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Breitbart’s senior editor-at-large Ben Shapiro reported that some key Republican contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, including Rick Perry and Marco Rubio, want Donald Trump “disqualified” for making untoward accusations about Sen. John McCain’s status as a war hero/POW in Vietnam.

“Disqualify” him? Are they out of their minds?

Shapiro wrote an excellent editorial, which you can read here:

Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and distant-runner George Pataki (former Gov. New York) all claim that Trump should be disqualified as

a presidential nominee. Ben Carson defended Trump.

If that’s what Perry, Rubio, and Pataki all think, perhaps they should disqualify themselves as candidates for wanting to violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protecting free speech. Trump is free to say all the stupid things he wants. It’s up to the American people to decide if he’s qualified to be President of the United States, not the people running against him for the office.

Trump is not free to commit libel or slander. As far as anyone can tell, Trump didn’t lie; he only expressed an opinion. He’s free to criticize, rebuke, reproach, admonish, impugn, chide, berate, vilify, decry, remonstrate, disparage, deprecate, condemn, castigate, expostulate, and mock any other candidate – and those other candidates have that same First Amendment right.

What they don’t have the right to do is make up voters’ minds for them about who should be President of the United States. Obama did it to Hillary’s supporters in 2008, shutting her prematurely and unfairly out of the primaries.

The trouble is, the Moderate Republicans just don’t know what to do about Trump. The Loudmouth (in their opinion) is, forgive the expression, trumping them in all the polls. They’re hoping the hoo-haa over McCain (whose own candidacy in 2008 cost the GOP the presidency for his aisle-crossing politics) will cool the ardor of his constituency.

Disqualifying him will have the opposite effect from the one the GOP intends. Instead of getting rid of the troublemaker, they’ll solidify the support he currently enjoys. Whatever damage he did to himself by criticizing McCain will be undone. An uproar will ensue. Maybe he has a checkered political past. But so did Obama? Did anyone who voted for Obama care that he was a transformation-happy, wealth-redistributing, suburbanite-hating Socialist-Communist who once stated that, if it were up to him, he would throw out the U.S. Constitution and “start over”?

Obviously not. Yeah, Trump supported both Parties. As a corporate businessman he was required by law (a law McCain was instrumental in writing) to donate to both parties, more or less equally.

Is he Pro-Choice? Apparently he isn’t anymore. Did he state that he supported bans against assault weapons? Yeah. Did he favor a longer waiting period for a gun permit? Yeah. Did he have any idea what an assault weapon is? Did he know that the thing is a figment of the anti-gun lobby’s imagination? That the gun they’re talking about is just your typical rifle with fancy-looking, inoperative combat-style styling? He said it because it sounded good.

What does The Donald know about guns? He doesn’t need a gun. He’s probably got the best security team in the world to carry guns for him – and he’s got his own mouth, a weapon with which he sometimes shoots himself.

If you don’t like what Trump says…well, that’s just too bad. If you have a radio or television show, invite him to a debate. Or just ignore him. You can even go on criticizing him; that’s your First Amendment right.  If you’re afraid he’s stealing your thunder, well then speak up for yourself. Maybe you can steal his talking points and say it better yourself (it wouldn’t be hard).

If you’re a RINO who’s afraid that Trump will carry away enough of the Conservative base to keep you from winning the nomination, you have good reason to worry. Americans are fed up with you whiny, spineless, compromising Moderates. They were all ready to vote for Romney until he went squishy in the debates.

Trump isn’t going to lose to Hillary; you GOP nitwits are. But you’ll blame it on him for offending veterans or Hispanics or whoever it is you’re afraid of. Trump is in the lead because he’s not afraid. Is he the ideal candidate? Maybe. Maybe not. He’s up to fight, though, where the other candidates are either standing there with their hands in their pockets or hatching idiotic, unconstitutional plots to get the guy disqualified.

Why don’t you listen to what he’s really saying, forcefully, if rather clumsily?

America is listening. But so far, Trump is the only Republican candidate talking to America about America. Most of the rest of you stick-at-naughts and middle-of-the-road tailgaters are only talking about Trump.

What do you have to say about that?

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  1. I had noted something similar on a new jersey media website as follows:

    65813.1. a scintilla of truth in trump
    by bpaterson, 07/22/15 11:35 AM
    Re: Dump Trump! by Verity70, 07/22/15 11:35 AM

    the guy is a wealthy egomaniacal self obsessed blowhard, just having a field day playing with the gop ideologies, and probably will step down in a little time. maybe he is doing it to show us what wealth can buy. his believers/disciples really shouldn’t be called crazies though.

    If anything we should be looking at his disciples like they were similar to our nations founding fathers fellow neighbors and locals. They wanted to be left alone with no govt intervention in every aspect of their lives, to live, work and think independently toward making a better life for themselves and their families. Everyone else is just a govt hack wanting to move up the ladder of government. The gop ideologies pretty much promulgate these believes of being indept and keeping govt small and in check. Trump proved himself to be a little over the edge, a little outside the box and outspoken.

    many are living vicariously thru him and thus believe he can achieve the gop ideologies in their pure essence.

    Just looking at any dems on the dem side, are there any that truly stand up for independence, or is it just compromises, and group think? Rare if any. however, each side if in total control would be the demise of our nation, but together with their eternal ideological battles make it the strength it is.


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