Hillary’s Capitalism 2.0 Is Really Socialism 1.0

In a speech at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Hillary “Hillionaire” Clinton said she wants to hike capital gains taxes as part of her plan to discourage short-term thinking among corporate executives and investors.

Fortune Magazine reported, “She laid out a plan to retool the tax treatment of investment earnings on Friday as part of an ongoing series of speeches explaining her economic program. She proposed extending from one to two years the period that top earners would need to keep an investment before seeing the 39.6 percent tax rate applied to it start to fall.

“And she would lower the rate slowly, over a six year period, down to the 24 percent rate for longer-term investments — a tweak that she said would help refigure a system that’s bent itself out of shape over the last few decades. Capitalism itself, she said, “needs to be reinvented, it needs to be put back into balance.”

“The capital gains tax reform was only the first of five major areas she highlighted as requiring action to reverse the trend toward what she calls ‘quarterly capitalism,’ the Wall Street-centered, sugar-high approach distracting public companies from investing in innovation, capital, and worker training and wages in favor of stock buybacks and dividends. The others ranged from leashing activist shareholders to further empowering workers, though she couched her proposals to limit any C-suite alarm bells.

“To bring what she called “hit-and-run” activist shareholders to heel, Clinton exhorted institutional investors to exert their leverage as a counterweight on management. And she pledged to order a review of regulations on shareholder activism and to push for the same-day disclosure of buybacks already in force in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

“Clinton also called out excessive compensation packages for executives as part of the problem.

“I’m all for rewarding CEOs well when their companies prosper and their employees also share in the rewards,” she said. “But there is something wrong when senior executives get rich while companies stutter and employees struggle.”

“To address it, Clinton called for regulators to finalize the Dodd-Frank requirement that companies list the ratio of executive to worker pay; she proposed adjusting performance-based tax write-offs for executives to discourage moves designed to juice share prices; and she pitched mandating explanations for how executive pay packages serve the long-term interest of companies.

“For good measure, Clinton added that Washington bears some responsibility, as well. She said elected leaders need to contribute by ending the budget brinkmanship that saddles corporate executives with uncertainty.

“While the Democrat’s speech presented as a critique of the wages of a Wall Street-focused economy, the proposals that formed its spine are unlikely to ruffle many feathers in the financial services industry. And her frequent, favorable name-drops of corporate heavies checked any impression that she’s lurched into fire-breathing populist territory.

“She praised the innovative commitment of Google, SpaceX, and, historically, AT&T and Xerox, for example. Clinton singled out GM, Ford, and Chrysler for “putting the memory of the crisis behind them and making new investments in factories and technologies of the future, including advanced batteries.”

“Trader Joe’s and QuikTrip, she said, are becoming industry models for investing in worker training; Target and Starbucks are leading larger employers toward raising wages for entry-level workers; and Chipotle has earned her favor not just for its burrito bowls but for starting to provide certain benefits to part-time employees.

“It’s of a piece with a carefully calibrated message she will tote through the race as she seeks to keep faith with a restive base without alienating big business interests.

“But there is something wrong when senior executives get rich while companies stutter and employees struggle.”

Such a line will certainly win over the former middle class workers who have been downsized to the unemployment, playing on their bitterness despite the fact that Clinton’s cronies on the state level – and she was once a senator from New York – helped foster the economic crisis by placing onerous taxes and regulations on companies that employed the Middle Class.

The companies she praises – Trader Joe’s, QuikTrip, Target, Starbucks – all employ part-time wage-earners who can now enjoy $15 per hour wages for products only the elite rich, Clinton’s other constituency will be able to afford.

Meanwhile, companies like Google are hiring highly-educated Asians – mainly Chinese and Indians – for their “STEM” skills.  Together with the part-time wage Hispanics, they make a Republican-proof voting bloc.  These two groups, the Asians and the Hispanics, will never, ever, in their wildest dreams vote for a Republican, most particularly a Conservative Republican.

