Christie Announces his 2016 Presidential Run

New Jersey Gov. Christie formally launched his 2016 campaign for President of the United States today from the auditorium of his alma mater high school in Livingston, N.J.

A WABC-NY radio cheerleader declared that Christie was a Conservative Republican.

What?  In their Socialist Democrat dreams.  The Democrats must fear Christie’s run more than we thought if their ordering the cheerleaders to introduce Christie as a Conservative.  Ask anyone in New Jersey.  Even the New Jersey Democrats will tell you that Christie is as purple as Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Christie won the New Jersey gubernatorial race both times by running as a Moderate.  Everybody here in the Garden State knows that.  Although the Internet apparently has been carefully scrubbed of the notorious photo of him sharing an ice cream come with Obama on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk in 2012, the sight still gives us Conservatives the shudders.

But then we knew what he was.  Christie can give a good Conservative talk when it suits his purposes.  However, he’s all about Moderation and has always said so.  In his defense, he doesn’t have much choice in New Jersey, which is as blue as Maine blueberry.  We have numerous suburban pockets that are red, but not enough of them.

Of Christie’s faults and blunders, Bridgegate is way down the list, if it was a fault at all.  Bridgegate was never about Democrat versus Republican politics, nor Liberal versus Conservative, or even Moderate.

Christie is all for regional planning, as well as Common Core, and making friends of Muslims (he appointed a Muslim state attorney general and he’s said to be good friends with Jordan’s King Abdullah II).  However, the borough of Fort Lee has an estimated population of 37,000 people living on 2.5 square miles of land.  That’s 13,910 people per square mile.

A vast number of those people are living in a number of high-density, high-rise apartment complexes, the newest towering 37 storeys over the George Washington Bridge.  Fort Lee’s former mayor, Mark Sokolich, wanted additional lanes added in Fort Lee, presumably in exchange for endorsing Gov. Christie.

Private suspicions in New Jersey are that when Sokolich’s endorsement was not forthcoming as promised, instead of adding lanes, Christie did, in fact, close lanes instead.  Christie would not be blamed by Republican or Conservative New Jerseyans for closing the lanes.  Given Fort Lee’s reputation for one-way streets that added to its own miseries and the addition of its own towering high-rise complexes, with no mass transit to relieve the congestion, the idea of sympathy for Fort Lee was laughable.

In the minds of right-minded Garden Staters, especially northern New Jerseyans who’ve been stuck on the Route 80/46/4/PSP/Turnpike extension traffic jams, if Christie ordered the lane closures, or if his minions did, good for him.

The problem is getting the rest of the Conservative and Moderate country to understand that.  Especially the Moderates.  If Moderates across the country understood the Fort Lee/Bridgegate issue properly, they’d be more inclined to vote for Christie, and that worries Democrats mightily.

So the New Jersey newspaper of record on all things Bridgegate, The Bergen (or New Jersey) Record, has been playing up the “shame” of Bridgegate, the real shame belonging at the feet of Fort Lee’s planning board for allowing so much construction on so little real estate, with no plans to alleviate the traffic congestion.

Still, as Christie is not popular with Garden State Conservatives for numerous, valid reasons, you won’t hear much from Conservatives on Bridgegate, even though they know it’s all a lot of hoo-ha about a Democrat town that got what it deserved (my apologies to good friend Agent K).

If you’re going to bash Christie, bash him for leading the way (as the head of the Board of Governors) on Common Core.  Bash him for appointing a Muslim as State Attorney General.  Bash him for supporting Regionalization.  Bash him for his Man-Date with Obama after Hurricane Sandy (we don’t care how badly the state might have needed federal aid; the spectacle with Obama was positively nauseating).

Something you can’t and shouldn’t blame him for is the state of New Jersey’s economy.  The state legislature – solidly Democrat – is to blame for the heavy taxation and regulation of businesses in the state, which caused companies to flee, taking what was left of the Conservative vote with them.  I know of what I speak – my former company was one of those companies that fled, taking my job with it.

After the company’s announcement, it was said that Christie panicked and was immediately on the phone with the company’s executives.  However, there was nothing he could have done.  The company’s plans, shall we say, were firmly set.  Nothing was going to change their minds.  They’d just had enough of New Jersey and its politics.

Many other companies felt the same way.  I could take you on a tour of all the empty office building dotting Northern New Jersey.  Perhaps I’ll take photos of all the many abandoned office parks so you can see for yourselves.

That’s what you get for voting in a Democrat-Socialist legislature, New Jersey.  Maybe next time, you’ll pay more attention to the state elections when they come up, instead of blowing them off for your kid’s soccer game, an early evening of Dancing with the Stars, or posting photos on Facebook.

But to whom am I writing?  Most of New Jersey left long ago for the Carolinas, Georgia or Texas.  All we have left are the unemployed, the retirees, the Welfare Whelps of our blighted cities, the College and Post-College Commies, the latter two of whom all gladly voted for Obama.

Take Christie at his word.  He will gladly reach out to those two groups of voters.  He’ll do whatever he has to do to win the election, just as he did what he felt he had to do to get the Federal aid after Hurricane Sandy.

Even if it means sharing another ice cream cone with Obama.  That will be good news to Republicans and alarming news to Democrats.  They need a distraction.  Traffic cones versus ice cream cones, at twenty paces.

So, start chanting, Democrat Cheerleaders:  “Bridgegate!  Bridgegate!  Bridgegate!”

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