The Thrill Over July 4th Fireworks is Gone

Every year, for as long as I can remember, our community band has played at the town’s annual fireworks display.

One year, long ago, we were asked to play during the fireworks.  The flaming remnants came down on top of those of us in the percussion section.  Being young, I found it alarming but also rather funny and somewhat exciting.  Back then, we were living in America.

This year, the town informed our band director that we did not have to play during the fireworks (which they realized would have been dangerous).  But the band couldn’t leave, either, until after the show was over.

We used to be glad to play during fireworks.  Our band, as well as other bands on which we’ve played, has done so in the past.  Performing during the fireworks can be a great thrill, or used to be a great thrill, at least as long as the ashes aren’t coming down on top of your head.

Now?  Only one band member (who’s as subscriber to my blog) expressed any enthusiasm for staying.  The band director asked how many members wanted to leave as soon as we were through playing.  Just about every hand shot up.

While we were playing, or trying to, the deejay at the other end of the field actually turned up the volume on his equipment.  It was hardly a fair fight.  We were already a small group.  Our poor trumpet players struggled to be heard.  As the deejay cranked up the volume further on The Village People’s YMCA, he just sort of gave up.

Was the deejay trying to tell us something?  Naaah.  Couldn’t be.  Could it?  YMCA is the anthem for gay activists.  Or one of them.

I packed up my things as soon as we were through and had my orchestra bells in my cart, ready to truck on out of there.  Our car was parked at the end of the street.  As I reached it, the fireworks started going off.   Red, blue, yellow.  Chrysanthemums.  Shriekers.  Bottle rockets.  M-80s.

My friend had gone back to help with the chairs.  The fireworks no longer held any awe for me.  They were just fireworks, just as the music the deejay played was the same set of mundane, though popular tunes, you could hear at any time.  No, that’s not true.  You don’t even hear old pop tunes anymore, though he did play Neil Diamond’s America (just as we had done).

“The thrill is gone,” I told my friend, as I drearily watched the sky explode for nothing.


“I meant for the fireworks,” I replied.  “What’s the point in all this?  What exactly are we celebrating?”  He agreed and we left.

What are we supposed to be celebrating?  The death of free speech?  Illegal immigration?  Gay marriage?  The new minimum wage?  The ability for anyone in the world to interfere with American elections?  In one day, Glenn Beck announced that two pastors in Idaho were arrested for refusing to perform a marriage ceremony for gay couples.  The Miss Universe Pageant and Macy’s have “fired” Donald Trump for daring to criticize illegal Mexican immigrants.  Meanwhile, as Obama implements his new minimum wage hike, Greece has officially gone down the financial drain, and we will be next.

Activists are preparing to burn American and Confederate flags in Brooklyn, all the while flying the new, rainbow colored Gay American Flag.  Which is the worse desecration?  The Confederate is not simply a symbol of racism; it’s actually unconstitutional.  Where are our Constitution Quoters on this issue?

Article I, Section 10:  States prohibited from the exercise of certain powers

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts… etc.

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another Sate, or with a foreign Power, or engage I War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

The Confederate Flag – the Stars and Bars – is an illegal flag, in the sense that it cannot be flown over any municipal, state or federal government property.  The Stars and Bars was the symbol of an illegal, secessionist government that was defeated in war by the United States proper.  Gov. Nikki Haley was correct to have the flags taken down, both out of concern for the racism that it heralds and for its unconstitutionality.

That does not mean that private citizens do not have the right to display the flag on private property – or on their private persons, as an article of clothing.  Companies have the right to manufacture and sell this [heinous] object and customers have a right to purchase it.  God help them.  That’s what our First Amendment rights are all about.

Time and again, Christian organizations and Libertarians have cautioned us about saluting and pledging our allegiance to the American (or any other) flag.  If we loved our flag, back when it stood for individual liberty, free commerce, limited government, and our real civil rights (which are different from “privileges” – something granted to some, but not necessarily others), we can hardly be blamed for putting our hands to our hearts as it passed by in parade.

This was the flag that flew over Philadelphia, Bunker Hill (in some form or other), Gettysburg, and Iwo Jima.  Europeans freed from the tyranny of Nazi Germany hailed it and waved it as American G.I.s marched past after liberating their villages.  This is the flag that flew on the Moon, on the tail fins of the Space Shuttles, and over Ground Zero in Manhattan after 9/11.

But without trustworthy representatives behind it that honor the Constitution it represents, without an attentive public that cares about what it stands for, without our beloved individual freedom which we’ve sold away for the sake of moderation, political correctness, and outright cravenness, it means nothing.  We’ve forsaken our flag and those who died defending these last 200 plus years.

Without freedom, the American flag stands for nothing at all.  There’s nothing to celebrate in what’s been done, or undone, currently under its auspices through a corrupted Congress and a Communist president and his minions.

Nothing makes that clearer than a town which orders its independent community band to stay in place while a celebration of newly-enacted, immoral, un-American, and entirely reprehensible licenses takes place to the theme of YMCA; or a town arresting two pastors who refuse to perform a marriage ceremony of two couples who are flagrantly violating the tenets of their churches by forcing the pastors to consecrate their physically impossible unions.

When we “deconstruct” the Constitution of the United States, we demolish its “negative” liberties for government and allow a new series of “negative liberties” to be enacted for its citizens.

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