The Campaign to Dump Trump

There’s been a ringing in my ears for the last week or so. No, it’s not tinnitus from my bi-weekly tintinnabulation with the local community bands (it’s summer concert in the park season). The ringing, or more accurately, blooping is coming from my Facebook.

Facebook has absolutely been on fire since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office of President of the United States. One Conservative Facebook site has already been shut down by Mark Zuckerberg and his Liberal crew out in California. The site had over 200,000 members.

Other Conservative Facebook administrators are becoming nervous that they’ll be the next to go. The shutdowns happen without warning. The Facebook Police are better than the NSA. They use computer logarithms and macro searches to key in on certain words like “Hillary” or “Obama,” certain profanities and racist terms to target a Conservative site and shut down due to breaches of Facebook’s rules.

An insidious fight this is, for it’s difficult for a FB administrator to know who the enemy is. Is that a racist hillbilly posting that Confederate flag, a Liberal troll, a RINO campaign operative, or someone from Facebook itself posting counterfeit messages to damage the site’s reputation and get it shut down?

At the center of the hub-bub is none other than Donald Trump himself. All sorts of theories and accusations are running rampant on the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter. He’s a former Democrat (so was Ronald Reagan)! He was photographed hugging Hillary (Heavens! He must have been desperate considering he’s constantly surrounded by gorgeous models and beauty queens)!

He supported Hillary in 2004 (so did a lot of other idiots, many of them Conservative, or at least Moderate, pundits)! He praised the Democrats as being better for the economy than Republicans (he was a Democrat at the time, and a lot of those same nitwit pundits, on the Fox Business News show on Saturday mornings no less, said the very same thing). They insisted there was no inflation during Bill Clinton’s reign. Hah! I wish I’d saved my supermarket receipts from that period. In about two to three-month period, my grocery bills – for the same bags of groceries – doubled.

He donated to Hillary’s campaign (thanks to the McCain Campaign Finance Reform Law he and other business owners had no choice but to donate to both parties if they wanted to donate at all). He favored the assault weapon ban and lengthening the waiting period for a gun permit and so he’s anti-Second Amendment (you mean those guns cosmetically altered to look like semi-automatic weapons? He’s a gun collector.)!

He’s in favor of universal healthcare; he claims he can do it better. That one I can’t excuse, unless he has some way of making hospitalization and emergency care mandatory but affordable and the rest a matter of individual choice.

Trump is a racist who hates Mexicans! Did you know that Mexico City is where Leon Trotsky met his doom when Stalin, whom he opposed, ordered his assassination? Does the name Che Guevara (from Argentina) ring a bell? He gave lectures on Marxism in Mexico City in the mid 1950s. Does that give you all a pretty good idea of where Mexican’s heads are at?

Actually, Trump’s a poor speaker who forgot to put the word “illegal” before immigrants. He doesn’t hate Mexicans; he hates Mexicans who smuggle drugs and weapons into the United States, provide training grounds for ISIS, commit heinous crimes, and don’t wait their turn to become Americans.

He hasn’t exactly been forthcoming on his answer to this, his primary issue. Is he prevaricating? Or is he just a good card player who doesn’t reveal his hand until the time is right? The man ran a casino, after all.

He declared bankruptcy four times!! He declared corporate bankruptcy four times, not personal bankruptcy, on his Atlantic City casinos. He did so just before the financial collapse of 2008. Did I mention he’s a card player? Have any of you (outside of New Jersey) ever been to Atlantic City?

I have. My last visit, I believe was in 2008. Or was it 2010? Anyway, A.C. was a ghost town. The bus terminal was deserted, the hotel parking lots largely empty except when a convention was going on, like the ones I was assigned to cover for my company. The steady traffic jam of casino-bound buses coming off of the Atlantic City Expressway had vanished. At one time, bus drivers took an alternate route into the city just to avoid the traffic.  I saw one or two buses pull up to a casino (Trump’s former casino).

A local told me that Atlantic City had fallen on hard times and that residents were hurting.

“No one comes down on the buses anymore,” he said sadly, as he took his seat at the wheel of a trolley bus. “I don’t have passengers anymore. I’m going to be out of a job, soon.”

