State of Siege in the West

Belgium – not just the capital city, Brussels, but the entire country – is in lockdown.  Paris is still recovering from the Friday the 13th Islamist attacks, Turkey has just shot down a Russian military jet that waggled slightly over its border, and the U.S. State Department has issued a World Wide Travel Warning to Americans sojourning abroad.


We have the Islamists right where they want us:  cowering in our homes, afraid to walk the streets or ride the subways, even just to purchase groceries, much less patronize a bar or shop for Christmas presents.  Well, Americans aren’t afraid – yet – even though Islamic State has vowed to launch attacks on soft targets in the United States.


Quavering so much better than discriminating against Muslims suspected of terrorist proclivities, n’est-ce pas?  Refusing Muslims entry into our country would be just so ‘racist,’ unfriendly, un-American.  Let the lights of Broadway darken.  Shutter all the bars and movie theaters.  Let Americans do their Black Friday shopping online.  But don’t prevent one suspected terrorist, against whom you have no “proof” of illegal activity, from entering the country.


Fundamentalist Muslim cities are grim, dreary places after sundown.  Sales and consumption of alcohol are forbidden by Sharia law.  Movie theaters are reserved for debauched Western nationals and deeply despised by Islamists.  Fast-food restaurants represent another symbol of Western decadence and detour tourists from sampling the local fare.  Who wouldn’t prefer to dine on a freshly plucked lamb’s eye than a gut-busting Big Mac?  Yum.


A thousand lashes with a whip for that multicultural mockery.  Nor should we shudder at the Third World custom of only using the right hand (the left hand being reserved for unmentionable uses and not just in Muslim countries, either, I’ve been told).  Criticism of unhygienic personal habits insult Third Worlders.


The Jihadis aren’t just coming; they’re here.  They’ve been here since at least the 1990s.  Should they gain a plurality in any major city, Sharia law will become the law of the municipality.  The larger their population grows and the Western European population recedes, the greater their power will become.


What Christian churches aren’t already closed due to lack of attendance (a common occurrence in cities with large, single populations) will be closed by their religious police.  Any churches that are permitted to remain open must prove their congregations are legitimate and then they must pay the jizya, a religiously-required per capita tax on all non-Muslims.


Don’t think you can buy the Muslim zealots off.  The Jizya is only an economic measure to pressure you into converting or leaving the area.  They intend to wipe the planet clean of all apostates, heathens, Christians, and Jews.   In short, anyone who isn’t them or refuses to convert.


But Obama assures us he’s got our backs.  Is he kidding?  Is Hillary kidding?  She advocates the continuing immigration of Jihadist refugees.  Security will take care of us after they’ve arrived, so we can’t possibly deny them entry into the United States.  It’s – it’s – why, it’s haram!  Remember when she was the First Lady – excuse me – “co-president” – and she and Chelsea embarked on a whirlwind tour of the Middle East?  The ladies demurely donned ashas, head scarfs to acknowledge the local custom of servility to men.


If we fear Islamic retribution for our customs, we’ll just have to stop going to bars, football games, shopping malls, movie theaters, and churches.  We can stop walking our dogs.  Unrelated men and unveiled women can stop being seen together in public places.  We can take dolls away from our little girls.


On the State Department website, the page for Saudi Arabia used to list all things which travelers were forbidden to bring into the Kingdom, including dolls.


Islam is the official religion of the country and pervades all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia.  Public display of non-Islamic religious articles, such as crosses and Bibles, is not permitted.  Non-Muslims are forbidden to travel to Makkah (Mecca) and Medina, the cities where two of Islam’s holiest mosques are located. Norms for public behavior in Saudi Arabia are extremely conservative, and the religious police, formally known as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), and referred to colloquially as the Mutawwa or Al-Hay’a, are charged with enforcing these standards.

Mutawwa are required to carry special identification and usually are accompanied by uniformed police; however, in some cases they have detained persons without an accompanying police officer.  The CPVPV has accosted or arrested foreigners, including U.S. citizens, for improper dress or other alleged infractions, such as consumption of alcohol or association by a female with a male to whom she is not related.  Mutawwa who are accompanied by a uniformed police officer have the power to take individuals to a police station or Mutawwa office.  If a uniformed police officer is present with the Mutawwa, an individual must, if requested, hand over his or her residence permit (Iqama) or other identification to the police officer.  While most incidents have resulted only in inconvenience or embarrassment, the potential exists for an individual to be arrested, physically harmed, or deported.  U.S. citizens who are involved in an incident with the Mutawwa should report the incident to the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh or the U.S. Consulates General in Jeddah or Dhahran.

In most areas of Saudi Arabia, and particularly in Riyadh and the central part of the Kingdom, women wear a full-length black covering known as an abaya, and cover their heads.  Women who choose not to conform to this dress code face a risk of confrontation by Mutawwa and possible detention/arrest.  Men should also dress conservatively, and not wear shorts in public or go without a shirt. Private Saudi citizens who perceive that a foreigner is not observing conservative standards of conduct or dress have been known to harass, pursue, or assault that person.


Many areas of life in Saudi Arabia are segregated by sex to ensure that unrelated men and women have no possibility of mingling (a punishable crime). Some Mutawwa try to enforce this by asking for proof that a couple is married or related. Women who are arrested for socializing with a man who is not a relative may be charged with prostitution.  Some restaurants, particularly fast-food outlets, refuse to serve women who are not accompanied by a close male relative.  In addition, some restaurants or cafes do not have a “family section” in which women are permitted to eat.  Men not accompanied by a close female family member must stay out of family sections, and may not use services (such as registers at supermarkets) designated as “family”.  These restrictions are not always posted.  This is more common in Riyadh and the more conservative central Nejd region.

Dancing, playing music, and showing movies in public are forbidden.


In other words, either the West must stop the Islamists or stop living – one way or the other.



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The New Class of University of Missouri 2016

In the end, the New Class of Mizzou couldn’t even get their Hate Group symbols right.  The Swastika is the symbol of the Nazi – or here in America, the Neo-Nazi – movement.  The Ku Klux Klan uses a burning cross.


While the Neo-Nazis have little love for Blacks, Negroes are not at the very top of their Hate list.  That designation is reserved for Jews.  The rest – Catholics, Blacks, and other assorted foreigners – follow in no particular order.  The Ku Klux Klan, on the other hand, created just after the Civil War, has a special place in their evil hearts for the hatred of Blacks.  They are suspicious of others, including the Jews.  But their hatred burns hottest for African-Americans.


Having its origin in the farms and plantations of the South, the Klan used a symbol appropriate for such rural societies, where neighbors resided some distance apart.  Thus, they used the burning cross to mark their targets which could be seen for some miles.


The Nazis are strictly urban sect of hatred, forming in the industrialized cities of Germany, where Communists were attempting to unionize the work force.  The Nazis outdid the Communists in infiltrating Western Europe with their particular hatred.  Those books you see burning in German propaganda films are all communist tomes.


The German populace, at first, fell in with this line of thinking.  The German farmers didn’t want to suffer the fate of the Ukraine (or for that matter, the Irish of the 19th Century), having their farms seized and left to starve by communal ideology.


Once the war began, however, some Germans, most notably Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox”, who was a personal confidante of Adolf Hitler’s (Hitler liked Rommel’s common man demeanor), began to see the darkness of Hitler’s mind, and more especially, of his inner circle, his sycophants.  Rommel defied Hitler’s orders and dared to tell the Fuerher that the war was already lost.


Privately, Hitler admitted as much to Rommel, but doubted the West, particular Gen. Eisenhower, would agree to any terms of peace with him.  Hitler’s Secret Service was rightly feared even by the German military.


Anyone who countered Hitler’s commands or showed a defeatist attitude could on imprisonment, beating, torture, and finally, death.  Because he was Hitler’s favorite, and because the SS would threaten even Rommel’s distant relatives, he was given the choice of prison or suicide by poison pill.  Rommel chose the latter and was given a funeral with full military honors.


The Nazis were defeated.  The Soviet Union was granted Poland, Eastern Europe, and the eastern half of Germany as a reward for its alliance with the West.  We would pay a great price for that partnership during the Cold War.


Hitler wanted to force Europe to become German.  He knew he didn’t have the means to conquer Africa and the Middle East, much less America.  Lenin wanted to make the whole world Communist and his preferred method was terror.  Mass terror.  He encouraged terrorism on a world-wide scale and his successors, through the Komitet Gosdarstvennoy Bezonpanosti – KGB – saw to it.


“The scientific concept of dictatorship,” Lenin declared in 1920, “means neither more nor less than unlimited power resting directly on force, not limited by anything, nor retrained by any laws or any absolute rules.  Nothing else but that.”  Barron, John.  “KGB:  The Secret Work of Secret Soviet Agents.  p. 2.  Bantam Books, 1974.


Originally, the secret police were called the Chekha, Russian for “linch-pin.”  “Established as an investigative agency” in 1917, “the Chekha swiftly transformed itself into a vengeful political police force committed to extermination of ideological opponents.”  Ibid.,  p. 88.


