Election Day 2016: Does It Matter?

This is a year of local elections. Traditionally, the local elections have the lowest turn-out.  Voters know less about the guy running for town council than they do the reality television star/billionaire running for president.

You should care, though. If you live in Bloomingdale (in New Jersey), you should care because there’s a battle going on over the Federal Hill tract.  Vote for the Republicans and you might just stop Tilcon from mining away the entire hill over the next century.  Vote for the Democrats, who aren’t talking, and you can pretty much figure on the hills being flattened to make way for Obama’s Affordable Housing, Social Justice, and Liberal Litter.

If you live in Pompton Lakes, on the other side of the hill, you should care about the Tilcon Mining tract, too, because the iron ore deposits are landing on your cars, houses, and kids. You can’t vote in Bloomingdale, of course.  But you can write letters to the local newspaper.

Pompton Lakers also have the issue of the rezoning of the flood map. If you wind up on the wrong side of that map – and thanks to the reengineering of the Pompton Falls Dam, many of you will – you can plan on budgeting a couple of hundred dollars more a month for flood insurance.

The fact is, the Socialists don’t want you there. They’ve raised Pompton Lakes’ taxes astronomically, which predominately pay for the town’s schools and the teachers’ pensions.  Pompton Lakes is a test case for the sustainable communities agenda.  Using climatology pretext, nearly all of Pompton Lakes will become a flood zone.  Houses will be either bought or built up, both expensive propositions.

Then, the excrescent population of the inner cities will bring their urban blight to the suburbs. It’s already thriving in Pompton Lakes and has made its way even into the tony, tree-lined streets of Pompton Plains (look for the napkins, Pequannock detectives, and bicycles at midnight; aren’t you curious where they’re pedaling to at that hour?).

So get out and vote today, Suburbanites. It matters; trust us (the Tea Party).  We know you’re busy with the kids, but we’ve been paying attention for you.

All eyes are on the Big One next year. Obama, stealing Chris Christie’s line, jabbed at the Republicans for whining about the debate format, noting that if they can’t deal with some idiotic moderators, how are they going to deal with Vladimir Putin?

Excuse moi? “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election?” Apparently, even Obama’s writers can’t improve upon Chris Christie so they had to steal his line.  Didn’t work out so well for Obama, all things considered.  But good for Chris Christie.  He’s one funny guy.  He could handle himself in the Liberal Follies and then some.  Listen, you’ve got to be pretty good if the opposition president steals your lines.  Christie’s from New Jersey – that’s says it all.

The candidates are welcome to go on any late night comedy show they like if they want to prove their mettle with the wags. Donald Trump is going to be on Saturday Night Live.  If he feels up to running the gauntlet, good for him.

There’s nothing new about satirists. It’s just not the job of debate moderators, that’s all.  Nor should the GOP or the RNP attempt to “negotiate” terms of the debate with any network.  Moderators should behave professionally and with neutrality, not hee-haw like talk show comedians.  The candidates have every right to expect professionalism from the moderators.  This should be a non-negotiable item.  It shouldn’t even be an issue.  Or a question.

The polls are wavering between Donald Trump and Ben Carson, two of the most unlikely presidential candidates you could imagine, and about as disparate as two men on the same political side could be.

So what is it really about Donald Trump that’s attracting so many of the voters. An article in the Oct. 19, 2015 issue of National Review magazine, written by Richard Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru, points out that “Trump has been leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination for months, and he basically never says ‘freedom’ or liberty.’  He gives no indication of caring about the Constitution.”  On Fox News, he took the careful stance that he would not cut the major entitlements, Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security needs no “cutting”; it’s already bankrupt.  However, NR is correct – Trump does not come across as a Conservative.  Which is why many evangelical Conservatives are turning to Dr. Ben Carson, instead.

Probably the number one reason voters are polling for Trump is that he is rich and can’t be bought by lobbyists. Trump admits that he buys and sells lobbyists for lunch.  He’s also outspoken and that’s enough for voters weary of establishment politicians caught up in the nuclear power plant of Congress.

Carson espouses more of the Tea Party values. He’s spoken of the Constitution and freedom and liberty.  To those who don’t need or care for bombastic shouting, the mild-mannered, soft-spoken Carson is their guy.

The question is will Trump overshoot and Carson undershoot in a debate with the presumed (and seemingly already-coronated) Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton? Clinton is a wily lawyer and not above using feminine body language (batting her eyes, gushing girlishly, smiling smarmily) to win what is supposed to be an intellectual debate.  Trump will melt and Carson will back off from any well-deserved attacks.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Four other outstanding candidates, all better suited to debating such an opponent are still waiting in the wings: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, and Chris Christie.  Cruz and Rubio are both younger.  Cruz is certainly not afraid of her.  He’s been in the Senate and knows how to debate.  He carries the “baggage” of the government shutdown attempt, which was fodder for the press and his opponents on both sides of the aisle, but more or less what the voters really wanted.

Rubio is the handsomest of the quartet. Clinton’s eye batting and other feminine wiles will not avail her in a battle against youth.

Carly Fiorina has the Girl Factor going for her. She’s every bit as smart as Clinton.  Some are worried about her looks.  Her looks are fine.  But she needs to tamp down the nervous movements and hold her head still before the camera.  In terms of experience and policy, she’s got everything going for her.  She just needs to put on her best spiked heels and start hammering Hillary.  Now.

That’s what Chris Christie has been doing, hammering the current administration, under whom Hillary has served, badly, and keeping her record before the public. War is coming and in terms of display of pure physical force and determination, Christie’s the go-to guy.  He has to account for the mess that is New Jersey.  His team should consider putting New Jersey residents in his advertisements who can testify what a truly awful Blue this state is.

Just ask them who drove away the businesses and their jobs? Gov. Christie?  Or the primarily Democrat New Jersey legislature responsible for the overburdening taxes and regulations that made New Jersey an impossible state in which to do business?

His compromising attitude has angered Conservatives, which could cost him the Republican nomination. That’s too bad, because Christie is Donald Trump light.  All the outspokenness we need without the bombast.  If he can overcome the bad press and understand that compromise is exactly what America does not need, he might just stand a chance.  But he’s stubborn and probably will stick to his compromises.

Although he did steer well clear of licking Obama’s ice cream cone yesterday when Obama came to New Jersey to bash the police.

We have some good choices, then, in the upcoming primary. Let us choose wisely.

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