Glenn Beck Offers GOP Alternative Debate Forum

Glenn Beck has gone where no alternative network broadcaster has gone before: he has invited the Republican Party to use his Blaze Network as a forum for a future 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Debate.

The GOP should waste no time in taking Beck up on his genuine offer. Beck has staffed his Blaze News Network with solid talent like Buck Sexton, who has serious national security bona fides.  Many of his guests boast of equally high credentials.

Chris Christie registered the only remark in favor of CNBC’s insult parody of a Republican Debate. He said that any candidate who couldn’t handle the heat shouldn’t be running for the office of the President of the United States.

No candidate should seriously balk at serious questions, certainly. Fox News’ moderators asked tough questions during their debate broadcast.  Megyn Kelly crossed the professional line in asking pointedly adversarial and even personal questions of Donald Trump.

She, and the CNBC moderators, overstepped their roles as moderators. Evidently, they were confused as to what their roles were and what the broadcast was all about.  Their job was not to “interrogate” the presidential candidates, or waterboard them or take snarky swipes at them.

Traditionally, a moderator asks the same neutral question of all the candidates – i.e., “Would you sign a bill repealing Obamacare?” – and then the moderators step back and allow the candidates to reply and duke it out with one another.

It’s one thing for one candidate to besmirch another; it’s quite another for the moderators to step out of their roles and become late-night talk show comedians. The proper place for journalistic antagonism is during a press conference or an interview, not a debate.  Doing so robs the candidates of their opportunity to challenge one another on genuine issues and the voters of hearing the candidates’ views as well as the counterpoint to those views.

Debating in the Democrats’ lion’s dens is pointless, as the GOP has rightly concluded. Bring on the tough questions, by all means.  Fox News has proven itself capable, though they might want to consider replacing Megyn Kelly with some other female talent with less of an axe to grind.

Chris Christie is welcome to take on the late night comedians; he’s more than capable of meeting their jibes, as his numerous New Jersey town hall meetings have proven. In his defense, let it be said once again that he was not ill-mannered to anyone except town hall trolls who were trying to usurp the agenda.  Christie was soundly applauded in every instance by the audiences who came to here Christie talk, not listen to a Liberal troll extemporize on global warming or social justice.

The Republican Party organizers cannot really be held responsible for the way the Democrat networks have conducted primary debates for decades. Until the advent of cable television, what choice did they have?

Now they do have a choice. They no longer need dance to the Democrat agenda.  Fox News is one excellent forum for Republicans to have an honest debate for the sake of their own voters, who hold the only stake in such a debate.

The Blaze, with a sizeable audience share, particularly of Conservative Republican voters, is now yet another choice, another forum from which Republicans can debate and select their future candidates for President of the United States.

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