Barron writes that over 200,000 “opponents” were executed during the Bolshevik Revolution.  But when the war ended, “the people” found that “reality differed from Marxist theory.  Violent opposition to the communists erupted among workers and peasants in the form of strikes, demonstrations and riots” during the 1920s.  Ibid., p. 89.


“Lenin perceived,” Barron tells us, “that as a minority representing virtually no one but themselves, the communists could survive and rule only through force.  He reiterated that their dictatorship must be based ‘directly on force.’


“Proposing a new criminal code in 1922, he wrote Justice Commissar Dmitri Ivonovich Kursky:  ‘The courts must not ban terror…but must formulate the motives underlying it, legalize it as a principle, plainly without make-believe or embellishment.  It is necessary to formulate it as widely as possible.


“While terrorizing the general population, Lenin also turned on the socialist factions that had fought alongside the communists, arrested their leaders, and, in 1922, staged the first of the Moscow show trials.  Then he proceeded to eradicate democracy within the Communist Party itself.


“As Lenin destroyed the right of members to debate, disagree, and advocate their own ideas, the Party became an exclusive order through which the privileged could gain preferred status and perquisites for unquestioning obedience.  Members formed what Milovan Djilas terms ‘the New Class’ and acquired an overriding selfish interest in sustaining the Party that favored them with income, status, housing, food, merchandise, and leisure denied the general population.


“But the whole power of the Party resided with whichever oligarchs succeeded in capturing control of the leadership… By 1924, Lenin…had bequeathed the Russian people dictatorship by an oligarchy, supported by a privileged New Class, wholly dependent upon a political secret police force.”  Ibid., pp. 88-90.  The eventual KGB, which spread its influence worldwide by the 1960s, into governments, the press, and academia.


Marxism had already sunk its hooks into academia by the 1930s.  These were the New Class teachers who would eventually produce the Marxist educational professors (the teachers of the teachers).  Their reach would descend right down to the elementary school level and into children’s textbooks.


I saw it personally in my junior year of high school, when our avowedly communist American History II instructor dismissed American History at mid-school year in favor of the “glories of Communism.”


Initially, five of us mounted a protest.  The teacher was well-versed in communist indoctrination.    He knew which students to target, the future class valedictorian and his girlfriend, and which ones to intimidate.


“Just sit down, do your homework, take the tests and pass the class, and you’ll get into the Ivy League school of your choice,” he whispered to the student.  “You don’t want to throw away your grade and your future for this, do you?  Just pass the class and don’t worry about.”


The student slunk down in his seat and so did his girlfriend.  Three of us remained.  The other two were “C” students.  I had a B-plus average.


He tried to throw my older brother up to me.  I replied he didn’t have to tell me anything about my spineless older brother.  That didn’t work, so he tried pointing out that I “only” had a “B” average and that I was throwing away my grade for nothing.  I responded that no one knew or cared about the high school grade averages of the guys who died on Iwo Jima.  If they could give up their lives for America and freedom, I guessed that I could give up my grade, even it was “only a B”; it was all I had to give, but I’d give it all.


That brings us up to the present time.  The Bachelor’s Degree is pretty much worthless in the business world and everyone knows it.  You have to have it, but only to get or save your job.  If you want to move up the corporate ladder, the Master’s Degree is absolutely essential.


This degree inflation has made college education an expensive and time-consuming business.  Academia and the Corporate Empire agree that they will benefit enormously by this New Class bell curve.  Corporate Emperors are convinced that they will have only the best employees.  Academia ensures its “prestige.”


Intelligence, however, is not what they’re looking for.  Not exactly.  Oh, the New World Order (shall we agree to call it that for the sake of expediency) want Master’s Degree-grade employees who show extraordinary intelligence.  But it has nothing to do with productivity.  Rather, what they’re looking for are the two qualities inherent in intelligence that make for the most reliable managers:  vanity and arrogance.


Vanity and arrogance are how Communism lured the New Class in the Soviet Union and how it will lure the New World Order class into selling out America in the near future.  We already are seeing signs of that obeisance on college campuses in code words and behavioral norms, such as advocacy of homosexual marriage, minority preference, diversity reeducation, social deviance, moral decline, rejection of religion and Western culture, and embrasure of secularism.


The new password for anyone who wants to be a member of the American “New Class” is “climate change.”  The Liberals had to reset this password several times, as real science proved their climate theories outright falsehoods.  Now, legislators are discussing the possibility of criminalizing anyone who opposes climate change theory.  Criminalize, as in “prison” or perhaps fines, and certainly the end of a scientist’s or journalist’s career.


Speech codes are the vogue now on college campuses like the University of Missouri-Missoula.  To think once upon a time, students protested against speech codes.  Now, they’re holding protests in order to enact speech codes and have succeeded in having any college administrators fired who violate those student codes or refuse to enact them.


The Mizzoo students are chicks peeping for the attention of the Mother Hen professors.  Engaging in such protests will guarantee good grades and recommendations on the way to graduate school.  Once out of school, they will take their future positions in government, academia, and business, advising corporate CEOs which diversity agenda they should adopt.


These Masters of the Universe will be plied with every incentive to tow the communist line.  Climate change?  Got it.  Hello, expensive car, big house, vacations to exotic locations, the best schools for your kids, and the latest in electronic gadgets, all ahead of the general population.


Who wouldn’t bobble their head for such opportunities?  Big Brother bobbled his head and implemented a solar panel project for his company.  By golly, he’s got the expensive car, the big house, sent the Nephew to the best schools, goes on great vacations (when he has the time), and buys the latest in gadgets (although, he is also a washing machine killer – he’s overloaded three washing machines into oblivion, including mine).


It’s hard picking on one’s brother.  He works extremely hard for his money and he’s only doing what most people would do in his position, running the flag up the pole and saluting it.  I don’t really begrudge him his high salary or his toys.  He’s certainly earned them.  He’s a solid fiscal Conservative (otherwise).  The solar panel project appealed more to his mania to save greenbacks than to save the planet.  He thinks Donald Trump is ridiculous and leans towards Marco Rubio, the cool candidate.  At least he votes on the right side of the ballot kiosk.


Nevertheless, the master’s degree is – and has been – the determining factor in whether you’re a member of the New Class or the Old, peasant class.  Academia is worried about having too many New Class members on board.  After all, it is an elite class and you can’t be very elite if you allow every Tom, Dick and Harriet on board.  They would prefer Tonya, Ricardo and Hashid.


Like the Russian peasant class of old, blue collar workers will be furious when they realize that they’ve been duped and deceived, that there’s no money left in the Socialist entitlement funds, and that they’ll be expected to yield to Sharia law (if religion is the opiate of the people, it’s certainly a useful one).


The Youth Speech Police are on the march.  Another college administrator was forced to apologize to a group of Black Lives Matter protestors who rampaged through the college library and assaulted white students doing their research.  She made the mistake of criticizing the protestors instead of the White Privilege Students.


“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  Vladimir Lenin.





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We Americans Know Who We Are, “Mr. President”

Obama says, regarding the immigration of Syrian “refugees” – and illegal Mexicans, Chinese, and a whole multicultural panoply of other illegal immigrants who come from countries where they’ve been indoctrinated into hating freedom and worshipping oligarchies – that our “inhumane” opposition to their admittance into our nation is somehow unworthy of our immigrant heritage.


“We’re better than that,” he charges.


Has Obama ever heard of Ellis Island or Castle Clinton?  Has he ever been there?  Immigrants of the 19th Century wishing to enter the country had to prove that they A) had money; B) had a trade or skill, some means of earning an honest living; C) had someplace to live; D) someone to sponsor them if they didn’t; E) had no communicable diseases.


Failing any one of those requirements would have guaranteed the immigrant a one-way ticket back to the home country.  In order to become a citizen, they had to follow-up on the job skills and learn to speak English.  Failure to comply would put them on the next boat to whatever country from which they had come.


We certainly were better at protecting our borders and the resident population back then.  Other nations couldn’t simply dump their surplus population on our shores, in spite of what Emma Lazarus’ progressive poem stated.  Political refugees could come here, on the condition that they meet all the requirements and assimilate into America’s culture.


Since 1965, those rules have “progressively” vanished.  Anchor babies, upon reaching adulthood can sponsor an extended family reunion here in the land of E Pluribus Unum (that’s out of many, one – not out of one, many).  But the malapropism of this phrase may be the new normal.  Our united states have been riven by centralized bureaucracy, political policing of speech, minority privilege, and outright defiance of the U.S. Constitution.


These days, America is more “pluribus” than “unum” – and with the invasion of so-called Syrian refugees we’re about to become even more “pluribus.”


The sad fact of the matter is our Millenial generation has been indoctrinated into the belief that we deserve our fate.  We deserve to have Islamic State jihadists swarming our streets, threatening our large entertainment venues and shopping meccas, and machine-gunning our smaller, urban cafes, bars, nightclubs, and fast-food restaurants.


Cities are where the greatest number of young people can be located, but Americans shouldn’t necessarily breathe a sigh of relief.  Muslims are already here, in great numbers.  They’ve been here for about 20 years or more, having arrived during the Bill Clinton immigrant invasion.


