Veterans Day 2015 and the Can’t-Do Rand Paul Rant

What’s so “Conservative,” what’s so “patriotic” about spending billions of dollars on defense, Republican primary candidate Rand Paul wanted to know at last night’s GOP Primary Debate, aired by Fox Business Channel, when you know you can’t pay it back and will wreck the country’s economy?

Marco Rubio retorted what’s so patriotic about refusing to budget the money to defend your country?

Spending thousands of dollars on a natural gas station for a nation that doesn’t have normal cars much less technically-advanced vehicles that run on natural gas doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Helping them create a cricket team might help win over the locals you’re trying to help.

However, countless intelligence officers and generals over the last decade or so shook their heads of the notion of trying to bring order to the tribal-oriented Middle East (or any other Third World backwater).  Winston Churchill.  Norman Schwarzkopff.  Oliver North.  David Petraeus.

Even Erwin Rommel, the famed leader of the German Afrika Korps Panzer Divisions in North Africa in World War II doubted the wisdom of attempting to conquer the Middle East, wasting numerous German lives on a country (Libya) they couldn’t possibly hold.  He was finally given the famed “poison pill” for having a “defeatist” attitude about Germany’s chances of winning the war.

In embarking on yet another attempt to bring peace to the Middle East, no one bothered to ask whether the warring tribes of Arabia and the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan were capable of democracy.  They would have to be willing to put aside their tribal differences and unite for the sake of their nation.

With little money, surviving on subsistence farming, peasants are barely looking past their families’ present needs, much less taking on the world.  They’re hardly worried about whether the United States or Russia, Iran or Turkey is going to overpower their country.  The warriors in the next village are trouble enough.

Still, the Taliban, and now ISIS, is wreaking havoc on those illiterate populations, who have no notion of Sharia law, probably don’t want it, and are terrified of the thugs intimidating them into submission to it.  They can’t trust their governments.  They can’t trust the inhabitants of the larger cities.  They certainly don’t trust the gangsters robbing them and pushing off their land.

But they also don’t put much trust in the promises of a foreign land that more often than not, comes for a little while, pushes the troublemakers under the rug (without seizing their arms), pats itself on the back for the victory, and goes home.

That’s what happens when we don’t back the military financially.  Certainly the Pentagon needs to be held accountable for corruption and wasteful spending.  What agency in Washington doesn’t?

We need to invest in our military.  We need to invest in up-to-date weaponry and technology.  As Rommel observed of Germany, both the Germans and the British were fighting the last war.  Their highest-ranking commanders were too conservative and constrained their fighting forces to rules of war that no longer applied.  Lack of flexibility and over-cautiousness and slow, bureaucratic orders that had to run up the ladder, salute the flag, and come back down to the troop level with the commands cost numerous lives on the battlefield.

Rommel, who initially admired Hitler for his stance against the Communists, came to realize that Hitler was a monster who burnt civilians in ovens and cared nothing about the troops.  Or at least the sycophants with whom he surrounded himself didn’t care.

Our own vicious traitor-in-chief cares even less for the American military than Hitler care for his troops.  Obama is responsible for reducing our naval fleet, our air force, and our artillery.  He’s content to merely conduct an air war against the Islamic enemy.  He’s the Dr. Frankenstein who helped create ISIS and now it seems he’s gotten the result he wanted:  “war refugees” – millions of them, pouring over the borders of Western Europe.

When these swarms, with their unassailable war refugee status are finished transmogrifying Europe into a European caliphate, they will come here.  Many are already here, along with the millions of Central and South American illegal immigrants.

What to do about them?  According to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush, there’s nothing we can do about them.  John Kacich got out his Liberal violin:  “Oh, the poor children!!”  We’re supposed to face the fact that there here and to deport them would be a disaster.

Leave it to Donald Trump to remind them that Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower deported some 4 to 5 million illegal aliens.  His predecessor, Harry S. Truman also deported millions of illegal immigrants.

What’s so tough about it, really?  The candidates can hardly complain about the cost of deporting them compared to the cost of absorbing them and feeding, housing, educating and hospitalizing them.  Airline tickets are cheap.  Cargo ships, even cheaper.  Some came in cargo ships; they can go back in cargo ships.

Deporting the illegal immigrants is rather like cleaning out an overstuffed closet.  When you open the closet door, the task seems daunting.  Boxes are stacked to the ceiling, filled with clothes you haven’t worn in decades.  VHS tapes you don’t even have the machine to play them on anymore.  Shoes whose rubber soles have worn and disintegrate upon examination.

First you look at the dresser drawers filled with your spring and summer clothes.  There you find spring tops you haven’t worn since you were in your Thirties.  Instead of holding onto them out of sentimentality, you stuff them into a storage bag rather than the closet.  There – you’ve cleared some space.

We have detention centers all over the country filled with illegal immigrants all ready to ship out.  Since the minor children aren’t of age, send them henceforth with their illegal parents.  Since it’s a government detention center, there’ll be no media around to advertise their deportation.

