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Kofels, Austria – site of the Sodom and Gomorrah asteroid strike

Today, in a 5 to 4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage is legal.

The ramifications of this completely political and entirely immoral ruling will be felt for decades.  Let us hope that ultimately the ruling meets the same unpopular fate as Roe v. Wade, although even Roe has yet to be struck down by Congress, much less the Supreme Court.

What the Supreme Court declares legal, it appears, cannot be undone by any methods known to American-kind.  The Supremes declare that they are being faithful to the Constitution, yet defy every precept that made the document possible.

Yesterday, they declared that Obamacare was also constitutional and that if we wanted the legislation to be reversed or not to be written at all, then vote for legislators who would do our will.  No one has proven that same-sex marriage is universally accepted by Americans.

Now that the Supreme Court has declared homosexual unions legal by fiat, none dare oppose the ruling without an army of lawyers to support them.  The butcher, the baker and the photographer must comply with the ruling and be prepared to make the celebration of homosexual marriages possible, no matter how many other service providers are perfectly willing to help host a gay wedding.  If you refuse to do it, you’ll be in hot water with the government and it is you the gay activists will target.

In a generation, we’ve gone from tolerance and compassion to totalitarianism and compliance.

The religious considerations of those forced to acknowledge the governmental legitimacy of homosexual marriage have been overthrown in favor of a small minority of Americans and even smaller, but vocal, minority of activists.

Three hundred million and some odd people cannot overpower the monstrous sound speakers of the Mass Media.  They cheerlead all manner of deviation – homosexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, prostitution – in stereophonic splendor.  Reporters announcing the ruling were overflowing with glee at this victory over the Christian church.

Some pastors will not surrender.  They will go to jail in defense of their churches and congregations rather than submit to practices the Bible clearly condemns.  The residents of Sodom were not the Welcome Wagon.  They didn’t pound on Lot’s door so they could “know” the visiting strangers in any peaceful manner; they were there to gang rape them.  Their intentions were clearly sexual as evidenced by Lot’s offer of his own virginal daughters.

God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because their residents were ill-mannered.  If that were the case, He’d have destroyed Manhattan ages ago.  No; God destroyed the two towns (and other neighboring villages) because they were filled with evil, wicked people who defiled themselves and God’s ordinances.

We’ve been browbeaten into not acknowledging that evil exists, that Satan roams the Earth seeking to divide God from His creation, Man, and that, in our human weakness we can be deceived and exploited by him.  His treachery runs through the marrow of our bones.  Yet we dare not speak his name (anymore than we may speak the name of Jesus).  If we do, we run the risk of being declared “judgmental.”  We will be guilty of “discrimination” and subject (now) to the full force of the laws of the United States.

How did we come to this?  How did we go from “the love that dare not speak its name” to the God whose name we dare not speak?  That is Satan’s goal:  to convince Man that he doesn’t need God, that God will never hurt us, and in fact, that God doesn’t exist at all.

The other day, those Millennials who spoke at the Tea Party admitted that it was hard to know how to reach out to Millennials who overwhelmingly support the legalization of drugs, gay marriage, and illegal immigrants.  How does the Tea Party reach out to these Magnanimous Ones without offending their sensibilities?  So supercilious are they, that they have even abandoned Facebook, lest the cautionary words of their elders penetrate their ears and pierce their eyes.

They remind me of the time when they were small and they did something naughty.  They covered their eyes at the words of shame and cried, “Don’t look at me!!”  But of course, the adults towering over them could see them and laughed at their naiveté.

Above is a photo of Kofels Mountain in Austria, where some scientists say the asteroid struck on June 29, 3123 B.C.  Some scientists say it was simply a coincidence of a natural phenomenon.  According to the theory, after the asteroid truck, it sent a fiery arc of debris flying south as far as the Levant, laying waste to the Valley of Siddim on the southeastern side of the Dead Sea (known in those times as the Salt Sea).

Now that we’re so smart, now that our fat heads are safely cocooned against anything resembling the truth outside of our own reasoning powers, we no longer believe that God can, would, or ever did, send down balls of fire to punish the wicked.  God would never do that to us, we think.  God’s just a great, big lovable and loving teddy bear (a notion against which Jesus, the son of God, warned us).  Or worse:  there is no God, so we don’t have to worry about what we do or don’t do.  We’re just balls of nothing circling aimlessly around an empty, uncaring void.

Uh-huh.  You go right on believing that, if you want.  Yet when The Government tells you you’re evil, as in Climate Change Denial, or believing that homosexuals can be cured, or that individual freedom is better than collective slavery, you quake in fear, lest you be deprived of your livelihood, your property, and your freedom (such as it is).

That is the evil against which the Bible warns:  the subjugation of men by other men; the worship of Satan, the Eternal Liar. provides a list of near-future passes of all known asteroids larger than 100 meters that pass closer to Earth than 0.05 AUs (astronomical units).  The “Miss Distance” is counted in LDs (Lunar Distances – the distance between the Earth and the Moon, or 384,401 kilometers).  Depending on where the Moon and Earth are located in their respective orbits and the size of the asteroids, we can experience some pretty close calls.

The current worry on NASA’s list is Asteroid 2015 HM 10, which will pass by Earth at a distance of 1.1 LD (384,401 kilometers give or take 38,000 kilometers or 22,000 miles, if I’ve converted kilometers to miles properly).  220,000 miles – that’s a pretty far distance.  You’d have to drive your car about 15 to 20 years to put that many miles on it.

An 81 meter piece of rock – 3,1887 inches or 265 feet (a hundred feet short of a football field) – speeding towards Earth (it’s unclear from space weather’s data just how fast it’s going), will pass within Earth’s orbit, about as near to Earth, or just hair’s breadth out, as the Moon is.

Even that close, it would be difficult to see without a telescope.  There have been much closer calls but fortunately for Earthlings, the asteroids have been even smaller than this one.  However, if this asteroid were to deviate from its projected path or if the astronomers are wrong and it did hit Earth, the consequences could be devastating.

HM10 is no stranger to our solar system; it first visited Jupiter in June 2001.  This trip, it will first pass the Earth and then the Moon before heading out.  If it’s already one lunar distance out from Earth, just how close is this thing going to come to our Moon?

That’s something for those celebrating today’s Supreme Court decision to consider.  By the way, gay activists have a lot of nerve using God’s rainbow as their standard.

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