About half the state governors have already refused to accept the Syrian refugees.  But once the illegal immigrants arrive in the Liberal states, there will be nothing to stop them from crossing state borders, where they can mingle with the in situ Muslim communities.  That’s how Mohammed Atta did it.  He was all over the place in northern New Jersey, using the city of Paterson, which already had a sizeable Muslim community, as his New Jersey base of operations.  The town of Bloomingdale, about ten miles to the north of Paterson, had a smaller community of Muslims, and West Milford featured a little-used airport.  Those who saw him think that’s what he was doing here – hiding out and getting assistance.


Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed Atta thought big, as in the World Trade Center.  These Islamic State thugs think big, too.  But they think big in terms of larger numbers of small operatives.  Draw and quarter Giants Stadium, for instance.  Four terrorists, one stadium, lots of dead people.  If they can get through the gates.


Meanwhile, although East Rutherford isn’t exactly like Paris, the terrorists could wreak a good deal of havoc with East Rutherford’s emergency response team.  The Paris terrorists chose about five targets approximately four to five miles away from the stadium.


We don’t want to help the terrorists too much – Obama is already doing too much of that – but let’s just say that with the Meadowlands Complex, the terrorists don’t really have to travel four miles to achieve their diverse, chaotic goal.  That’s what’s wrong, you ridiculous urban planners with putting everything and everyone in one single location.


Pres. Eisenhower, the general who won World War II, knew that all too well.  That’s why he encouraged suburban development and spread everyone out, so they wouldn’t be targets.  That was some 60 years ago when Eisenhower developed the interstate highway system.  The Progressives needed to figure out how to counter the natural protection northern New Jersey enjoyed in case of a nuclear attack.


The outskirts of Hiroshima and Nagaski enjoyed that same hilly protection, which also increased the destruction of the cities.  The Hiroshima bomb only reached about one percent of its potential, one percent being all the fissionable nuclear material that exploded.  Not to worry, though; the Democrat mayor of Bloomingdale, who was re-elected thanks to those newly-imported Long Island Limousine Liberals now living in Avalon Bay, has given license to Tilcon, the owner of the quarry, to flatten the granite-laden hills that protect the town.


What’s nice is, though, that Avalon Bay will be the first to go, being the eastern-most residences in the town.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Liberals.  If the local Muslims don’t get them first.


Everywhere you find Liberals, oddly enough, you’re going to find Islamists.  They hate us Conservatives, too.  However, we rarely collect ourselves in large groups, being that we’re anti-collectivist.  That’s why don’t often see the Tea Party anymore in its large gatherings.  It’s just not us.  We simply adopted a Liberal protest method for the sake of expediency in 2009.


Our Tea Party advice to tavern owners would be this:  arm yourselves.  Nightclub owners, barkeeps, café owners had best get themselves long guns to protect their patrons and their properties.  By the time law enforcement gets there, you’ll be picking up your patrons and your glasses with a broom and a dust pan.

Your business insurance probably doesn’t cover terrorist attacks; insurance companies saw the terrorist light back in 2001 and wrote their business and even homeowner policies accordingly.  Too bad our government didn’t see the future in the same light.


Insurance companies believed future terrorist attacks on American soil were in the cards.  Why didn’t our current president?


Maybe that’s because he’s one of them.  Syria has been a terrorist training ground for decades.  The KGB conveniently located itself in Cairo, Egypt, where they used Syria as a training ground for Palestinian terrorists.  The Soviet Union may have disappeared, but its goals, like its Middle East proteges, simply adopted a different identity. Another favorite KGB location was Mexico City, and another, Stockholm, Sweden.


Vladimir Lenin may not have invented terrorism.  However, he certainly put it to good use in the furtherance of Communism.  He considered terrorism to be the chief, and in fact, only way to hold the Communist state together.  Lenin cared not for “The People” but for the oligarchy, the elite, who ruled them.


The current Vlad holds the same view and so does Obama.  Obama is allowing people who openly hate America to overrun our borders and our culture.  Then he has the nerve to lecture us about our immigrant heritage.


Our forefathers and mothers came to America because they loved it, not hated it.  They came here to build their lives in freedom, not to tear freedom and opportunity down.  Did you know that the Russian people, within a decade or less, came to despise Communism?  By the time they realized their mistake, it was too late:  the Chekists, the secret police, were in charge.


America’s Communist-in-Chief knows precisely what he’s doing, as American Communists (like Barney Frank) did before him, laying out the foundation for America’s demise.  We Americans know who we are, Barack Hussein Obama.  The question is:  who are you?  Or rather, what are you?


The terrorists aren’t coming; they’re already here and more are on their way from Syria.  Our Conservative representatives will do what they can to prevent another calamity like 9/11 or the recent Paris attacks.  Or the downing of the Russian airliner.  Or the Charlie Hebdo murders.  Or the London bombings in 2005.


Well, you get the picture.  Obama is primarily a basketball fan.  However, if he shows up for a major league football game at a stadium near you, run for it!







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Getting Serious About JV Team Syria and Islamism

Our Traitor-in-Chief is completely nonplussed about the 129 people murdered in Paris last Friday evening.  Score another one for the “JV Team”.  Undeterred by such horrors, Coach Obama’s going forward with his plan to admit at least 100,000 Syrian “refugees” into the United States.


As long as you’re not young, you’re not Christian, you don’t frequent bars, do drugs, engage prostitutes, or go to soccer games – no problem!  Oh, and it would be a good idea, for your own safety (and hearing), to stop listening to heavy metal music.  American heavy metal is the music of the Great Satan.  The bands admit it themselves, don’t they?


In fact, music – and movies – are pretty much proscribed in Islam.


It’s not like this is the first time Paris has been attacked by Islam, even though the city of lights did play host to the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini, as well as Ho Chi Minh.  Not so many years ago, the suburbs of Paris were burning with the fury of adolescent Islamic rage.  Self-alienated, the Young Muslims hated the society from which they had cut themselves off, a huis clos.


They hated the discos, night clubs, cafes and art museums that have made Paris the Number One travel destination for decades.  Decadent, avant-garde, progressive, fashionably revolutionary (nous avon change tout cela), irreverent, epater les bourgeois.


But what is this?  The revolutionaries have attacked the city des revolutionaires?


The Islamists do not believe in Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.  The twenty-somethings were infants or small children, at best, when the Islamists bombed the Paris Metro in 1995


The 1995 bombings in France were carried out by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), who were broadening the Algerian Civil War to France. In total, these attacks killed eight and injured more than 100 people. The assassination of Abedelbakc Sharaoui, a co-founder of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), who opposed attacks in France, was a prelude of this extension of the Islamsits’ terrorist campaign to France.

On July 25, 1995, a gas bottle exploded in the Saint-Michel station of Line B of the RER (Paris regional train network), killing eight and wounding 80.

On August 17, a bomb at the Arc de Tripomphe (!) wounded 17 people. On 26 August, a huge bomb was found on the  railroad tracks of a high-speed rail line near Lyon. On September 3, a bomb malfunctioned in a square in Paris, wounding 4. On 7 September, a car bomb at a Jewish school in Lyon wounded 14.

A leader of the group, Khaled Kelkal, was identified through fingerprints left on unexploded bombs. He was killed on Sept. 29 by members of the French EPIG gendarmie unit when resisting arrest in hills near Lyon.

Yet the attacks continued. On Oct. 6, a gas bottle exploded in station Maison Blanche of the Paris Metro, wounding 13. On Oct. 17, a gas bottle exploded between the Musee d’Orsay and Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame stations of RER Line C, wounding 29.  In 2011, four were murdered in yet another attack on the Paris Metro.

On, Nov. 15, 2013, a gunman attacked the offices of the news channel BFM-TV in Paris. On Nov. 18, 2013, a gunman attacked the offices of the newspaper Liberation and the headquarters of the bank Societe Generale. The gunman hijacked a motorist to drive him to the Champs-Elysees before releasing him. The attacks set off a manhunt in search of the gunman.

On Nov. 20, French authorities arrested Abdelhakim Dekhar in Bois-Colombes on suspicion of carrying out the gun attacks.  Authorities said DNA and video evidence indicated he was responsible for all the attacks. They said that prior to his arrest, Dekhar consumed drugs in a possible suicide attempt.  After the 2013 arrest, the police found two letters allegedly written by Dekhar where he condemned capitalism and wrote about an alleged fascist plot that was helped by “media manipulation of the masses.”

Then, earlier this year – 20 years later – employees of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, were murdered for publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.  A market in a Jewish neighborhood was also attacked.  In August, the French were saved from yet another train massacre by three American military heroes.


Six targets were attacked on Friday, though the authorities are focusing mainly on the concert hall, Bataclan Theatre, where the majority of the deaths occurred.  One of the suicide attackers was turned away from the gate at Stade de France, on the outskirts of Paris.  When he failed to gain entry, the suicide bombers blew themselves up.  The authorities kept the crowd inside the stadium for fear that the bombers would kill the spectators in the rush to leave.


Still, Obama says there will be no boots on the ground in Syria.  We will not hit them where they live, as George W. Bush wanted to do.   In fact, he will welcome them all (except the persecuted Christians) with open arms.  If they blow themselves up outside Giants Stadium, taking out a few stray tailgate partiers, or in some café in Manhattan like the Metropolitan Room (known for its drag queens), or some upscale restaurant like the Benjamin Steakhouse, or rocking out at the Village Underground, well, you know, that’s the price you pay for living the nightlife in New York.


