The Swamp Girl: Chapter 1 – The Trans Generation

The Swamp Girl

Chapter 1 – The Trans Generation

Caitlyn Jenner is a happy woman today.  She’s exposed herself in Vanity Fair and now every mother’s child, as they toddle along behind Mom at the supermarket, can see her in all her trans sexual glory and gory.

Transsexual operations first took place in the early Seventies.  Our assistant high school band director was one of the first to undergo the controversial (some say, pioneering) surgery, and was promptly fired.  In solidarity with her/him, our band director also resigned.  Happy day!  I hated his guts.  He frequently used me as an emotional punching bag for his tantrums.  Good riddance.  Something positive always comes out of even the strangest situations.

The teacher had what sounded like a reasonable justification for undergoing the surgery.  If it was possible to become the opposite sex, and that was what you felt you were, why not undergo the surgery?  Why live a lie?

I never heard whether this teacher lived happily everafter or not.  They say a number of transsexuals eventually commit suicide.  I hope this one didn’t meet that fate.  Maybe it’s easier for women to pose as men than it is for men to pose as women, although the attachment process for both has got to be painful.  Do they really find the grass greener on the other side?

What compels someone to go to such drastic measures to achieve happiness?  If you stare too long and too longingly at an object, you can become hypnotized by it until you see nothing but that thing or that lifestyle and miss your real chances at happiness.  A record caught in a skip, playing the same refrain over and over (kids – ask your grandparents what a record is).

Wasn’t that a theme in Harry Potter?  The Mirror of Erised (“desire” spelled backwards).  We can spend too much time staring at our televisions, mesmerized by its alluring images of fabulous mansions, impossibly thin women, exotic locales and lifestyles.  The models are a direct throwback to the pre-1960s; they’re everything Feminists said women shouldn’t be – sex objects.

That’s what Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is – a mutated sex object.  Freedom of speech allows advertisers to assault society with these images.  All you can do is change the channel or better still, turn the television off altogether.  Take the repeating record off the record-player before it drives you crazy.

Take a walk in the woods or the park on a sunny day.  Remind yourself where the real world is and be satisfied with who you are, and thank God if you have eyes to see the blue sky, ears to hear the birds singing, smell the roses or the pine trees or the aroma of freshly-baked doughnuts, feel the sun on your face, and have a milkshake.  Or a glass of wine.  Or a Summer Ale.

Enjoy and be happy with yourself, above all, just as God made you.  If you’re going to reconstruct anything, reconstruct your soul.  Unless you’re disabled, your body is fine pretty much the way it is, though you should take good care of it.  It’s the only one you’ve got.

And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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