Is This Still Our Country?

Here on the eve of the Fourth of July, I find myself wondering yet again whether this is still our country, the home of the brave and the free and the freedom-loving individual.

Were the fireworks we watched on the horizon as we drove West on Route 3 a symbol of true patriotism – that love of individual freedom and prosperity?  Or was it mere jingoism?   An “inclusive” fireworks display “everyone” could enjoy, whether they truly love America as the last stand against tyranny or not?  Young people clapping and jumping joyously to the strains of “Stars and Stripes Forever”?  Or to the anti-American strains of “Born in the U.S.A.?” (A number our band members balked at playing.  We succeeded; our director chose another number)?

Young people turn their noses up at politics the way they turned their noses up at broccoli when they were toddlers.  They don’t know any better.  They think they do know better because some teacher, rock star or community activist told them so.  America’s history is one of shame at every turn of their textbooks.

As long as there’s loud rock music, cotton candy and soda, they’ll show up for the fireworks.  They’re not really sure what it has to do with America, or what American has to do with fireworks.  But who cares?  Whatever.

To the Millennials, America is about the gay pride victory over gay marriage.  It’s about everyone in the world having the right to participate in America’s elections and determine her future, most especially her enemies.  It’s about hiking their minimum wage so they can be on equity with the company CEO right now, instead of working for it.  It’s about the latest P.C.:  banning the phrase “the job should go to the most qualified applicant.”  Which is usually some Asian (like my niece-in-law) who got better grades and a higher degree.

It’s about branding Americans – particularly white Americans – forever with the same of racism.  It’s about the battle to end “white supremacy” even if the combatants are academically inferior and Academia has had to invoke Common Core to “narrow the achievement gap.”

It’s about burning the American flag because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves they could not legally free.  They’re busy burning the Confederate flag and yanking the stupidly harmless old TV show The Dukes of Hazzard because of their links to slavery.  Never mind that it was Democrat politicians who victoriously ensured the continuance of slavering by counting their majority-populations as a portion of the vote, overpowering any legislative competition.

But by all means, vote for Hillary, the one-time First Lady of not only the U.S., but of the state of Arkansas, a Southern state, which entered the Union in 1836.

This is what the Communists want us to think, anyway.  They want us to be demoralized.  True to their intentions, the flag no longer stands for anything in the Constitution.  They’ve declared open war on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Free for them, not for the rest of us.

Tomorrow, our local Tea Party will be participating in an Independence Day parade.  Ever notice how that title is seldom used anymore?  Anyway, we’ve been instructed not to wear any tee shirts with words on them (other than the name of the Tea Party).  The town is afraid tee shirts might instigate a riot.  If it did, wouldn’t it be incumbent upon the town to protect the tee shirt wearers (assuming the tee shirts did not have profanity, pornography or the Confederate flag on them) rather than those protesting the tee shirts?

No.  They’d tell us it would be for our own “safety” that we should not wear patriotic tee shirts, not because they want to abridge our First Amendment rights.


Still we mustn’t allow ourselves to be discouraged.  There’s no last word in the battle for freedom; no surrender.  Just ask veterans of Utah Beach or Iwo Jima.  No matter how many soldiers fell, they kept on going.

The Left has the upper-hand – for now.  But the Right hand of America has not been cut off, yet; it can still pack a punch.  The rollercoaster is on its way down the steep side.  Eventually, however, the tracks will level off.  The elite, preening themselves on their victory, will become complacent, and not see the rising generation we will train to fight once again for individual freedom.

Those students may not be so quick to drink the Left’s Kool-Aid as my generation and succeeding generations did.  They may not be too pleased to find that hard work gains them nothing; that they must share their A’s with other students who didn’t earn them.  They may look at their parents and grandparents, addled by some Alzheimer’s type of disease that resulted from their drug use and wonder what, if anything, their grandparents had been thinking.

They may prove responsible enough to deserve individual freedom and liberty, to appreciate it, to uphold, and when they sing God Bless America, they will not turn around and curse the God for whose help they petitioned, as this generation has.

God will not bless an America that curses His name, abuses His mercy, and flouts His laws.

All the same, enjoy your Independence Day and remind your children and grandchildren what it is we’re celebrating.

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