Obama thinks you shouldn’t be discriminating against Islamic terrorists hiding amongst the flocks just because you enjoy shooting down Fireballs, indulging in Purple Haze, and doing the Wild Thing (or whatever they call it today). You’d think the bouncers would be smart enough to recognize that Muslims shouldn’t be frequenting such degenerate establishments.


That is not to lay blame at the feet of the murdered victims in Paris.  Such dishabille, such intemperance, such immorality is expected of the young.  The twenties are when young people sow their wild oats before they sober up and begin marrying and having families.  The Liberals, in fact, have been the pipers to the Lost Children for decades, frequently encouraging them in their orgies.

Christian parent’s admonitions have gone unheeded for as long as it has been popular to commit general adultery, drinking yourself blind, and numbing your addled brains with drugs.  The film Animal House, set in the 1960s, is a paean to that cultural attitude.  So is Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult film in which the audience participates in the action, so to speak.


The Progressive Liberals painted a target on the backs of our clueless youth generations ago and now payment is due.  Obama set up the chessboard and has unleashed the hordes upon Western civilization.  The attacks will come from three directions:  the East, from Western Europe, the South, from South America, and in the West, from China.  Rumors abound that Iranian submarines are already plying the waters of the North Atlantic, ready to target our shipping and our cities.


Years that end in “5” seem to interest French Islamists.  Here’s what happened in 1915:


January 26 – WWI: The Ottoman Army begins the Raid on the Suez Canal.

March – The 1915 Palestine locust infestation breaks out in; it continues until October

April 24 – Beginning of the Armenian Genocide with the deportation of Armenian notables from Istanbul.


Sometime in 1915, in exchange for assistance against the Ottoman Empire, the British offered Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, their recognition of an independent Arab kingdom, although clear terms were never agreed.  The exact date is unknown.  However, by the end of the war, in 1918, England and France had divided the Turkey’s former Middle Eastern possessions into four protectorates, two ruled by Britain, two by France:  Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan.


The protectorates were placed under the rule of local monarchs, and within a few years, were granted independence.  The protectorates threw together Sunnis and Shias, Arabs and Ottomans living in the provinces.  Their monarchs oversaw the warning tribes but were never able to unite them, not even under Islamic law.  In fact, militant groups charged the monarchs with being secular puppets of an imperial West.


Obama is of the same mind.  He has an undying hatred for what he considers imperialist or colonialist “crimes” all over the third world.  His mission is to make America and Western Europe “pay” for their “subjugation” of those countries by allowing illegal immigrants from the four continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America – to invade our borders and destroy our society.


No wonder he welcomes the so-called Syrian “refugees” but not the Christian contingent of that mass of refugees.  An army is about to inflict a horrible war upon us.  The first shots began long ago.  Paris, November 2015, is but yet another salvo in a long barrage against the West.


Yet again, after the initial mourning for Paris is over, we will slip deep into our cups and be lulled into complacency.  They will attack again and again, so long as Obama is our president and we continually elect socialist democrats to Congress and our state legislatures.


The time to wake up has long past.  Parisians are cowering in their apartments, fearing to go out at night (with good reason).  The Eiffel Tower and the art museums are closed.  Tourists have nowhere to go.  Islamists blew up museums in Egypt, priceless monuments to the Roman past in Syria, and countless Western restaurants across their so-called caliphate from Morocco to Thailand.


We have no assurance that they won’t eventually continue their vicious war here in America.  Our law enforcement will do its best to protect us.  However, under Obama’s nefarious leadership, j’adoube, their mission is hopeless.


Islamist have embarked upon a guerre a outrance.  How does our Communist-in-Chief respond to this threat?  Things are going just as he planned.  So we shall nothing at all.  No response.  No boots on the ground.  No airstrikes.  No responsibility for the warriors of his own creation.  No concern for Western Europe or America.  We’re getting what he thinks we deserve.


Peu de chose!  Sans souci!  T’ant mieux.


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Who Won the GOP Economic Debate on Tuesday?

Unless you’re an economics expert, choosing a winner in Tuesday’s debate on Fox Business News Channel would have required flipping a coin.  They all sounded credible – with the exception of John Kacich – they mostly advocated either a reduction in taxes or a fair, flat tax.

Years ago, Steve Forbes suggested a flat tax and he was laughed out of every television studio.  Some ideas are just ahead of their time.

Economic issues, for Conservatives, boil down essentially to reducing the size of government, lowering taxes for individuals and businesses alike, and holding public office-holders accountable.  The last requires a better, more efficient mechanism for removing officials who abuse their office.

All the candidates are onboard for bringing jobs back to America.  How committed they are to retaining them in a capitalist, free-enterprise system and reducing bureaucracy is another matter.

Heritage Action for America has published a Presidential Platform Review for each GOP Primary Candidate, in alphabetical order.  The criteria categories are:  Growth, Opportunity, Civil Society, Limited Government, Favoritism, and National Security.

The process of elimination is the best method for selecting the final candidate.  The top of the list for the majority of Americans is illegal immigration.  Any candidate who isn’t on board with sending the illegal immigrants back to where they came from (and they’re not all, by any means, from Mexico) will find them deported from Conservative Country.

That pretty much eliminates Jeb Bush right from the outset, as well as John Kacich, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, and Ben Carson.  As for the other candidates, HAA does not have platforms on the issue of illegal immigration for a few of the remaining candidates:   Christie, Huckabee, and Santorum.

Trump is the leading GOP candidate right now all because of illegal immigration.  The only other candidate with a strong stance against illegal immigration is Ted Cruz.  The issue must be pretty important to Conservative Americans if it has put Trump on top with a strong stance on only one other issue, jobs.

But if you’re doubtful of Trump (I am) and you’re not happy with Ted Cruz because of the government closure, which Conservative Americans approved but the Media did not, hence causing consternation among Moderate Republicans, here are some choice statements from the other candidates that may give you pause:

Jeb Bush:  “…for all the evidence of Governor Bush’s inclination toward limited government, his strong support of Common Core standards – well-intentioned as it may have been from an opportunity-promotion perspective [and it only promotes “opportunity” at the expense of higher-achieving students] – suggests that as president, Governor Bush may not respect the proper limits of the federal government’s role.”Governor Bush’s success in improving K-12 education in Florida appears to have weakened his commitment to federalism. As an ex-governor, he has been an outspoken supporter of the Obama Administration’s strategy of granting waivers to states to implement changes like the Common Core standards (though he has since qualified that support slightly and now claims merely to support states adopting higher standards based on their interests, not federal demands).

Ben Carson:  Dr. Carson has offered several broad, unconventional critiques of past administrations’ foreign policy. For example, he has said that Vietnam critics argued “with some validity that we had no right to assume that our way of governing was superior to communism.” “Dr. Carson has offered several broad, unconventional critiques of past administrations’ foreign policy.  For example, he has said that Vietnam critics argued ‘with some validity that we had no right to assume that our way of governing was superior to communism.”


Chris Christie:  Being a N.J. resident, I’m probably ahead of HAA in studying Christie.  The HAA citation most critical of Christie is his bailout of the Revel Casino in Atlantic City.  However, it was Hurricane Sandy that blew his credibility.  “…Governor Christie worked in concert with New Jersey special interests to lobby the federal government on behalf of a Hurricane Sandy relief bill many conservatives argued included unnecessary waste, lambasting lawmakers for their effort to review the bill to limit any waste and offset any [unnecessary] spending.”

Many of the homes involved were secondary vacation homes and rental properties, as well as dubiously affected minority communities like Asbury Park.  Did the money go towards restoring flooded or wind-damaged homes, or was it used to “cure” urban blight?

Ted Cruz:  HAA offers no criticism of Cruz at all.  He’s thoroughly Conservative.

And neither do I.  He’s my main choice at this point.

Carly Fiorina:  HAA takes on Carly for her previous stances on the federal government’s long-term role in education, her unwillingness to take on entitlement reform, and her previous support of cap-and-trade.  “During the 2010 election cycle, Fiorina was critical of bailouts, but during the 2008 campaign, Fiorina argued that The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) ‘was, unfortunately, necessary because credit is tight for hard-working Americans and small businesses.”

General Motors is hardly a small businesses, and still has not repaid all the money it was loaned.

Mike Huckabee:  HAA takes him to task for opposing entitlement reform.  Huckabee argued, “I just want to remind you, people paid their money.  They expect to have it.  And, if this government doesn’t pay it, then tell me what’s different between the government and Bernie Madoff, who sits in prison today for doing less than what the government has done to the people on Social Security and Medicare in this country?”

The government is to blame for bankrupting Social Security and Medicare, certainly.  The programs should never have been implemented to begin with, or at least, should have been sundowned.  Whatever the case, Social Security is now nothing but a file full of IOUs.  Retired workers are expecting their payments, current workers SSI taxes are going towards filling that void, and eventually, we’re going to hit a brick wall.  Just what does Huckabee propose to do about it?

