Save Federal Hill from Sustainable Development

Bloomingdalers, former Bloomingdalers, and Pompton Lakes residents take note:

Tomorrow night, July 30, 2015, there will be a meeting of Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy and the Bloomingdale Planning Board at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers to decide the fate of Federal Hill.

The Mayor and the Planning Board are considering allowing Tilcon Mining and 50-year expansion that will virtually flatten the hill. In exchange for allowing the expansion, at the end of that period, Tilcon will return the land to Bloomingdale, which will, in turn, use the land for Affordable Housing.

The Save Federal Hill organization put a paid advertisement in the Suburban Trends today, reading:

“To all Bloomingdale residents and neighbors,

At the last Planning Board meeting, we were told that Tilcon’s proposed move into the Meer Tract [Federal Hill] was ‘court-ordered.’ This is not true; no court has ordered this expansion. We were also told, by the Planning Board attorney, that he will advise the Board to vote for the Master Plan Amendment, which will set the stage for Tilcon’s proposed move into the Meer Tract. The decision could be made at the July 30 Planning Board meeting.

We need your support at this meeting to:

  • Tell Mayor Dunleavy and his Planning Board that you do not want Tilcon expanding into Federal Hill.
  • Tell them you do not support crashing home values.
  • Tell them you do not support the incessant noise, dust, and potential cracks in your walls that Tilcon’s quarry blasting may cause.
  • Tell them you do not support the spreading of misinformation.

Here is what really happened. In 2007, a New Jersey judge ordered that affordable housing be built on the Meer Tract. Then, in 2013, another New Jersey judge ordered that quarrying could take place at the site if local officials allowed it. In his decision, the judge gave Bloomingdale a choice, not an order.

Now it is your time to be heard. Come to the meeting and tell them you choose peace and quiet over blasting, truth over lies, and environmental preservation over destruction.”

[Paid for by Save Federal Hill]

Bloomingdale is a signature to Sustainable New Jersey:

RESOLUTION #2009-3.2



Supporting participation in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program

WHEREAS, a sustainable community seeks to optimize quality of life for its residents by

ensuring that its environmental, economic, and social objectives are balanced and

mutually supportive; and

WHEREAS, the Borough of Bloomingdale strives to save tax dollars, assure clean land,

air and water, improve working and living environments as steps to building a sustainable

community that will thrive well in the new century; and

WHEREAS, the Borough of Bloomingdale hereby acknowledges that the residents of

Bloomingdale desire a stable, sustainable future for themselves and future generations;


WHEREAS, the Borough of Bloomingdale wishes to support a model of government

which benefits our residents now and far into the future by exploring and adopting

sustainable, economically-sound, local government practices; and

WHEREAS, by endorsing a sustainable path, the Borough of Bloomingdale is pledging

to educate itself and community members further about sustainable activities and to

develop initiatives supporting sustainable local government practices; and

WHEREAS, as elected representatives of the Borough of Bloomingdale, we have a

significant responsibility to provide leadership which will seek community-based

sustainable solutions to strengthen our community;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that to focus attention and effort within the

Borough of Bloomingdale on matters of sustainability, the Governing Body of the

Borough of Bloomingdale wishes to pursue local initiatives and actions that will lead to

Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Governing Body of the Borough of Bloomingdale

that we do hereby authorize Councilwoman Linda Huntley to serve as the Borough’s

agent for the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification process and authorize

Councilwoman Linda Huntley to complete the Municipal Registration on behalf of the

Borough of Bloomingdale.

Record of Council Vote on Passage


Altfield X Marinaro X

Crum X Specchio X

Huntley X Vroom X

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution adopted by the

Governing Body of the Borough of Bloomingdale at an Official Meeting held on

Tuesday, March 10, 2009.


Jane McCarthy, R.M.C.

Municipal Clerk, Borough of Bloomingdale

The table of the Record Council Vote on Passage did not copy properly; the council approved the resolution unanimously.

Notice the date: March 10, 2009. Obama had been in office less than two months, but already his Sustainable America operation was at work. 472 New Jersey communities participated; 176 have been certified.

Sustainable America is an outgrowth of Agenda 21, an outgrowth itself of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.

The purpose of Agenda 21 was multifold, seeking to govern the environment, property rights, the redistribution of wealth, and a number of other issues. Pres. Clinton signed onto the proposal in 1992.

