What’s the Point in Carson West Point Story?

We don’t get it in my family. What’s the big deal about the Ben Carson West Point story?  Is it because he used the word “scholarship” instead of “appointment” in his autobiography?

My nephew, who turns 27 this week, was offered an appointment to West Point when he graduated from high school. He had the grades, the intelligence, and all the STEM requirements.

However, The Nephew wasn’t interested in a military career. The Army, for its part, doesn’t want candidates who don’t want to be in the Army.  Many West Point graduates go on to great things.  But that career path wasn’t for my nephew.

End of story.

Ben Carson didn’t apply to West Point because, like The Nephew, clearly wasn’t interested in a military career. He was obviously intelligent and had the proper science and math bona fides.  West Point tried to recruit him, but he declined the appointment.  End of story.

Still, The Media is clamoring over this West Point non-story. Are they trying to prove that he’s anti-military?  That he wouldn’t make a good commander-in-chief?  That he’ll neglect the nation’s security?

More disconcerting are Carson’s own assertions that, as a teenager, he hit his mother on the head with a hammer, punched one friend in the face with a padlock and stabbed another. He says that he published those stories to illustrate his transformation when he converted to Christianity.

Strangely, the Media is snuffing out witnesses to these events like a bloodhound but claiming that they’ve lost the scent. Wouldn’t Carson’s own admission to these acts be enough to indict him at the Media tribunal?

Why would they try to prove those claims false? Why would they doubt a self-confession?  Bill Clinton admitted to puffing pot.  No one went in search of witnesses.  They gladly took his word for it.  The admission probably helped garner him the election.

Carson’s teenage stories are horrifying. You’d think The Media would want to play them up, witnesses or no witnesses.  Only a crackpot would make such an admission if they wanted to be elected to the highest office in the land.

Does the Media want to prove Carson doesn’t have a violent past? Or is it afraid to admit someone could be transformed by faith in Jesus Christ?  That would be a Media failure, indeed; a blasphemous admission by the secularist Media, which has set up the government as a false idol.

Carson robbed the Media of the thrill of the chase. He dug up all the bones for them and put them on prominent display on the altar of their arch-nemesis, Jesus Christ.

Just try to steal those bones.

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