The Democrats plan is to cut off Seniors’ electricity through their Climate Change agenda.  Residents will only be allowed to turn on their air conditioning during the night time hours and only during heat emergencies when the temperature rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Workers will be protected in their offices, children in their schools, and the sick in their hospitals.  What’s going to happen to Senior Citizens (aged 65-85) and the Elderly (85-plus)?

Well, you know what?  Generally, the elderly are not all that uncomfortable in the heat.  My Elderly P (Mom) would wear a turtle-neck shirt and a sweater in the Sahara in July.  She rarely turns on the air conditioner, except at night and then only at my brothers’ insistence.

Senior Citizens, on the other hand, the people aged 65 to roughly 85, are detrimentally affected by the heat.  In the event of a heat emergency, however, the government will favor the Elderly first in any centrally-governed “cooling centers.”  Whatever room is left will be occupied by Senior Citizens, determined by age.

Air conditioning is Enemy Number One on the Climate Change Agenda.  Banning or curtailing its use is as good a way of ensuring the deaths of numerous, Medicare-enrolled Senior Citizens as any one since Adolf Hitler has come up with.   The unlucky and hapless will be left to roast.

But huge amounts of money will be saved in the long run in caring for Medicare enrollees and Social Security recipients.  Don’t imagine that it can’t happen.  The technology is being developed to monitor everything from our electricity usage to our private communications.

It was August 1972.  My maternal grandmother was 77 years old.  She was suffering from heart disease and diabetes.  Yet her doctor marveled that she was alive.  Diabetics rarely lived to 77.

We were in the middle of a heat wave here in New Jersey and my grandmother was starting to have breathing problems.  My grandfather, ever the miser, refused to spend the money on an air conditioner.  We were poor but Mom had just started working.  She bought Grandma a one-room air conditioner to use in her bedroom.

Grandpa was furious and in rage over the higher electricity bill, he broke the air conditioner.  Not long afterwards – a few days later – Grandma suffered a heart attack.  Three weeks later, she died in the hospital.

Bobby Jindal:  HAA rates Jindal highly as a Conservative.  His only weakness is agricultural subsidies.  “Perhaps most significant is the emphasis Governor Jindal places on shoring up the agricultural industry.  On the trail, he has stressed his initial support for the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005, though he has pledged to let the ethanol mandate expire in 2022.  He voted in favor of farm bills in Congress, including one that contained a $7.8 billion tax increase.”

He’s also a proponent of corporate welfare that will attract businesses to Louisiana.  He makes an exception on his general stance against immigration amnesty to agricultural workers who would come here on guest-worker visas, paying taxes with the eventual reward of gaining eligibility for citizenship.

John Kasich:  Take your pick.  “His campaign said recently, ‘The governor has long believed climate change is real and we need to do something about it.’”

Enough said?

Rand Paul:  Constitutionally and fiscally, Paul is hot stuff and usually right.  But then you come to his platform on foreign policy, specifically the military.  “More than on any other set of issues, Senator Paul deviates from the Conservative mainstream [the Conservative what?] on foreign policy.  As reported by The Washington Post, ‘For Paul, advisers say, being a realist means he is skeptical of every possible military action, until [and unless] he is convinced that there is a crucial U.S. interest at stake and that the action will succeed.’”

If Congress had taken that position during World War II, Europe would be one big German socialist state, free trade would have been relegated to the historical dust heap, and not a single Jew would have been left alive in Europe.  However, the Iranians are the inheritors of German anti-Semitism.
What the heck is Rand Paul doing on the GOP ticket, anyway?  He’s a Libertarian.  He’s great as the nagging Conscience of Conservatism in Congress.  But as a defender of freedom?   I don’t think so.

Marco Rubio:  If it weren’t for his pro-amnesty stance, Rubio would be the candidate to beat.  About the worst HAA could say of Rubio is that his tax reform proposal is great except for the “expensive expansion of the Child Tax Credit, a program that is already rife with fraud.  As a consequence, its top individual income rate is considerably higher than some competing proposals.  Senator Rubio has also separately proposed providing a tax credit for businesses offering paid family leave, an unnecessary effort to tinker with labor markets.”

There’s also concern among Conservatives about whether Rubio is actually eligible to run for president.  Neither of his parents was a U.S. citizen at the time of Rubio’s birth in Miami, Florida in 1971.  Ultimately, they applied for citizenship and were naturalized when he was about four.  Still, the U.S. Constitution is specific.  The Democrats will certainly have something to say about that, given the passion of Birthers towards Obama.

Rick Santorum:  Santorum certainly found his voice during Tuesday’s debate.  HAA finds his position on federal involvement in society a mixed bag.  “…despite Senator Santorum’s strong stances on core issues and accurate diagnosis of many of the challenges facing our culture, he appears far too willing to view the federal government as a mechanism to prop up civil society.  Santorum was a vocal supporter of former President George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservative” agenda, which led to the proliferation of various government programs.  In Senator Santorum’s own words, compassionate conservatism ‘require[s] a role for government that some conservatives find disquieting.’”

Support strong families and churches, and the federal government won’t have much to do. Santorum appears to still be too squishy for the highest office in the land.

Donald Trump:  Trump can be accused of many things, but “squishiness” isn’t one of them.  However, where does he actually stand on other issues besides jobs, illegal immigration, and national security?  Those are top issues, to be sure.  But he also says he doesn’t have a problem with taxing “the rich.”  Which rich is he talking about?  Donald Trump rich or local businessman rich?  “[His] plan [for economic growth] is not perfect.   It would leave in place several anti-business elements of the current code, retaining the capital gains tax (which it slightly reduces) and the flawed system for expensing business investments, while failing to shift the United States to a territorial tax system.  Moreover, the class warfare rhetoric Mr. Trump has used to promote it cedes significant ground to those on the political left who seek massive tax increases.”

As of this time, The Let Freedom Rings blog ranks the candidates:

  1.  Ted Cruz
  2.  Mike Huckabee
  3.  Chris Christie
  4.  Donald Trump
  5.  Bobby Jindal
  6.  Carly Fiorina
  7.  Rick Santorum
  8.  Marco Rubio
  9.  Jeb Bush
  10.  Rand Paul
  11.  John Kacich
  12.  Ben Carson

There’s still time for candidates to listen to what Conservative Americans are saying about illegal immigration:  don’t tell us it can’t be done (it can) and don’t talk to us about the illegal immigrant “children”.  Americans have children, too, and it’s our representatives’ duty to think of them first.

We are the people of the United States.  People who come here illegally are people of other countries, who flout our basic laws, help to raise our crime rate, and siphon away our hard-earned money.  The operative word here is “illegal”.  The first people we think of are Mexicans, but there are also illegal Chinese, Indians, and Middle Easterners, who were allowed into the country as refugees or come here to have “border babies.”

Let’s see if any of the candidates change their position on this issue.  Depend upon it, there’s no issue that makes Conservative Americans angrier at the moment.


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Veterans Day 2015 and the Can’t-Do Rand Paul Rant

What’s so “Conservative,” what’s so “patriotic” about spending billions of dollars on defense, Republican primary candidate Rand Paul wanted to know at last night’s GOP Primary Debate, aired by Fox Business Channel, when you know you can’t pay it back and will wreck the country’s economy?

Marco Rubio retorted what’s so patriotic about refusing to budget the money to defend your country?

Spending thousands of dollars on a natural gas station for a nation that doesn’t have normal cars much less technically-advanced vehicles that run on natural gas doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Helping them create a cricket team might help win over the locals you’re trying to help.

However, countless intelligence officers and generals over the last decade or so shook their heads of the notion of trying to bring order to the tribal-oriented Middle East (or any other Third World backwater).  Winston Churchill.  Norman Schwarzkopff.  Oliver North.  David Petraeus.

Even Erwin Rommel, the famed leader of the German Afrika Korps Panzer Divisions in North Africa in World War II doubted the wisdom of attempting to conquer the Middle East, wasting numerous German lives on a country (Libya) they couldn’t possibly hold.  He was finally given the famed “poison pill” for having a “defeatist” attitude about Germany’s chances of winning the war.

In embarking on yet another attempt to bring peace to the Middle East, no one bothered to ask whether the warring tribes of Arabia and the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan were capable of democracy.  They would have to be willing to put aside their tribal differences and unite for the sake of their nation.

With little money, surviving on subsistence farming, peasants are barely looking past their families’ present needs, much less taking on the world.  They’re hardly worried about whether the United States or Russia, Iran or Turkey is going to overpower their country.  The warriors in the next village are trouble enough.

Still, the Taliban, and now ISIS, is wreaking havoc on those illiterate populations, who have no notion of Sharia law, probably don’t want it, and are terrified of the thugs intimidating them into submission to it.  They can’t trust their governments.  They can’t trust the inhabitants of the larger cities.  They certainly don’t trust the gangsters robbing them and pushing off their land.

But they also don’t put much trust in the promises of a foreign land that more often than not, comes for a little while, pushes the troublemakers under the rug (without seizing their arms), pats itself on the back for the victory, and goes home.

That’s what happens when we don’t back the military financially.  Certainly the Pentagon needs to be held accountable for corruption and wasteful spending.  What agency in Washington doesn’t?