Marxism calls for the destruction of the petty-bourgeoisie Middle Class (that’s actually a redundancy because the word “bourgeoisie” means “middle class.”)  Socialism is Communism with a fake smile.

“Think of Socialism as a coffin” – that’s what my Sociology professor told us back in college.  Inside the coffin is the lower class working at low-paying jobs that only meet the most basic of needs.  They’re the low-frills class.  Work the requisite hours, but more than that, mind you.  Don’t do any more than the required expectations on your job and between Big Government, Big Labor, and Big Business, you’ll be taken care of.

Sorry, but you won’t be able to own a house or car.  You’ll have to use mass transit.  But look at it this way:  you’ll be supporting your brothers and sisters in the transportation union.  A union plumber will come to fix your pipes, a union painter to paint your apartment, and union electrician will hook up your government-issue HDTV.  You deserve only the best and the best are paying for it.

Help Hillary the Hillionaire bring down the “evil rich” – who are really the middle and upper class taxpayers.  The elite rich help pay for the campaigns that dupe you poor suckers into voting for Socialist, limousine liberals.  Those abominable middle classers are overdue in sharing their “wealth.”  How dare they show you up with their new cars, their neatly-trimmed lawns, and their trips to Disneyworld – oh, wait that’s the elite rich.  They’re the only ones who can afford Disneyworld’s prices.  Their water-wasting, above-ground backyard swimming pools, then.

It’s time to take the “rich” down a notch.

The upper 51 percent are the elite rich.  They’re the upper half of the former Middle Class who were able to clamber onboard the Socialist Express, thanks to their superior education and their tendency to vacillate in whichever way the political winds are blowing.  Now they’re employed by the government, enjoying as much job security as the union workers are.

They’re the “evil rich” you say?  Oh, no, no, no, no!  Noooo.  They’re essential government workers:  the bookkeepers, accountants, clerks, managers, supervisors, and consultants necessary to keep the government running.  They’re just as dependent on the government as you are.

But they make more money, you insist?  That’s a matter of perspective.  It’s just like in their old jobs in private sector management.  They make higher salaries, yes; but they have to work much longer hours, travel more, and be willing to relocate, which caused inevitable rifts in their family lives.  It all works out in the end; just you trust Hillary, the Hillionaire – she’ll make everything groovy for everyone.

That’s the whole point of Socialism/Communism:  equal outcomes for everyone.  The elite rich just seem to be richer than you.  Anyway, they make for great television, don’t they?  Don’t you just love watching the reality television shows about the rich and famous?  Don’t you just love their fabulous mansions, designer clothes, and high-end cars and jets?  Don’t you wish you had those things?

Well, never mind about that.  You just keep playing the lottery and someday you might just win and become a “Hillionaire” like Hillary.  It pays to dream.

The truth is, that elite 51 percent are the ones sitting atop of your economic coffin, keeping you down there so you can’t get “up there” and compete with them for those high salaries.  They’ll see to it that their kids get the better educations, get into the better colleges, and get into the better companies – er, GMOs (Government Managed Organizations) with the better positions and salaries.

They don’t care.  These elite used to be your neighbors and used to vote like you mainly because they liked to make money and have nice things.  But they have to vote that way anymore because the government has acquired them.  They’re government employees now, or work for GMOs.  They know which side of the bread their butter is on and it’s not on the Conservative side.

That’s why so many Millennials sneer at Tea Partiers, even their own parents.  Conservatism is so yesterday, as in Ronald Reagan and Big Hair.  The government is where the money is and the opportunities are.  Just as they did with their corporate masters, they’ll never question their government employers.  They’ll salute whatever flag government runs up the flagpole:  the hammer and sickle, the peace sign flag, the Minions flag.  It’s all the same to them.  Where our bumper stickers will read:  “Limited Government”, theirs will read, “I’m a Hillionaire – and You’re Not!”

That’s Socialism.  Two classes, one class sitting on the economic coffin of the other.  You can bang, you can holler, you can suffocate.

Once that lid is shut, you’re not getting out and they’re not about to submit to an “equal outcome” and switch places with you.

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