Obama, the Long-Term Liar

Yesterday, at a rare speech at the Pentagon, Obama declared that the war against will be a “generational struggle” and that “[T]his will not be quick.  This is a long-term campaign.  [ISIS] is opportunistic and nimble.”

ISIS isn’t as opportunistic as Obama himself.  The man has no shame, no conscience, and no credibility.  He’s just unbelievable.

Too bad he didn’t think of all this before abandoning Iraq, leaving behind a wealth of artillery, ammunition, and vehicles with which ISIS was able to mount its jihadist campaign.  Too bad he decided to support them financially and militarily in their fight against Syria’s Bashir Assad, who’d been trying to rein the terrorists in.  At the time, he told the American people were on the right side.

Now that the Middle East is in flames, that country after country has fallen – Iraq, Lebanon (that ill-fated country fell decades ago), Syria, and Egypt is up against the ropes, while Saudi Arabia bides its time, Obama has decided the United States and the coalition must counter them and go after the “heart” of ISIS.

He cited the gains U.S.-trained troops have made in rolling back ISIS’ march through Iraq and Syria in recent months.  But he noted that there are no plans to send more troops to undo the damage he inflicted when he prematurely withdrew the troops.

President Barack Obama offered an update on the military mission against ISIS on Monday, emphasizing the long-term nature of the effort and the importance of local forces and stable governments as keys to stopping the terror group’s rise.

Obama pointed to the more than 5,000 air strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria and new regions like North Africa, and the efforts of a “galvanized” Iraqi government in the wake of the fall of Ramadi, as signs of stepped-up efforts against the terrorist group.

“This will not be quick. This is a long-term campaign. (ISIS) is opportunistic and it is nimble,” Obama said, delivering remarks from the Pentagon.

Obama said the coalition is going after the “heart” of ISIS when it comes to both monetary and human resources. And he took the opportunity to prod Congress to confirm Adam Szubin as Treasury Department Under-Secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, to aid the effort to stop money flowing to ISIS.

Though the President said U.S.-trained troops have made progress at rolling back ISIS gains across Iraq and Syria in recent months, he added there are no plans to send more U.S. troops to the region. Obama emphasized that regional security forces will have to play a leading role in the anti-ISIS effort.

“If we try to do everything ourselves all across the Middle East, all across North Africa, we’ll be playing whack-a-mole and there’ll be a whole lot of unintended consequences that ultimately make us less secure,” he said, according to CNN.

“The strong consensus is that in order for us to succeed long-term in this fight against (ISIS), we have to develop local security forces that can sustain progress. It is not enough for us to simply send in American troops to temporarily set back organizations like (ISIS), but then as soon as we leave see that void filled again by extremists,” Obama said.

In casting the fight against ISIS as a generational struggle, he said success depends on “Muslim communities, including scholars and clerics, rejecting warped interpretations of Islam and protecting their sons and daughters from recruitment.”

“Warped?”  As in, Muslims traditionally do not use their left hands for eating because they do ‘other things’ with the left hand?  As in, the Koran is literally the only book they’re allowed to read; that they don’t watch movies or TV, listen to music, drink or dance?  As in, all schoolchildren do is recite verses from the Koran?

Warped, as in they have two versions of their holy book, one to proselytize the ignorant, and the other to beat them into submission?  He expects us to believe that there’s a different Islam that the West doesn’t know about or understand that separates the terrorists from the true believers?

Two Korans there may be, but there’s only one Hadith (the sayings of Mohammed) and one Sura (Mohammed’s biography) and they both contain plenty of violence and strange rituals.  Early marriages of girls as young as nine are proscribed (Mohammed’s bride was all of seven when they were betrothed and nine when he took her into his house).

Islam was spread through violence, subjugation, and taxes.  Not every Muslim is a warrior.  But then, not every American joins the U.S. military, either.  Christianity has no counterpart for the Muslim radical terrorist.  Modern Christian missionaries go out “armed” only with their Bibles, which contain the words of God.  They are only permitted to quote the word of God, though they are permitted to help in translations and use modern examples to retell such parables as the tale of the mustard seed.

The time has passed to talk of generational struggles.  War is upon us now.  Obama’s definition of “long-term struggle” is to carry out a war for which he has set the pieces, but will leave the job of picking up those pieces to his successor.

Britain, France, and Germany will probably join us, once that successor has made the requisite apologizes to those countries on behalf of the United States for all the insults with which Obama has slapped them.  Much depends on whether France and Germany will have enough of an economy left after bailing out Greece – yet again.  So far, the tab is $360 billion ($US).  When the Greek government agreed to the EU’s austerity plan for a meager $23 billion budget cut in June 2012, the working Greeks went on strike (those who worked for the government, practically the only Greeks who have jobs) and the welfare Greeks rioted in the streets.

Now Greece is on the brink again, looking for more handouts.  Greek communists danced in joyful circles at the news of their country’s impending doom.  That’s what you get when you elect a socialist democrat government – economic disaster.  A Greek immigrant friend here in America says that his relatives back in Greece are just too lazy to work.

If Germany caves to yet another Greek bailout, it will have no money to send to support a military crisis in the Middle East.  Europe is having a difficult time stemming the tide of “refugees” into their countries from the Middle East.  Many are Christian.  But not that many.

We are on the brink of war, one that, with a nuked-up Iran, will likely be quite short in duration and decisive in its conclusion.  One side or the other will be wiped out.  With such craven leadership in Congress and a traitor in the White House who was crucial in the war’s development and progress, the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be left with very few positive alternatives.

The next President of the United States will inherit all the responsibility for a Middle Eastern war and all the blame for its outcome.

If you live anywhere near a major city (particularly New York, Washington, D.C., L.A., and San Francisco), start looking for a new home now.  Or start digging a fallout shelter in your backyard.

The next war will not be counted in increments of generations, but hours, at most.

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