We need to invest in our military.  We need to invest in up-to-date weaponry and technology.  As Rommel observed of Germany, both the Germans and the British were fighting the last war.  Their highest-ranking commanders were too conservative and constrained their fighting forces to rules of war that no longer applied.  Lack of flexibility and over-cautiousness and slow, bureaucratic orders that had to run up the ladder, salute the flag, and come back down to the troop level with the commands cost numerous lives on the battlefield.

Rommel, who initially admired Hitler for his stance against the Communists, came to realize that Hitler was a monster who burnt civilians in ovens and cared nothing about the troops.  Or at least the sycophants with whom he surrounded himself didn’t care.

Our own vicious traitor-in-chief cares even less for the American military than Hitler care for his troops.  Obama is responsible for reducing our naval fleet, our air force, and our artillery.  He’s content to merely conduct an air war against the Islamic enemy.  He’s the Dr. Frankenstein who helped create ISIS and now it seems he’s gotten the result he wanted:  “war refugees” – millions of them, pouring over the borders of Western Europe.

When these swarms, with their unassailable war refugee status are finished transmogrifying Europe into a European caliphate, they will come here.  Many are already here, along with the millions of Central and South American illegal immigrants.

What to do about them?  According to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush, there’s nothing we can do about them.  John Kacich got out his Liberal violin:  “Oh, the poor children!!”  We’re supposed to face the fact that there here and to deport them would be a disaster.

Leave it to Donald Trump to remind them that Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower deported some 4 to 5 million illegal aliens.  His predecessor, Harry S. Truman also deported millions of illegal immigrants.

What’s so tough about it, really?  The candidates can hardly complain about the cost of deporting them compared to the cost of absorbing them and feeding, housing, educating and hospitalizing them.  Airline tickets are cheap.  Cargo ships, even cheaper.  Some came in cargo ships; they can go back in cargo ships.

Deporting the illegal immigrants is rather like cleaning out an overstuffed closet.  When you open the closet door, the task seems daunting.  Boxes are stacked to the ceiling, filled with clothes you haven’t worn in decades.  VHS tapes you don’t even have the machine to play them on anymore.  Shoes whose rubber soles have worn and disintegrate upon examination.

First you look at the dresser drawers filled with your spring and summer clothes.  There you find spring tops you haven’t worn since you were in your Thirties.  Instead of holding onto them out of sentimentality, you stuff them into a storage bag rather than the closet.  There – you’ve cleared some space.

We have detention centers all over the country filled with illegal immigrants all ready to ship out.  Since the minor children aren’t of age, send them henceforth with their illegal parents.  Since it’s a government detention center, there’ll be no media around to advertise their deportation.

Next, you begin to tackle the closet itself.  What do we find here?  Welfare recipients.  Cancel their welfare checks.  They’ll either self-deport (as Trump put it) when they find the spigot has stopped flowing.  Or they’ll come to find where the check is and when they do, invite them to step into the waiting bus that will take them to their meal ticket – the now empty detention center.

From the detention center, it’s a short hop to the airline and adios! to another load of illegal immigrants.

But the job isn’t over.  Why, there’s another box marked illegal workers.  After investigating the companies that are hiring these workers through independent agencies, tell the companies that either they turn over the illegals or face enough fines that will shut the shop permanently.

Their kids?  How to get them so they’re not left behind, the poor little dears?  Why don’t you know?  The Liberals invented a wonderful holiday called, “Take Your Daughters (and Sons) to Work Day, usually the third week in April.  The whole family will pretty be together.  Pull the bus up and take them on a special field trip to the detention center.  Their flight is waiting.

Finally, there’s a nasty box way in back that you’ve been ignoring for years.  In it are the dregs of illegal alien humanity – the drug dealers, weapons smugglers, prostitutes, and all-around bad guys.

By this time, the Media will have caught on and you can allow them into the detention center to take photos as the drug dealers are herded onto planes back to prisons in their own countries.

Meanwhile, we will have been paying attention to our borders and built that wall that Donald Trump has spoken about.  Hadrian built a wall.  China built an enormous wall, which you can see from space.  Morocco built a wall.  Israel has built a wall.   They’re all still standing.  So why can’t the greatest nation in the world build a wall.

We also must tighten our airport security.  We must deal with the corruption involved.  We must not allow foreigners or foreign nationals to have any positions whatsoever in our airport.  Not security.  Not check-in.  Not flight administration.  And certainly not as baggage handlers.

There.  That will prevent more boxes from accumulating.

As for illegal immigrants who have overstayed their visas, the states must take up the task of investigating these cases rather than federal government.  Many hands make light work.  Some may have legitimate reasons for wanting to remain.  Renew their visitors’ visas, but insist that they must reapply for citizenship.

There.  Now the closet, while not completely empty, is better organized.  Legitimate immigrants will have an easier time getting their applications approved because, once the illegal immigrants are removed, and we’re no longer wasting time and money tending to them, the process should be smoother.  The taxpayers will also have less of a tax burden and will have a better chance at getting a job.

Speaking of taxpayers, most of the candidates were in favor of cutting taxes down to a flat rate, at various percentages.  More critical candidates complained that we then wouldn’t have the money to support our military, to say nothing of the entitlement programs like Social Security (which is already bankrupt, Carly Fiorina) and Medicare.

They illustrate why such Socialist programs are dangerous to the economy; voters become addicted to them, dependent upon them, and then you can’t eliminate them.

If someone would just have the courage to cut the taxes on businesses (why didn’t anyone mention cutting the capital gains tax, by the way, and the death tax?), a booming economy would great a whole new phalanx of taxpayers.  The tax rate, even though cut to a flat rate, would still produce enough revenue to support the most necessary programs.  Those voters would hopefully have enough sense to vote for representatives who would eliminate the unnecessary, pork-laden programs.

You probably wouldn’t be able to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service altogether.  Someone has to collect the taxes.  But they’d have much less to do and with the advances in technology, we wouldn’t need so many of them to do it.

I’d like to be a taxpayer again.  I think the other 15 million (that’s the current number)  long-term unemployed workers would be happy to have the chance to fill out that 1040 form once again.  The national debt is six times the complete revenue which the federal government takes in.  Cutting spending would help alleviate that debt.  Creating more jobs and more taxpayers, productive citizens, would help ease the burden.  And protecting ourselves from an invasion of illegal immigrants intent on overrunning and collapsing our economy would ensure our security as a nation as well.

Finally, when the new president is considering the budget that a hopefully Conservative Congress sends him or her, let us pray that it contains a few more digits for the veteran’s budget.  When Congress first planned for caring for veterans, the life-expectancy rate was much lower.  In short, they didn’t expect them to live to be 85, 90, and even 100.

The treatment of these aged veterans is disgraceful.  Patients wait months just for an appointment to see a doctor and that wait another period for the actual treatment.  Many patients have been known to die while waiting for treatment.  Is that how the government plans to treat our 21 million veterans?  Hope they die of neglect and reduce the surplus veteran population?

In 2013, the government allocated $52 million for the medical care of veterans; it allocated $497 million for Medicare and $358 million for Medicaid and.  That’s 57 million Medicare enrollees (in 2015 numbers) and 77 million Medicaid recipients, some of whom are unemployed workers who were ineligible for “Obamacare.”

Forgive your blogger, who’s not a statistician, but if my poor math works out correctly, the figures come to about $8.70 per Medicare enrollee, $4.60 per Medicaid recipient, and $2.50 per veteran.  Now, Mom (who’s 91) receives, as a veteran’s widow Tricare in addition to Medicare, so perhaps Veterans receive Medicare in addition to their Tricare.

But that $2.50 seems like a paltry sum for someone who risked their life for a freedom and maybe lost multiple limbs from bombs in Iraq or Vietnam or lost their sight or is otherwise disabled from service to their country.

If we make the investment up front to protect our soldiers, as nearly as is possible in war, from harm (better armor, better weapons, better technology, better vehicles), give our commanders better training for and more discretion in the battles in which they find themselves, at least we will have the satisfaction that our money was better spent.

Better armor and technology, more vehicles and supplies, less bureaucracy and political warriors (of both parties), and more competent, credible intelligence and support for that intelligence in the build-up to an engagement will equal fewer body bags at the end of the engagement.

Thank you, veterans, for all you’ve done and all you’ve sacrificed for freedom.

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Questioning God

Why me? That’s about the only question I would ever ask God.

Recently, a pair of well-known radio broadcasters have urged all Christians to question God. Question everything, question your church, question the Bible, they’ve urged.  Even God.

Man should be able to reason out God for himself, according to this new theology. Man doesn’t need an ancient book, written by equally fallible Men.  The Bible is a tough book, with equal parts Love and Wrath.

Questioning God and demanding the right to choose between good and evil is what got Adam and Eve into trouble. They were cast out of earthly paradise for this original sin, ruining it for all of us.  Man put his own ill-considered judgment before God’s and was cursed to a spiritual death.