Agenda 21 found itself with a problem once it began advocating in the United States: Americans had a very negative view of the United Nations and any programs it sponsored. So, the Agenda 21 name was changed to Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Development, and in 2009, to Sustainable America. The program also went by the name of Regionalization, the object of which is to ultimately absorb the suburbs into the precincts of the nearest major city. In our case, it is not even Paterson, but Newark.

From there, Sustainable America went grassroots, opening up chapters in every state, and planting operatives, posing as consultants or acting as attorneys, in every region, offering their “services” to Zoning and Planning Boards. I snuffed out the consultant in Lincoln Park, when I was reporting for the Suburban Trends, immediately – and he soon caught onto me.

This seizure of Federal Hill is absolute Agenda 21/Sustainable Growth. Bloomingdalers already know how affordable housing is working out. Taking over Federal Hill will absolutely change the nature of Bloomingdale forever – geographically, culturally, environmentally, and politically.

We residents of Pompton Lakes (I moved here from Bloomingdale in 1996) are also affected by the expansion of this quarry, especially we, the residents of the Sunny Gardens Condominium Complex (a former garden apartment complex built in 1970).

We are directly across Route I-287 from the Tilcon quarry. In recent years, we’ve discovered our cars have been pitted with iron ore. I own a red Saturn, so it was hard to detect. My brother noticed it, though, when he waxed my car. Last summer, Sunny Gardens’ residents suddenly found that their cars were pocked with red marks.

Iron oxide was my guess. A friend who knew his elements confirmed that guess. Iron oxide that had travelled eastward on westerly winds from the quarry across the highway. The president of our condominium association approached the town planner with this complaint. The board told her that it was a matter for the EPA and that it was not within the jurisdiction of Pompton Lakes to deal with this problem.

On a side note, as I predicted, the residents of the Pompton Lakes Plume have suddenly found themselves stripped of their victim identity now that DuPont has paid out all the money it can in claims. The EPA has told the residents that there is no more danger of mercury contamination in that area and that they can all go home.

Don’t listen to these government functionaries, Bloomingdale and Pompton Lakes residents. Obama’s plan is to “transform” [read “destroy”] the suburbs in the name of “social justice.” As the Save Federal Hill organizers have noted, Bloomingdale’s property values, already not good, will plummet. As inner city residents begin moving in, our quality of life will also plummet. You can’t have helped but notice the filth littering our streets. You do know what a disaster Common Core (the educational element of Agenda 21) has been for New Jersey. Bloomingdale students in grades 3 through 5 received some of the lowest NJASK scores in Literacy and Math in our Route 23 corridor area.

Matters will certainly worsen if Tilson is allowed to quarry the Meer Tract.

I knew about this matter long before it was published in The Trends. I was at the first town council meeting, and a subsequent meeting, when these plans were announced. In objecting to Avalon Bay Bloomingdale, on behalf of my mother who is a Bloomingdale resident, the mayor told me there was nothing they could do because the area had been declared an “urban blight zone.”   In the North Jersey woods. Thanks to people dumping there, the EPA had all the ammunition it needed.

He also said that it had been a court order and that it could be worse; they could be forced to develop the Meer Tract, which involve hundreds of more high-density units.

“You wouldn’t want to see that happen?” he asked. “If we comply now, we’ll have met our quota.”

I asked him about the possibility that Union Avenue, a winding, two-lane country road with many blind curves and many homes along the way, would be widened to accommodate the increased traffic from Avalon Bay.

The council stated that the only traffic construction planned was a left-turn light on Union Avenue. The map shows, with the addition of the Meer Tract, that Union Avenue will, indeed, be widened, and all those homes wiped off the map.

Conveniently enough, Bloomingdale also allowed Passaic County Community College to build a campus extension off of Union Avenue. That is one of the mandates of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, etc.: to build colleges and retail stores close to the affordable housing. New Jersey Transit also rerouted one of its bus lines to pick up passengers along this narrow road.

The second time I spoke with the mayor, when I learned the Meer Tract was now under consideration, I again registered my complaint. And like the last meeting, no reporter was present from the local newspaper.

“Oh, that’s 50 years from now,” he said. “No one will be here who’ll remember the town the way it was.”

Make your voices heard tomorrow night, Bloomingdale residents, knowing that the town receives funding and tax abatement for its agreement to Sustainable Jersey.

This is your taxes going towards turning our beloved suburban/rural town with its gently rolling hills and streams into a slum, another future ward of Newark.

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