.  Now it’s back.  It ran for President in 2008 and won and was reelected.  Now it’s preparing to run yet again, in one form or another.  It controls our cities and is seeking – and in many cases, winning – control of the suburbs.

Everyone has their favorite “Yesterday.”  But some of us remember Hillary’s “Yesterday” differently.  That’s not someplace we want to go.  That’s where she’ll lead us, though, where the Hippies did strife and anger sow.  Now the flowers of their collective garden grow and the fruits of their labors will be ice and snow.

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