The Fight for Freedom

We live in an upside-down world.  Civilization began its 180-degree rotation around 1884 with the Fabian Society, founded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells as a group promoting non-Marxist evolutionary Socialism.  They would be joined, during World War I, by the Dadaists, a group of anti-art artists, poets and writers.

Their successors, such as Dan Gross, of the Brady Anti-Gun Lobby Group, seeking to abolish the Second Amend right to arms, brand freedom-loving soldiers who are members of the National Rifle Association (NRA)  “terrorists” and terrorists, patriots.  Two days, The Washington Post declared that the NRA’s fall was “inevitable.”

Around that same time as the Fabian Society was taking up its poisoned pens, British troops were drawn into a war in the Sudan, begun not by the “imperialist” English, but by the Turkish-influenced Egyptians, who basically enslaved the native Sudanese population.  There arose up among them a pious Muslim who declared himself an “ashraf”, a direct descendant of Mohammed, Mohammed Ahmed.  In his village of Dongola, he saw that the natives were lapsed Muslims.  He inveigled his Arab followers to rise up against the “Turkish” (European) rule and forced the black natives to join the revolution.

According to Winston Churchill, the Egyptians asked the English for help.  Great Britain told them, ‘not a chance.’  England had no desire to colonize this desert country.  Still, the Mahdi was winning his war and had the outpost of Khartoum under siege.  General Charles Gordon volunteered to relieve the Egyptian troops alone, with a small force.  They battled through endless desert, unnavigable portions of the Upper Nile and its formidable cataracts.

Churchill wrote of the “jehad” mentality that allowed no quarter with the infidel enemy.  Gordon’s troops were slaughtered and at the first Battle of Khartoum, Gordon thought to negotiate a truce with the marauding Muslims.  Instead, his head was unceremoniously swept from his shoulders upon his first encounter with the Muslim jehadians and delivered to the conqueror on a plate or shield.

Eventually, the British would build a railway alongside the Nile, all the way to Khartoum, delivering the much-needed supplies.  Gen. Gordon was a hero, not an imperialist, who believed in freedom, particularly for the captive Sudanese.  Churchill, T. E. Lawrence, Gen. Norman Schwartzkopff, Gen. Oliver North, and Gen. David Petraeus have all said the same thing:  that the general population is being held captive by a violent (‘heretical’ according to Lawrence) faction of their religion.

Raised to a frenzy by their puritanical clerics, the soldiers then enforce sharia law on their cowering populations.  In the Sudan of 1884, there was no such thing as a philosophical ‘jihad’ among the illiterate, ignorant natives living in squalid mud huts.  The only jihad they knew was the violent kind.

While the Wahhabis and the Mahdians were subjected their populations through violence and excessive taxation, another kind of “jihad” was being executed upon Western civilization:  socialism.  Beginning with the Fabian Society, which led eventually to Dadaism, anarchy reigned.  Beauty was turned on its pretty head.  Individualism was condemned as selfishness and anything used as a defense against communal socialism was condemned as terrorism.

Socialists initially had no need of violence in civilized societies.  Abrogating the law would do very nicely.  The threat of lawsuits and imprisonment was enough to tame an outraged society that balked at the redistribution of wealth through taxation and bureaucratic fees.  Reeducation would induce future generations to toe the communist line and even propagandize for their agenda.  Control of the media would insure the power of peer pressure to accept previously unacceptable dogma such as abortion, divorce, gay rights and gay marriage.

In less civilized nations, warfare was simple and efficient.  Local communist armies were formed and instructed in third world nations and cities from Benghazi to Managua to Hanoi, from Kabul to Beirut to Baghdad.  In these sparsely-populated, impoverished and illiterate jungles and deserts, freedom was easily conquered.  Only the United States of America had the will and wherewithal to fight back against tyranny on behalf of these much smaller countries.

American might could not be conquered.  But American minds could and the intelligence arm of Communism had been hard at work to achieve this victory.  Their opportunity came with the broad advent of television and its collision with the war in Vietnam.  Americans, besieged by the twin prospects of warfare and anti-war protests displayed right in their own living rooms, withdrew their support for what otherwise might have been an easily-won conflict.

Norman Schwarzkopf writes in his autobiography that a war that would have been easily won in 1965 was impossible by 1971, given mismanagement, misbehavior, and numerous misunderstandings.  The better-trained soldiers of 1965 scarcely recognized the disorganized, slovenly recruits of 1971, showing up for duty in Vietnam in shorts, sandals, and red hats, obviously misinformed by probably the worst anti-war film of all time, M*A*S*H*.

The Liberal Left overplayed its hand throwing bags full of feces at returning soldiers.  We treat our men and women in arms much better now.  However, the Left has attempted in the last decade to return us to the 1960s, complete with peace signs, 1960s fashions, and the old hatred for freedom fighters.

