A Wake-Up Call for “The Media”

We have a newsflash for Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampbell, who opined in her column today that the GOP candidates “need the media as much as we in the media need them”:

We’re not living the Sixties; thanks to the Capitalist marketplace, many alternatives exist for Republican candidates to debate one another reasonably. The Washington Post is a for-profit organization (it was sold in 2013 to Jeffrey Bezos, owner of Amazon.com).  The New York Times is on the NYSE.  So is The Record of Bergen County.  In short, you don’t give your news services away for free.  You may enjoy the freedom of speech; we equally enjoy the freedom of choice.

That means, from a financial perspective, they’re mortal. They depend upon ratings and revenue – and since the advent of cable and the Internet, they’ve discovered that they’re not immortal and omnipotent.  They have, to their dismay, competition.

She flatters herself and her kind in depicting the Republican candidates as prima donnas. No one who listened to the first sixty seconds of the CNBC debate could possibly have mistaken the moderators’ insulting, self-serving questions as “journalism.”

As Marco Rubio pointed out yesterday, their tactics deviated the purpose of the debate from a discovery of the candidates’ financial and economic positions. Within one minute, CNBC had violated its contract with the Republican party, insults, attempts at late night comedy and “gotcha” questions aside.

Every single candidate in that studio would have been able to answer “tough” questions, had they been asked any, or allowed to answer them without first having to respond to school bully taunts. Furthermore, the purpose of political debates must have transformed, indeed, if journalists think they’re role in the debates is to attack the candidates.

The purpose of the debates was for the candidates themselves to challenge one another, not get into mudslinging matches with rude adolescents. We, the Republican voters (and what business is any of this of the Democrats, may I ask?), wanted to hear from them, not your fellow Democrat party hacks, Ms. Rampell.

The unstated purposes of Ms. Rampbell’s accusations, by the way, are to discredit the competition, namely Fox News, as being partisan and throwing softball questions to the candidates and thereby, mislead the readers of such newspapers as The Bergen Record.  Ms. Rampbell must have mistaken the first Democrat debate for the Fox News debate, held by CNN.  The softballs were flying in Las Vegas, bouncing off Hillary’s demurely coiffed hairdo.

None of the Democrat debates, incidentally, will be aired by Fox News. Which network would be more likely to ask a Democrat candidate tough questions:  NBC News or Fox News?  Oh, and by the way, CNBC will not be airing one, single Democrat debate.  Why is that, Ms. Rampbell?  Don’t the Democrats trust CNBC?

She also insults the Republican voters by suggesting that we cannot discern a good candidate from office from an untrustworthy candidate, and that the Media can provide this role for us. What rubbish.

We’re just as capable of distinguishing a good candidate from a bad one, as we are able to distinguish a biased, antagonistic, and subjective debate panel which clearly has an agenda from a respectful, honest, and responsible panel who are servants of the truth, and thereby, the voters.

The political chasm in America is too great to be breached, to talk of compromise, or to expect fairness. On the one hand, we have a party that has embraced abortion, black liberation theology, wealth and property redistribution, homosexual marriages, and lawlessness.  Their stated aim is to destroy the suburbs and purge America of its rich Western European heritage.

On the other hand, we have a confused party of candidates disconnected from its adult base. That party finds itself losing election after election without understanding why its base is avoiding elections.

The answer is very simple: they’ve allowed the Democrats to pull their puppet strings through a considerable strength of media.  They’re just waking up to the fact that new means of communications have arisen which neither the government nor the Democrats (which are quickly merging) as yet control.

They no longer have to dance to the Democrats’ tune, Ms. Rampbell. In a primary election, there’s absolutely no good reason at all for them to “avail themselves” of a biased, Democrat-controlled press and media.

Thanks to the aforementioned cable and Internet breakthroughs, they have means available to get their messages across to their voters (that would be us, the Republicans, not you, the Democrats), debate one another, counter one another’s claims, and even answer direct questions from the electorate. We have a number of responsible media outlets at our disposal to challenge the candidates where they might be found wanting.

We are not like you Democrats, Ms. Rampbell. We don’t blindly support a candidate who has had legal challenges in the past, and is now under FBI investigation for mishandling top secret information that endangers our national security.  We not only take care of our own, but chastise them in the case of wrongdoing.

We don’t need The Media to settle the Republican Primary debates. We (the voters) don’t need your interference, your arrogance, or your mendacious raillery.  Over the past few days, since the CNBC debacle, we’ve begged our candidates not to solicit your services.

If it’s your votes which they’re seeking – a futile enterprise – then, I suppose, there’s no reasoning with them. They’re free agents and can do as they like.  We know they can handle your barbs; that’s not the point.  It’s just that it would be nice if they addressed themselves to us, for a change, heeded our calls and most of all, our greatest wish, put a period to Democrat dominance over political discourse.

If they desire our votes, our approval, our respect, the Republican candidates should not speak any longer of compromise with such duplicitous agents but shun them as one would a charlatan on the street offering up a game of One-Card Monty.

In the words of Eliza Doolittle: “We can do very well without you.”

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