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino failed also. The Tropicana got what it deserved. This was the casino that featured a statue of Lenin in The Quarter, its tribute to Cuba. The Quarter was a lot of fun for us non-gamblers (except the statue of course). But their staff complained that management wasn’t meeting their union’s demands and that they were going to close. The convention I was covering switched over to the Trump Casino as its new venue. I don’t think it was “Trump” anymore, but his reputation was inexorably engraved on the minds of anyone who visited Atlantic City.

Coming off the Atlantic City Expressway in the city’s heyday was fun. Sometimes, I’d tag along with my mother on her Atlantic City runs in the days before I started working (“Why did he [Trump] have to build that casino all the way over by the marina!? I hate going over there and so do my passengers!”). There, at the traffic circle, at the right turn onto the main thoroughfare, visitors were greeted by an electronic marquee of The Donald himself on the wall of his casino, surrounded by white, blinking lights.

Trump is gone from Atlantic City. But now, like a dandelion weed (some would say a cancer), he’s everywhere. You can’t turn on the television without seeing or hearing him. No wonder the pundits are ranting (especially those who favor some other Republican candidate).

He never served in the military! He dodged the Vietnam War draft through college deferments (four of them, to be exact – two for Fordham University, then two for Wharton School of Business)! He used the excuse of bone spurs as a medical deferment (when you’ve experienced one yourself, let us know; they’re said to be crazy painful)!

He’s a Birther! And a Truther! I know he’s a Birther; if I had five minutes with him, I’d disabuse him of that notion about Obama being born in Kenya. If he’s also a Truther, I’d have a few private words with him about that as well.

Let’s see: have we finished with the complaint list, yet?

No. There’s John McCain. Was John McCain a war hero? According to some of his comrades-in-prison, yes. He volunteered to remain with them when he was offered an opportunity, thanks to the intervention of his admiral father, to go home. Others say he was a traitor who sang like a canary.

Was that the point of Trump’s insult? No, but because he didn’t stick to the point, he wound up throwing a bombastic, personal punch at McCain instead of making the actual accusation: McCain is neglecting our veterans. It’s not entirely clear what Trump is accusing McCain of (not to average Americans anyway). McCain chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee but not the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

In an editorial published in USA Today. Trump wrote: “Thanks to McCain and his Senate colleague Bernie Sanders, their legislation to cover up the VA scandal, in which 1,000-plus veterans died waiting for medical care, made sure no one has been punished, charged, jailed, fined or held responsible. McCain has abandoned our veterans. I will fight for them.”

Is Trump correct that that McCain — a Vietnam prisoner of war and current chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee — hasn’t helped his fellow veterans?

McCain’s office told the Tampa Bay Times that “In 2014, McCain — along with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a Democratic presidential candidate — led efforts to address the scandal over secret waiting lists at VA hospitals by pushing the The Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act all the way to enactment. In 2015, McCain co-sponsored a bill to increase accountability at the department.”

Except that when you go the link, only Sanders’ name is on the bill sponsorship. McCain is listed as a co-sponsor the day the bill was introduced, along with seven other senators, including Marco Rubio.

After reviewing the bill, which passed in 2014 as the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act, what it does is allow veterans to access non-Veterans Administration facilities if they cannot, among other things, get a medical appointment at a VA facility.

In other words, the Act does nothing to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs itself; it just gives veterans another path to health care. The bill does nothing to make the VA accountable or force it to provide the services for which it was created.

That seems to be Trump’s complaint against McCain. That was my father’s complaint for years after World War II. In any case, that’s Trump’s real beef with the war hero.

So, what else? Trump was drummed out of the New York Military Academy. Well, Trump was just born to give orders, not take them, it seems. Oh and he’s under the delusion that the Hispanics love him! He’s said so himself! He has, and if I were his advisor, I would tell him to take the Nevada polls that show him ahead with Hispanics with not merely a grain but a block of salt, with some pretzels thrown in for good measure. There isn’t a Republican, Conservative, Moderate or otherwise, who is or ever will be ahead with the Hispanics.

Trump’s main defects, according to critics and adversaries, are that he’s too boorish and a fake Conservative to be the Chief Executive of the land. In short, there is a movement to “fire” him, exclude him from the GOP nomination process.

The movement is headed by a number of political adversaries: Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham, who are all also in the running for the nomination. They claim that if Trump wins the nomination, the GOP will lose the election in the fall of 2016. At least that’s what they’re crystal balls tell them.