Why would anyone “choose” evil in the first place? The choice doesn’t really make good sense in a moral world.  The devil tells Adam and Eve that God is just afraid that Man will be equal to God if they eat from the tree and that’s pretty much what God says when he casts the pair out – “And Jehovah God then said, “Here the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil.  Now in order that he may not put his hand out and take fruit also from the tree of life and eat and live forever…”  Genesis 3:22

God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden which he had created for them to tend. Adam was cursed to live off the ground from which he was created and return to the dust from which he was created.  Eve was cursed to be dominated by her husband and to suffer pain in childbirth and then die the way her husband would.

God chose righteous men – Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon – and prophets to hear His word and relay His message to the people, who were largely illiterate. Eventually, they wrote the words down into a book – The Torah.  He chose for his people the Israelites.

But over time, they got the idea to write down their own ideas and theologies and kept the word of God to themselves. They began spreading incorrect ideas about God.  Their priests began selecting who would be chosen to hear the words of God and who wouldn’t.

Their priests became powerful. They drove the peasants off their lands and into crowded cities where they starved.  Certainly, some Jews were charitable to the poor.  But the poor weren’t allowed into the Temples.

God had enough of this cruelty and sent His son, Jesus, to Earth, giving him a human form so that people could see and understand him, for the prophets had been silenced. His mission was to put an end to animal sacrifices, man’s vicious and lazy substitute for penitence for the original sin of Adam and Eve.  Jesus, the Son of God, would make the ultimate sacrifice to God, restoring Man to God’s good graces and eternal life in the paradise for which Man was intended.

Go and sin no more. That was the gift of God, the Eternal Father, to Man.

Yet even after 2,000 years, we still don’t get it. Still we question, still we sin, still we choose evil.  Is it that hard to follow the basic Ten Commandments?  Is it that hard to follow at least some of the easier commandments:  Thou shalt not steal?  Thou shalt not kill (murder)?  Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God’s name in vain (swear)?  Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother?

We start to run into trouble with the more difficult commandments. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  We now are being subjected to a secular god – our government.  “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.”  In modern English, that means we should not worship any material objects.  Not even, or more particularly, especially not in God’s name.

God is about the spiritual not the material. Material things decay and fall apart or die.  God is the eternal, that which does not die.  That’s why some fundamental Christians have a problem with worshipping the Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree is not Donar’s (or Thor’s) Oak of the pagan Germans, under which they performed human sacrifices.

However, thanks to the Emperor Constantine, who urged diplomacy in converting the pagans to Christianity by allowing them to transform their pagan symbols into Christian symbols, we got the Christmas tree and other material objects to worship. The original Apostles urged against such worship.

The Christmas tree was originally part of missionary work to tell the tale of Adam and Eve and the apple and the story of Christ. Today, the Christmas tree is thrown into the street as garbage after we’ve finished unwrapping the presents and have taken down the ornaments.

Certain groups complain that since the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., countless Biblical scholars and academicians have reinterpreted the original Bible and pastors and priests have strayed away from God’s law, which was the original purpose of the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word, or Law.

Critics complain that the Bible was written (and edited) by men. The Bible states, “All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching.”  2 Timothy 3:16 and “Prophecy was at no time brought by Man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were moved by the holy spirit.” 2 Peter 1:21.  And finally, “When you received God’s word, which you heard from us [the Apostles], you accepted it not as the word of men but, just as it truthfully is, as the word of God.”

Well, so why can’t God talk to us? Why can’t we hear Him the way the prophets?  Because we’re fatheads, that’s why not.  All that white matter (myelin) that has cropped up in our brains thanks to our modern, fatty diet of proteins has made us smart –  too smart for our own good.  How’s that for a “scientific” explanation?  A dog has a better chance of hearing God than we do.  “We should be able to question God,” we boast in our vanity.  “We don’t need no stinkin’ Bible!  Let God talk to us in person.  Then we’ll believe in Him.”

Yeah, well, we already tried that. He came as close as He could to talking to us face to face, sending us His only begotten Son and that how did that work out for us?  Jesus Christ is quoted directly and still we don’t believe it.  We want “proof” that God exists.

Jesus taught the Apostles to spread the Good News that we have been saved: “However, God’s angel spoke to Philip, saying ‘Get up and go to the south to the road that runs down from Jerusalem to Gaza (This is a desert road.).’ With that, he got up and went and saw an Ethiopian eunuch, a man who had authority Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, and who was in charge of all her treasure.  He had gone to Jerusalem to worship and he was returning and was sitting in his chariot, reading aloud the prophet Isaiah.  So the spirit said to Philip, ‘Go over and approach this chariot.’  Philip ran alongside and heard him reading aloud…and he said ‘Do you actually know what you are reading?’  [The eunuch] said, ‘Really, how could I ever do so unless someone guided me?’  So he got out and urged Philip to sit down with him.”

Nothing yet had been written down about the story of Jesus, so the news spread at first through his missionaries and through their followers to new converts. Thanks to the invention of the Gutenberg press, expressly invented in order to print the Bible, the Word of God is available to everyone in hundreds of languages.

Thanks to modern translations, the Bible is easier than ever to understand. There are Bibles that not only provide the Scriptures, but Biblical history, timelines, explanations of ancient concepts, names and places that have either no longer exist or have been renamed.

The Bible makes sense to those humble enough to accept its message. Man’s pride is what makes God’s word hard to digest.  Man, in his instinctual fear of death, recoils from any words that suggest an afterlife ruled by someone considerably mightier than Himself, wiser, and more merciful.

What possible question could we ask the Almighty for which only we ourselves, alone, can provide the answer? Why do we ask God why He permits all the suffering in the world?  Why don’t we ask ourselves why we cause it in the first place?  Why does He allow incurable diseases like cancer to plague Mankind?  Why did we resort to using fertilizers and pesticides, the chief culprits which have existed since Man was sent back farm the dust from which he was created?

Why do we speed? Why do we drink alcohol and use drugs?  Why do we swear?  Why are we so angry in the first place?  Why do we covet one another’s belongings?  Why do we worship gold instead of God?  Why do we lie, cheat and steal for it?  We will do just about anything for our earthly paymasters?  What are we willing to do for God?

Why, we won’t even enjoy the Sabbath Day, which God gave us as a day of rest. Instead, we’re out spending the money we earned the other five or six days of the week.  A hundred years from now, all that stuff will have rusted on a scrap pile or decayed into the Earth.  The Romans were a might empire.  Yet, today precious little of their empire remains but ruins and rubble.

World War II German General Erwin Rommel was out in the desert of Libya. His men came upon some Roman ruins.  They rushed over to examine the broken pieces of pottery.  Urging him to come over, they exclaimed that it was a fantastic archaeological find.

“What do you want with all that garbage?” he asked them in response and walked on.

Considering the gravity of the times, this hardly seems the moment to be questioning God’s authority. Although there are truly good people walking the Earth, we really are seeing Man at his very worst.  Our secular, Liberal government is tearing down the very religion we should be protecting and advancing.  We will be held accountable for every failure to advocate goodness and the absolute authority of God.

Our government is banning His worship, the teaching of His laws, and the reading of His Word. In its place, they are installing a bureaucratic facsimile of authority.  In time, they will beat us over the head with their regulations and truss us up with their politically-inspired rules.

People complain that they don’t want to be hit over the head with the Bible. They’re afraid of Bible thumpers.

Ask yourselves: would you rather be hit over the head by God or a Liberal fascist?   Would you rather be placed into a residential warren, never again to be allowed to so much as set a foot on green grass, constrained by climatologists whose only real goal is property seizure and be planted in it an eternal state of nothingness?  Or would you like to wake up free, in an eternal, Earthly paradise?  Just read the Word and don’t ask stupid questions.

William Shakespeare got it right:  “The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves.”

Put your trust in God, not Man.

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What’s the Point in Carson West Point Story?

We don’t get it in my family. What’s the big deal about the Ben Carson West Point story?  Is it because he used the word “scholarship” instead of “appointment” in his autobiography?

My nephew, who turns 27 this week, was offered an appointment to West Point when he graduated from high school. He had the grades, the intelligence, and all the STEM requirements.

However, The Nephew wasn’t interested in a military career. The Army, for its part, doesn’t want candidates who don’t want to be in the Army.  Many West Point graduates go on to great things.  But that career path wasn’t for my nephew.

End of story.

Ben Carson didn’t apply to West Point because, like The Nephew, clearly wasn’t interested in a military career. He was obviously intelligent and had the proper science and math bona fides.  West Point tried to recruit him, but he declined the appointment.  End of story.

Still, The Media is clamoring over this West Point non-story. Are they trying to prove that he’s anti-military?  That he wouldn’t make a good commander-in-chief?  That he’ll neglect the nation’s security?

More disconcerting are Carson’s own assertions that, as a teenager, he hit his mother on the head with a hammer, punched one friend in the face with a padlock and stabbed another. He says that he published those stories to illustrate his transformation when he converted to Christianity.

Strangely, the Media is snuffing out witnesses to these events like a bloodhound but claiming that they’ve lost the scent. Wouldn’t Carson’s own admission to these acts be enough to indict him at the Media tribunal?

Why would they try to prove those claims false? Why would they doubt a self-confession?  Bill Clinton admitted to puffing pot.  No one went in search of witnesses.  They gladly took his word for it.  The admission probably helped garner him the election.

