The Trumpster: Crazy Like a “Fox”

Well, here we are again: it’s Monday morning and we’re still talking about Donald Trump.

He tweets something about blood running out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes and “whatever” – in his Facebook post he put in parentheses and capital letters (NOSE) – and the Media goes bonkers. He slammed Fox News for what he called “unfair” questioning during the debate, although everyone got hard questions and that was a good thing, not a bad.

As a result of bashing Fox, he wound up on every major network’s Sunday morning news show: Meet the Press, Face the Nation and, well, “whatever.” CNN and the others were delighted to have him on their shows; they’d be delighted to have any guest who bashes Fox, the leader in cable network news.

The Donald bashes in style. The guy knows how to get attention and keep it. He opens his mouth, spews out something audacious, and the Media goes into another frenzy, rolling their eyes, sputtering and pointing their fingers. Glorious. For him, that is.

Nobody’s going to beat The Donald at self-promotion. Did you forget what I told you about the two- or three-story marquee of him at the entrance to Atlantic City years ago? It was hoot, really. As long as you keep responding, he’ll continue to be audacious, bombastic, insulting (to his enemies), and popular. He really should be paying you news networks, newspaper columnists, bloggers, and radio and TV talk show hosts for doing all his public relations.

Trump came in at 23 percent on the NBC News Survey Poll; Ted Cruz surged ahead to 13 percent. That means Trump still leads the next contender by 10 percent. Happy are we? The media class, the intellectuals may see a poor excuse for a presidential candidate (who completely failed to answer one of the questions). His supporters see a candidate who will not cave in to political correctness, who will speak his mind, who will get down into the mud and fight dirty.

Fox and their friends on other shows can defend Megyn Kelly all they want. But the fact is, she declared she was going to “get” Trump. She dug down into the mud to get him. He slung the mud right back at her and dragged her down into a virtual mud-wrestling contest. Trump just shrugs off the mud and comes out 10 percent ahead, just like he did before debates, while Kelly must lick her wounds and clean off the slime she dunked herself in trying to wrestle with this guy.

Doesn’t she know Trump enjoys it? He loves the battle of the sexists. He’ll take on any feminist, anywhere, anytime. Bring it on. What’s more, his supporters love it. The more you try to fight him, the louder the crowds cheer and clamor for him.

You big dummies.

I hope he keeps on going for it, although I prefer someone who remembers to act like a gentleman – or gentlewoman. Carly Fiorina is now thinking about engaging. No, Carly, please don’t do that. You should know better. Just stick to the issues.

The other candidates are getting tired of being asked to respond to Trump’s antics. There are some terrific candidates out there. Why aren’t you asking them about the growing crisis in the Middle East? The news about the riots last night in Ferguson on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death? All the calumny Obama is up to while we’re watching the Trump Mudwrestling Matches?

Please. Stop it. Enough already. If Trump wants any more attention, let him earn it by speaking articulately and with substance on the issues. Just as an aside to The Bergen Record: Chris Christie did not say he was appointed attorney general on Sept. 10, 2001; he said he got the call from Pres. George W. that he was going to be appointed on that date.

Don’t keep encouraging Trump. Face the facts: he’s smarter than you are. He’s still No. 1.

Can Fox News say that, after this weekend?

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