What the current polls are telling them is that Trump is ahead. Way ahead. Jeb has fallen in the polls, and any Conservative support Perry and Rubio thought they might have had vanished the day they announced their intention to have Trump drummed out of the party.

Now Trump is talking about a Third Party candidacy if he’s denied the opportunity to run for office as a Republican. That, as we all know, especially Trump, would be a disaster for the GOP. Probably a well-earned disaster, but a disaster, nevertheless.

Trump has lit a fire under the American suburbs, much as Ross Perot did when opposing the very weak Republican George H.W. Bush (it’s in the genes, apparently). Back in 1992, Conservative Americans had no choice when the GOP chose Bush against our wishes. We had to win the Hispanic vote back then, too.

Conservative Americans are responding to the trumpet call of Trump with a fierce vengeance, desperately trying to send a message through their support for Trump to the deaf, dumb and arrogant GOP – we’re tired of Republican politics as usual; we’re tired of candidates like McCain who compromise our freedoms away; we’re tired of candidates who allow drug dealers, criminals, and scoundrels in general to saunter across our borders; we’re tired of their phony Conservatism.

Trump’s a phony Conservative? Are they kidding? If he is, he’s going to have to go to the back of a very long line of phony, lip-serving “Conservatives” who’ve betrayed the people who voted them into office in order to be punished in the woodshed. They’ve supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, Common Core, Obamacare (not that it stood a chance of being repealed thanks to a majority Democrat Senate and a veto-happy Emperor-in-Chief), and a host of other ill-considered motions I can’t even remember this late on a Friday.

If Trump goes Third Party, Conservatives will follow him this time or stay home, unless a true Conservative like Ted Cruz is nominated (and it’s unlikely since he’s way down in the polls, I’m sorry to say). Other than Scott Walker, the rest of them aren’t worth the electricity it takes to fire up the voting booth.

Say hello to President Hillary for us when you RINO Republicans hug her on her Inauguration Day (or more likely, John Kerry), just as Trump did when she was the Senator from New York. We remember how Chris Christie held hands with Obama and even licked an ice cream cone on the Asbury Park boardwalk. We’ve watched as Speaker of the House John Boehner played golf with Obama.

Frankly, the GOP makes Conservatives sick. While you RINOs have been looking down at Tea Party Conservatives, you haven’t noticed how much they really hate you. Drive Trump out of the nomination and you can kiss the Presidency good-bye and pat yourselves on the back for your own failure. At least with him in the crowd, you stand some sort of chance of winning the nomination.

Exclude and you can say Adios! in your favorite language to any hope of ever residing again in the White House. Yes, American Conservatives are that angry with you. They’ve had enough of you. They don’t like the idea of a Third Party, but they can be persuaded, if you persist in your own foolhardiness of dismissing their vote, of eventually forming something like a Conservative Party, whether it’s a minority party or not.

The Hispanics can’t and won’t save you from your fate, Republican Party. You’re of no earthly use to freedom-loving Americans. You’re all about Big Party, Big Money, and Big Government. You’re out for your own hides, the very crime of which you accuse Donald Trump.

But he’s sitting on a pile of his own money. You’re sitting on a pile of ours and we want it back. He’s a self-made man. What are you made of? Jello.

You have no intention of solving any of America’s problems, rescuing her economy, or ensuring her people their First Amendment rights. All you want to do is win. All Trump wants to do is win.

Trump has an advantage over you, though. He’s rich. Very rich. And that’s something Americans admire very much. His Democrat adversaries will paint him not as a buffoon (as you do) but the epitome of Evil Capitalism. He’s Capitalism personified, proof that the American way works very well, thank you very much. He’s Mr. Capitalist himself, in the flesh.

Americans don’t hate the rich the way the Democrats think. They love the rich. They want to be the rich. Donald Trump has told them he can help make them rich simply by getting the government out of their way and putting them back to work.

The American people want to believe him. And who can blame them? Unless some Conservative candidate suddenly grows a backbone, stands up to politically correct liberalism, and for individual freedom, we’re going to be playing “Hail to the Chief” to Hillary.

And a new political party is going to emerge out of the ashes of the old Republican Party (you idiots!).

I’ll be happy to be the first voter to cry, “The GOP is dead!! Long live the Conservative Party!”

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