Carson’s teenage stories are horrifying. You’d think The Media would want to play them up, witnesses or no witnesses.  Only a crackpot would make such an admission if they wanted to be elected to the highest office in the land.

Does the Media want to prove Carson doesn’t have a violent past? Or is it afraid to admit someone could be transformed by faith in Jesus Christ?  That would be a Media failure, indeed; a blasphemous admission by the secularist Media, which has set up the government as a false idol.

Carson robbed the Media of the thrill of the chase. He dug up all the bones for them and put them on prominent display on the altar of their arch-nemesis, Jesus Christ.

Just try to steal those bones.

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Christie Will Be Big Fish in Little Pond in Next Debate

It’s better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond, especially if you’re the Republican governor of a very blue little state.

Fox Business News Channel announced its line-up for the next GOP debate this coming Tuesday. Due to his low polling – 2.25 percent of the voters – Chris Christie fell into the under card debate pool.

Given that New Jersey is an extremely blue state (bluer now by three more seats in the Assembly after last Tuesday’s election, all in southern New Jersey), we’re in woefully poor financial conditions. The sagebrush is all but tumbling through the North’s formerly robust business sector, where empty office buildings sit forlornly empty which had once bustled with economic life

Exxon’s research and engineering facility in Madison was razed long ago to be replaced by a business conference center; its former international headquarters is locked up behind a gated fence. Companies are said to be reluctant to lease its Building B, where Sid Reso once presided over Exxon Company International.

The Bergen Record boasts that the latest election victory has given the Democrats their largest representation in the Assembly since 1991. Well, big deal.  When you’re already king of the hill, what difference does it make how big the hill is?

The Democrat’s vice grip on the assembly has ensured an exodus of businesses through their issuance of onerous regulations and business-wrecking corporate taxes. Workers have fled New Jersey in search of their jobs.  They’ve been replaced by condo developments filled with LILLs (Long Island Limousine Liberals) and Section Eighters.

Bergen County is already a one-party county and within a decade or so, New Jersey will be like the Communistwealth of Massachusetts to its northeast – hopelessly Socialist. As more Long Islanders and illegal immigrants pour in like concrete, Conservative Republicans will likely expire in their tar.

That is the economy Christie will be held accountable for in the fiscally-oriented Fox News Channel debate. Only three other candidates will be in the lower-tier debate and the main moderator will be fellow New Jersey resident Neil Cavuto.

There is no defense of New Jersey. In short, living in this miserable, once charmingly wooded (at least in the Northwest), overtaxed and overrun state is nothing to brag about anymore.  Christie’s position in the lower tier of the debate means he won’t have to defend his record against Conservative governors of economically-sound, Conservative states.

Christie is a tough guy willing to take anyone on, but he’s got to know that New Jersey, from an economic stand-point, is unstable ground on which to build an economic platform. In a less demanding forum, he’ll have a better chance of outlining what he was to accomplish in the state (i.e., battle the teacher’s union to at least a fiscal draw), the even worse condition New Jersey was in prior to his election, and exhort New Jerseyans to vote for fiscally responsible state representatives.

His campaign has also said that the governor will address his plan for sending first-time drug offenders to rehab rather than prison. In his town hall meetings, he’s stated that the deal is only for first-time offenders; fail a second time and you’ll be in the big house.

Treatment seems like a more practical approach to our drug problem. In jail, they only become more depressed and, being incarcerated in a place where drugs are even more rampant than they are on the street, their addiction will only grow worse.  Addiction is a mental illness, something along the lines of being a member of a cult.  Like listening to a cult leader, the only voice the addict hears is that of the drug dealer.  The only hope for a cure is advanced psychological treatment.

Christie is a natural on the stage, as he’s proven many times in his New Jersey town hall meetings. Although we Conservatives are not happy with his many Moderate stances, we must admit that if we had to have a Moderate president, Christie would be the choice.

If he can be as tough with Vladimir Putin as he is with agenda-head Liberals, he would make a good leader. He has to move beyond the ice cream cone-licking, hand-holding Hurricane Sandy scenes with Obama.  He has to prove that he’s no longer that guy.

In a crisis, we would much rather Christie tell Putin to pound some Jersey sand, than to walk hand-in-hand with him on some beach on the Black Sea.

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A Wake-Up Call for “The Media”

We have a newsflash for Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampbell, who opined in her column today that the GOP candidates “need the media as much as we in the media need them”:

We’re not living the Sixties; thanks to the Capitalist marketplace, many alternatives exist for Republican candidates to debate one another reasonably. The Washington Post is a for-profit organization (it was sold in 2013 to Jeffrey Bezos, owner of  The New York Times is on the NYSE.  So is The Record of Bergen County.  In short, you don’t give your news services away for free.  You may enjoy the freedom of speech; we equally enjoy the freedom of choice.

That means, from a financial perspective, they’re mortal. They depend upon ratings and revenue – and since the advent of cable and the Internet, they’ve discovered that they’re not immortal and omnipotent.  They have, to their dismay, competition.

She flatters herself and her kind in depicting the Republican candidates as prima donnas. No one who listened to the first sixty seconds of the CNBC debate could possibly have mistaken the moderators’ insulting, self-serving questions as “journalism.”

As Marco Rubio pointed out yesterday, their tactics deviated the purpose of the debate from a discovery of the candidates’ financial and economic positions. Within one minute, CNBC had violated its contract with the Republican party, insults, attempts at late night comedy and “gotcha” questions aside.

Every single candidate in that studio would have been able to answer “tough” questions, had they been asked any, or allowed to answer them without first having to respond to school bully taunts. Furthermore, the purpose of political debates must have transformed, indeed, if journalists think they’re role in the debates is to attack the candidates.

The purpose of the debates was for the candidates themselves to challenge one another, not get into mudslinging matches with rude adolescents. We, the Republican voters (and what business is any of this of the Democrats, may I ask?), wanted to hear from them, not your fellow Democrat party hacks, Ms. Rampell.

The unstated purposes of Ms. Rampbell’s accusations, by the way, are to discredit the competition, namely Fox News, as being partisan and throwing softball questions to the candidates and thereby, mislead the readers of such newspapers as The Bergen Record.  Ms. Rampbell must have mistaken the first Democrat debate for the Fox News debate, held by CNN.  The softballs were flying in Las Vegas, bouncing off Hillary’s demurely coiffed hairdo.

None of the Democrat debates, incidentally, will be aired by Fox News. Which network would be more likely to ask a Democrat candidate tough questions:  NBC News or Fox News?  Oh, and by the way, CNBC will not be airing one, single Democrat debate.  Why is that, Ms. Rampbell?  Don’t the Democrats trust CNBC?

She also insults the Republican voters by suggesting that we cannot discern a good candidate from office from an untrustworthy candidate, and that the Media can provide this role for us. What rubbish.

We’re just as capable of distinguishing a good candidate from a bad one, as we are able to distinguish a biased, antagonistic, and subjective debate panel which clearly has an agenda from a respectful, honest, and responsible panel who are servants of the truth, and thereby, the voters.

The political chasm in America is too great to be breached, to talk of compromise, or to expect fairness. On the one hand, we have a party that has embraced abortion, black liberation theology, wealth and property redistribution, homosexual marriages, and lawlessness.  Their stated aim is to destroy the suburbs and purge America of its rich Western European heritage.

On the other hand, we have a confused party of candidates disconnected from its adult base. That party finds itself losing election after election without understanding why its base is avoiding elections.

The answer is very simple: they’ve allowed the Democrats to pull their puppet strings through a considerable strength of media.  They’re just waking up to the fact that new means of communications have arisen which neither the government nor the Democrats (which are quickly merging) as yet control.

They no longer have to dance to the Democrats’ tune, Ms. Rampbell. In a primary election, there’s absolutely no good reason at all for them to “avail themselves” of a biased, Democrat-controlled press and media.

Thanks to the aforementioned cable and Internet breakthroughs, they have means available to get their messages across to their voters (that would be us, the Republicans, not you, the Democrats), debate one another, counter one another’s claims, and even answer direct questions from the electorate. We have a number of responsible media outlets at our disposal to challenge the candidates where they might be found wanting.

We are not like you Democrats, Ms. Rampbell. We don’t blindly support a candidate who has had legal challenges in the past, and is now under FBI investigation for mishandling top secret information that endangers our national security.  We not only take care of our own, but chastise them in the case of wrongdoing.

We don’t need The Media to settle the Republican Primary debates. We (the voters) don’t need your interference, your arrogance, or your mendacious raillery.  Over the past few days, since the CNBC debacle, we’ve begged our candidates not to solicit your services.

If it’s your votes which they’re seeking – a futile enterprise – then, I suppose, there’s no reasoning with them. They’re free agents and can do as they like.  We know they can handle your barbs; that’s not the point.  It’s just that it would be nice if they addressed themselves to us, for a change, heeded our calls and most of all, our greatest wish, put a period to Democrat dominance over political discourse.

If they desire our votes, our approval, our respect, the Republican candidates should not speak any longer of compromise with such duplicitous agents but shun them as one would a charlatan on the street offering up a game of One-Card Monty.

In the words of Eliza Doolittle: “We can do very well without you.”

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