I’ve been absent this month or so catching up on my military reading, as it so happens.  I’ve been “embedded”, by proxy through numerous books, with 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, the desert-blasted troops in Iraq, the beleaguered helicopterteers of Operation Hope, Schwarzkopf’s battalions in Desert Storm, which was not the romp through the desert that was depicted to us here back in the states.

I’ve traveled into the South American jungle to witness the criminal insurgency of Mexico and South America, where impoverished peasants feared to go out into the streets lest they witness an assassination, guaranteeing their own deaths.  I’ve read about the earlier insurgency campaigns in Nicaragua and vicinity, where private landowners were forced off their lands and where the peasants eventually starved on their communal farms, just as the Ukrainians had decades before.

Finally, I listened as Vietnamese peasants testified to being forced off their lands by the communists.  Their villages, as the villages in Afghanistan had been, were booby-trapped so that they could neither live in them nor travel on the mined roads out of them.  American soldiers, undermined at home and unsupported by their own officers, sometimes went mad seeing their troops blown to bits because they hadn’t been trained to look for, nor listened to warnings about, mined pathways.  That is the reason our Vietnam soldiers came home in bits and pieces.  They’d been brainwashed into committing suicide.

Thank you, M*A*S*H*.

Now, some decades later, our soldiers are supposed to lead the way in laying down our arms, leaving us defenseless against criminals, mobs, insurrectionists, and a traitorous government.  One long-time soldier, a long-time family, wrote me in a fury.  He’s one of my subscribers.  I suppose he thought I’d given up the fight, when in fact, I’ve been educating myself on the subject of warfare and the plight of soldiers fighting for freedom.

“I’m livid that some anti-patriot coward has called me a terrorist,” he wrote me.  “Not happy.  See my blog (

I’ll do better than that, D.; I’ll post your words right here, on my blog, for everyone to read.

A word of explanation.  D. joined the Army right out of high school in 1973, along with my older brother.  Vietnam was winding down.  My parents were cautiously optimistic, though my father thought the Army would never accept my jelly-spined brother.  Maybe Grandpa would be able to find, through his naval connections, a berth in some supply ship.

We were sure D. was destined for an Ivy League.  He was just about the smartest guy around.  He told us all about EMPs long before anyone else even heard of them, much less knew what they were, back in the early Seventies.

So we were quite surprised to hear, on Graduation Day, that he was going to join the Army.

“You mean you’re going to stuff your brains into a helmet and jump out of airplanes?” I asked him after the ceremony.


And he did.  He never told us that he was injured during his Army experiences.  That would be just like D.  He might brag but he’d never complain.  He never betrayed the fact that he was working in Army Intelligence.  D.?  Who could speak seven languages?  Working in Army Intelligence?  In fact, in Anti-Terrorism?  Naaaaah!!!.  BTW, D., since your ‘secret’ is out, I’d love to tell you a thing or two, confidentially, about the now-dead Osama Bin Laden and the unfortunately very much alive KSM.  I wish I’d known, before 9/11, how involved you were…

Only a very lax American public, inebriated with drink, drugs, and drivel could mistake a soldier for a terrorist.  That’s how far down the propaganda path we’ve been dragged by the Left.  The veterans themselves, I’m afraid, are of little help, when they write that as they were dodging mines, watching the slow drift of mustard gas, suffering the desert heat or jungle humidity, that they weren’t fighting for freedom but only trying to survive.

Schwarzkopf at least admits that he contradicts himself.  Early on in the Vietnam of 1965, having gotten to know the villagers, who told him how they were driven off their lands or out of their business, he knew they were fighting for a neighbor’s freedom.  Petraeus recognized it.  North recognized it, even if they also wrote of their defensive brotherhood.

The world has taken a dangerous turn in the last year, both internationally and domestically.  With the inevitable incursion of refugees from the Middle East, bringing with them their Islamic baggage, we are in horrendous danger of not just losing our freedom but our lives.  This is no time for the laying down of our arms.

We are caught in the riptide of war.  At home, we face imminent peril from growing civil unrest among poorly educated, uncivilized mobs seeking to carry away all the rights our Constitution guarantees to us.  From abroad warriors are coming who will ruthlessly sweep down upon us and murder us in the name of a savage religion that Churchill and even Lawrence of Arabia himself denounced.

Meanwhile, a more subtle enemy moves to remove our only means of defense, slithering within the halls of Congress and within statehouses, wrapping its tentacles around our Second Amendment.

  1. writes, “It’s a simple question. Do you support the Constitution of the United States or not?

“Most folks who know me know I spent 20 years of my life in the U.S. Army supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I swore an oath to do so. I am retired (but can be recalled at any time) and do not consider my oath vacated. I am also 40% disabled. These were service-related disabilities. Disabilities I received while in service and doing what I could for our great nation and the Constitution.

