Lamb Chops: The Planned Parenthood Menu

If you think that was an insensitive, gross title for a blog, you should see the Planned Parenthood videos.  There’s a whole series.  Planned Parenthood:  The Series.  Unplanned Parenthood should be the title.  Tax-payer supported selfishness and cruelty.

Our attitude about children and abortion is chiefly informed by a singular American creed:  MYOB.  Mind Your Own Business.

Feminists call it the right to choose or Pro-Choice.  ‘It’s my body,’ women shriek indignantly at the mere mention of the abortion controversy.  ‘No man is going to tell me what to do with my body.’  Even if they can only claim a half-right to the body growing within theirs.  The father has no say.  This type of memery suffices to stave off most criticism of abort5ion.

Often, in the case of adultery, the ‘father’ is only too glad to be rid of the nuisance.  Other ‘fetuses’ or ‘embryos’ are the result of one-night stands where the ‘parents’ don’t remember – or even knew – each other’s names.

This is a line of dialogue from the 1993 film, Jurassic Park, based on the novel by Michael Crichton:

Dr. Alan Grant: Kids! You want to have one of those?

Dr. Ellie Sattler: I don’t want that kid, but a breed of child, Dr. Grant, could be intriguing. I mean, what’s so wrong with kids?

Dr. Alan Grant: Oh, Ellie, look, they’re noisy, they’re messy, they’re expensive.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Cheap… cheap…

Dr. Alan Grant: They smell.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: They do not smell.

Dr. Alan Grant: Some of them smell.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Oh, give me a break!

Dr. Alan Grant: Babies smell!

Some people just aren’t cut out to be parents.  They should admit it early on in life, the way the Gay Activist community urges young teens to come out of the closet before they really even know what sex is.

But humans are immutable creatures; they like to keep their options open.  Maybe they don’t want to have a child right now because they’re too young, too poor, too busy, too whatever.  They still want to have sex, though.

All right, so they want to avoid the “consequences.”  Pharmacies are full of “options” for the reluctant parent-to-be, inexpensive options.  Why must we, the taxpayers subsidize their choices?  Or why must we, the consumer, pay for their choices through additional prices we pay for goods and services to provide employees of companies with that choice?

The Planned Parenthood videos are gruesome.  Much worse than looking at Cecil, the dead lion.  A deplorable act.  Shouldn’t Man have overcome this egotistical, primeval urge to prove he’s superior to anything in the animal kingdom?  We have the Bible’s word for it.  That should be enough.  Cecil wasn’t a deer in an overcrowded, starving herd.

Still, that’s nothing to the horror of watching babies being dissected in order that their organs be harvested.  The desire for harvested organs rather puts to rest the notion that the fetuses aren’t alive.  We’re alive the moment bioelectrogenesis takes place.  If the ‘fetuses’ were dead, the organs would be of no use to the harvesters.  Bioelectrogenesis would cease the moment the heart stopped beating or the brain stopped functioning.

Watching the PP videos is enough to make you lose control of your upper vitals.  Humans are said to have an instinctual revulsion to the sight of their species being mutilated, to the sight of blood and gore.  That’s why some people faint at the sight of blood.

So who are these people who abort fetuses and chop them up for supposedly humanitarian purposes, to save the lives of other fetuses or babies?  Judging by their performances in the videos, they’re a pretty cold-blooded bunch, no better – worse, obviously, than the trophy hunters.  Every doctor has to perform operations during training, usually on human corpses donated by the family.  It’s a grisly task, but the doctors suck up and take the training for the betterment of humanity and future patients.

Who are the recipients of these organs?  Other expectant mothers?  Deformed babies?  Medical schools?  Do family recipients realize where the donated body parts come from?  Or are they lied to, told that the parts are from stillborn infants (whose organs would be useless), very premature births in which the infant didn’t survive, or miscarriages?

Back in the Sixties, Liberals never minded the lengths to which they went to raise our consciousness.  The time has come to raise theirs.  Wait – you have to have a conscience to have your consciousness raised.  Clearly, thanks to the PP videos and their continued support of abortion (the law of the land, they claim), they have no conscience.

We still have a chance to raise the consciousness of their mindless followers, generally thoughtless young women bent on either snaring a guy or having a career, while continuing to have their cake without having to eat it (cake being a residue in the bottom of kitchen fireplaces of olde).

Every life is precious to God and He recognizes life while growing in the womb, even if men – blind, arrogant humans – do not recognize that life.

Job, in his lamentations, asks of Jehovah God, “Why did I not die at birth?  Why did I not perish when I came from the womb?  Why was I not like a hidden miscarriage, like the children who have never seen the light?  For now I would be lying down undisturbed; I would be sleeping and a rest.”

Abortion is an ancient practice, usually performed to ‘root out’ the ‘evil’ product of adultery and incest.  The Old Testament spoke of children of legitimate marriages.  If nothing else, we learn from these passages that God recognized life in the womb.  Most fetuses did not survive long enough to be aborted because the practice – until Jesus came – was to stone the parents to death for adultery.

You would think we would have become enlightened enough to not to search out “some old crone with a twig” – from the film Rob Roy.  Instead, young women today wanting to be disburdened seek out sleek-looking, stainless steel-tabled slaughterhouses with state-certified physicians ready with the modern-equivalent of the twig, old crones in white coats who drive expensive cars who make the procedure quick, efficient, and relatively pain-free.

These women bring their unborn lambs to slaughter with no more thought than the pre-Christian shepherds seeking absolution from their sins with their lambs’ blood.  We check ourselves at this sort of judgment because we tell ourselves that these women are right – it’s none of our business; it’s for God to judge them.  ‘Women’s health’ my foot.

The business may be between them and God.  But we don’t have to cross the palms of these witch-doctors with our silver.  We may at least give our consciences that much due.

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