Christie Will Be Big Fish in Little Pond in Next Debate

It’s better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond, especially if you’re the Republican governor of a very blue little state.

Fox Business News Channel announced its line-up for the next GOP debate this coming Tuesday. Due to his low polling – 2.25 percent of the voters – Chris Christie fell into the under card debate pool.

Given that New Jersey is an extremely blue state (bluer now by three more seats in the Assembly after last Tuesday’s election, all in southern New Jersey), we’re in woefully poor financial conditions. The sagebrush is all but tumbling through the North’s formerly robust business sector, where empty office buildings sit forlornly empty which had once bustled with economic life

Exxon’s research and engineering facility in Madison was razed long ago to be replaced by a business conference center; its former international headquarters is locked up behind a gated fence. Companies are said to be reluctant to lease its Building B, where Sid Reso once presided over Exxon Company International.

The Bergen Record boasts that the latest election victory has given the Democrats their largest representation in the Assembly since 1991. Well, big deal.  When you’re already king of the hill, what difference does it make how big the hill is?

The Democrat’s vice grip on the assembly has ensured an exodus of businesses through their issuance of onerous regulations and business-wrecking corporate taxes. Workers have fled New Jersey in search of their jobs.  They’ve been replaced by condo developments filled with LILLs (Long Island Limousine Liberals) and Section Eighters.

Bergen County is already a one-party county and within a decade or so, New Jersey will be like the Communistwealth of Massachusetts to its northeast – hopelessly Socialist. As more Long Islanders and illegal immigrants pour in like concrete, Conservative Republicans will likely expire in their tar.

That is the economy Christie will be held accountable for in the fiscally-oriented Fox News Channel debate. Only three other candidates will be in the lower-tier debate and the main moderator will be fellow New Jersey resident Neil Cavuto.

There is no defense of New Jersey. In short, living in this miserable, once charmingly wooded (at least in the Northwest), overtaxed and overrun state is nothing to brag about anymore.  Christie’s position in the lower tier of the debate means he won’t have to defend his record against Conservative governors of economically-sound, Conservative states.

Christie is a tough guy willing to take anyone on, but he’s got to know that New Jersey, from an economic stand-point, is unstable ground on which to build an economic platform. In a less demanding forum, he’ll have a better chance of outlining what he was to accomplish in the state (i.e., battle the teacher’s union to at least a fiscal draw), the even worse condition New Jersey was in prior to his election, and exhort New Jerseyans to vote for fiscally responsible state representatives.

His campaign has also said that the governor will address his plan for sending first-time drug offenders to rehab rather than prison. In his town hall meetings, he’s stated that the deal is only for first-time offenders; fail a second time and you’ll be in the big house.

Treatment seems like a more practical approach to our drug problem. In jail, they only become more depressed and, being incarcerated in a place where drugs are even more rampant than they are on the street, their addiction will only grow worse.  Addiction is a mental illness, something along the lines of being a member of a cult.  Like listening to a cult leader, the only voice the addict hears is that of the drug dealer.  The only hope for a cure is advanced psychological treatment.

Christie is a natural on the stage, as he’s proven many times in his New Jersey town hall meetings. Although we Conservatives are not happy with his many Moderate stances, we must admit that if we had to have a Moderate president, Christie would be the choice.

If he can be as tough with Vladimir Putin as he is with agenda-head Liberals, he would make a good leader. He has to move beyond the ice cream cone-licking, hand-holding Hurricane Sandy scenes with Obama.  He has to prove that he’s no longer that guy.

In a crisis, we would much rather Christie tell Putin to pound some Jersey sand, than to walk hand-in-hand with him on some beach on the Black Sea.

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