“I take extreme offense at those who slander me and call me a terrorist. Dan Gross of the Brady Anti-Gun Lobby Group called the NRA (National Rifle Association), to which I belong, a terrorist organization. I don’t know where this anti-patriot coward who never served a day in his life gets off calling me a terrorist.

“I also am astonished at the completely incoherent thought processes surrounding statements like ‘the Supreme Court of the U.S. is wrong’ in its interpretation that the second amendment to the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States protects an individual’s freedom to keep and bear arms. Who does it protect? The government? The Bill of Rights is all about individual protections. Yet liberal states are permitted to pass legislation prohibiting citizens to keep and bear arms. How is this possible? Have they seceded from the union?

“The federal government needs to do something to reassert itself to these sessionist states that would deny its citizens their second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Anti-patriot cowards like Dan Gross need to be censured and sanctioned for calling true patriots terrorists. I worked in anti-terrorist units on anti-terrorist missions. I resent his remarks. He is lucky I do not possess the financial wherewithal to confront him in court. He owes me and a number of other U.S. military veterans that belong to the NRA an apology.”

If my veteran friend is “livid”, I’m terrified.  War is coming.  The signs are as plain as the pictures of “refugees” overrunning Europe.  Of mobs rioting in our own cities.  Of nuclear “deals” that only benefit a tyrannical empire.  Of writers who write of patriotic terrorists and terrorist military veterans.

Their cause is not our cause. Just as Prince Faisel’s troops in 1922 had a formation at the rear not only to protect it but to prevent their slaves from defecting, so does a tyrant have our rear formation, driving us in the wrong direction not towards freedom but away from it.

Individual freedom has been denounced, even criminalized. Free speech is forbidden, castigated and silenced.  Christianity is being wiped out in Asia, will be wiped out in Europe very soon, and is besieged here in America.

War is coming. That’s why I’ve been absent the last month, preparing for it intellectually.  We must also be prepared for it physically.  Everyone who can should sign up for membership in the NRA, even if you couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a cannon.

We must be prepared to fight for freedom culturally as well. The fight for freedom is a just cause.  Read Winston Churchill’s “The River War” (1899).  T.E. Lawrence’s “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” (1922).  Oliver North’s “Under Fire” (1991). Norman Schwarzkopf’s “It Doesn’t Take a Hero” (1992).  There are thousands of other books as well, of course.  Winston Churchill wrote two series, one on World War I, the other on World War II.

Go to the Medal of Honor website.  There you will find hundreds of stories of heroism.  You won’t find any terrorists (or many cowards, except for John Kerry) in those stories.  Our military did not put on the uniform and put themselves in harm’s way to make slaves of anyone.

The Left argues that our military has only been sent out to protect the interests of industry and commerce. They descry the notion of “nation-building” and our citizens have taken up that cry as a useless gesture in an area that bows down to Sharia law.

Having read Churchill’s and Lawrence’s accounts, I’m not so sure of that anymore. What is certain is that the zealots of that religion, Islam, mean to carry out their jihad all over the world, mercilessly and violently.  No other type of jihad exists or could exist among illiterate populations such as the ones which our military is sent ostensibly to protect.

Not only must we be willing to fight this enemy on its own ground, but to protect ourselves from them here at home and from our own government as well. Those who do not fall under the banner of Islam will certainly fall under the banner of Communism, and they will be as merciless as the terrorists themselves.  They may deny it, but they have made cause together, just as the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan made a pact together here in northern New Jersey, rebranding themselves “The Alliance.”

Accusations of fascism silence those who doubt the wisdom of abolishing the Second Amendment. Only those, like D., understand the threat of an armed enemy.  T.E. Lawrence described a battalion, dug in near the besieged city of Medina, that had run out of ammunition.  Terrified by the bombing from allied boats offshore in the Red Sea (something they’d never seen or heard before) and the advance of an Arabian-Muslim army, Lawrence writes that his panicked soldiers shrieked, jumped up out of their positions, and ran amok in all directions over the desert, their hands flailing, only to be gunned down by the enemy.

Had they been well-trained and well-disciplined, Lawrence wrote, they might not have lost so many.

Gross, the anti-gun lobbyist, is no coward. But he and his fellow Socialists would have us act and behave like cowards.  We must stand our ground, no matter how alien the notion of taking up arms might seem to a modern civilization unaccustomed to war.  If we don’t, then all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom died for nothing.

Isn’t that what we find most abhorrent about Afghanistan and Iraq? That our soldiers are dying for nothing (while the Chinese mine rare Earth minerals on the other side of the Afghan mountains)?

Have the courage to live up to what they died for. Freedom is worth it.  Individual freedom.  Prosperity.  The pursuit of happiness and the ownership of property upon which you can enjoy your freedom.

Those who do not take up the gun may die by the gun nonetheless. War is coming and you cannot prevent it by stopping up your ears or covering your eyes like children.  All that stands between you and tyranny, and possibly death, is the Second Amendment.

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