Remembering 9/11

After getting home from work on 9/11 – our company declared an early closing because the employees simply couldn’t concentrate – I turned on my television and sat down in my rocker in front of the TV to watch the events as they had unfolded (I only caught glimpses on our department manager’s TV as I went about trying to do my duties).

By dinnertime, the images were indelibly etched into my memory. How many times had we watched the North tower television antenna descended into smoke and dust? I was emotionally exhausted just from watching the horror. Even though I knew our band rehearsal was cancelled, I hadn’t heard any official word, and I took a drive up there just as an excuse to get out of the house for a few moments.

Fourteen years has provided enough distance that we now longer need 24-hour news coverage to convince us the horror was real. The nightmarish sense of disbelief has faded, leaving only a sense of sorrow and loss at the long years that have now passed.

Americans are probably 9/11’d out. Still, I can’t understand why the one network that does air historical documentaries and insight on that day – the History Channel – airs them the night of 9/11. Whatever year.

The attacks happened in the morning. By the time the commemorations are over, those who aren’t working and are able to watch or listen to them are fatigued with the visit to the past. Going through it that day was bad enough. By 8 p.m., you’re really terribly glad that it’s now 2015 and don’t really want to watch one of the historical reruns. Interesting as they are, you just don’t feel up to watching anymore.

Why can’t History Channel – and whatever other channels run these documentaries – air them the evening before? The evening before (unlike the actual day back in 2001), you’re prepared for it. You even want to see it again. The commemorations in the morning serve as a closure and then it’s back to work (or unemployment, as the case may be).

Because it is 2015. If we keep looking backward, or spend too much time doing it, we’ll forget to pay attention to the fact that there are still Muslim terrorists out there. Thanks to our traitor-in-chief, the war in Syria has created thousands – maybe millions – of refugees, very few of whom are Christians. Some of those “refugees” have been photographed brandishing rifles.

They’ve overrun Europe in just a few days and now our traitor-in-chief is planning to grant them asylum here, in addition to those who’ve arrived over the last 30 years on student visas or as refugees from countries such as Somalia. They don’t need to use weapons; they only need overrun our borders and outnumber us to gain a plurality.

Sharia law can them be invoked just like that, through an Executive Order. Our Constitution (what’s left of it) can be nullified, our local governments disbanded, our law enforcement murdered (Black Lives Matter will be happy to see to that task). All of it so very close to the anniversary of 9/11.

The 9/11 attacks were a warning. Those 2,700-plus innocent people were sacrificed for the cause of Islam. Our duty to them as Americans is to not let their deaths be in vain.

We must combat Obama and the Democrats and their communist agenda of collectivism. We must combat their agendas of “White Privilege”, Agenda 21 collectivism, climate change, inciting minorities to riot and kill in the name of anti-“colonialism”, nativism, and nihilism.

Our chief executive, our judiciary, and about three-quarters of our federal legislature are incorrigibly corrupt. Beyond them extends an entrenched network of legislative aides, lobbyists and capitalist cronies with the indoctrination, the networks, and the money to overthrow our system of government without firing a shot. A collaborative, propagandist media is at their disposal to feed a poorly-informed public the politically-correct messages necessary to ensure their victory.

Our friends and neighbors must, somehow, be made to listen and understand how dire the situation is. We’re within days of Congress approving a deal that will allow Iran to level a nuclear gun at America’s head. Our allies have already abandoned us. They will never support a snap-back set of economic sanctions “just in case” Iran happens to defy the deal not to build or use nuclear weapons.

9/11 is behind us. It is right to remember that day and honor those who died in those horrific attacks. Equally horrific attacks or worse are in the offing if we don’t start exerting our rights as Americans and rein in our arrogant government.

Or there will be no one at all left to remember us.

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