Next, you begin to tackle the closet itself.  What do we find here?  Welfare recipients.  Cancel their welfare checks.  They’ll either self-deport (as Trump put it) when they find the spigot has stopped flowing.  Or they’ll come to find where the check is and when they do, invite them to step into the waiting bus that will take them to their meal ticket – the now empty detention center.

From the detention center, it’s a short hop to the airline and adios! to another load of illegal immigrants.

But the job isn’t over.  Why, there’s another box marked illegal workers.  After investigating the companies that are hiring these workers through independent agencies, tell the companies that either they turn over the illegals or face enough fines that will shut the shop permanently.

Their kids?  How to get them so they’re not left behind, the poor little dears?  Why don’t you know?  The Liberals invented a wonderful holiday called, “Take Your Daughters (and Sons) to Work Day, usually the third week in April.  The whole family will pretty be together.  Pull the bus up and take them on a special field trip to the detention center.  Their flight is waiting.

Finally, there’s a nasty box way in back that you’ve been ignoring for years.  In it are the dregs of illegal alien humanity – the drug dealers, weapons smugglers, prostitutes, and all-around bad guys.

By this time, the Media will have caught on and you can allow them into the detention center to take photos as the drug dealers are herded onto planes back to prisons in their own countries.

Meanwhile, we will have been paying attention to our borders and built that wall that Donald Trump has spoken about.  Hadrian built a wall.  China built an enormous wall, which you can see from space.  Morocco built a wall.  Israel has built a wall.   They’re all still standing.  So why can’t the greatest nation in the world build a wall.

We also must tighten our airport security.  We must deal with the corruption involved.  We must not allow foreigners or foreign nationals to have any positions whatsoever in our airport.  Not security.  Not check-in.  Not flight administration.  And certainly not as baggage handlers.

There.  That will prevent more boxes from accumulating.

As for illegal immigrants who have overstayed their visas, the states must take up the task of investigating these cases rather than federal government.  Many hands make light work.  Some may have legitimate reasons for wanting to remain.  Renew their visitors’ visas, but insist that they must reapply for citizenship.

There.  Now the closet, while not completely empty, is better organized.  Legitimate immigrants will have an easier time getting their applications approved because, once the illegal immigrants are removed, and we’re no longer wasting time and money tending to them, the process should be smoother.  The taxpayers will also have less of a tax burden and will have a better chance at getting a job.

Speaking of taxpayers, most of the candidates were in favor of cutting taxes down to a flat rate, at various percentages.  More critical candidates complained that we then wouldn’t have the money to support our military, to say nothing of the entitlement programs like Social Security (which is already bankrupt, Carly Fiorina) and Medicare.

They illustrate why such Socialist programs are dangerous to the economy; voters become addicted to them, dependent upon them, and then you can’t eliminate them.

If someone would just have the courage to cut the taxes on businesses (why didn’t anyone mention cutting the capital gains tax, by the way, and the death tax?), a booming economy would great a whole new phalanx of taxpayers.  The tax rate, even though cut to a flat rate, would still produce enough revenue to support the most necessary programs.  Those voters would hopefully have enough sense to vote for representatives who would eliminate the unnecessary, pork-laden programs.

You probably wouldn’t be able to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service altogether.  Someone has to collect the taxes.  But they’d have much less to do and with the advances in technology, we wouldn’t need so many of them to do it.

I’d like to be a taxpayer again.  I think the other 15 million (that’s the current number)  long-term unemployed workers would be happy to have the chance to fill out that 1040 form once again.  The national debt is six times the complete revenue which the federal government takes in.  Cutting spending would help alleviate that debt.  Creating more jobs and more taxpayers, productive citizens, would help ease the burden.  And protecting ourselves from an invasion of illegal immigrants intent on overrunning and collapsing our economy would ensure our security as a nation as well.

Finally, when the new president is considering the budget that a hopefully Conservative Congress sends him or her, let us pray that it contains a few more digits for the veteran’s budget.  When Congress first planned for caring for veterans, the life-expectancy rate was much lower.  In short, they didn’t expect them to live to be 85, 90, and even 100.

The treatment of these aged veterans is disgraceful.  Patients wait months just for an appointment to see a doctor and that wait another period for the actual treatment.  Many patients have been known to die while waiting for treatment.  Is that how the government plans to treat our 21 million veterans?  Hope they die of neglect and reduce the surplus veteran population?

In 2013, the government allocated $52 million for the medical care of veterans; it allocated $497 million for Medicare and $358 million for Medicaid and.  That’s 57 million Medicare enrollees (in 2015 numbers) and 77 million Medicaid recipients, some of whom are unemployed workers who were ineligible for “Obamacare.”

Forgive your blogger, who’s not a statistician, but if my poor math works out correctly, the figures come to about $8.70 per Medicare enrollee, $4.60 per Medicaid recipient, and $2.50 per veteran.  Now, Mom (who’s 91) receives, as a veteran’s widow Tricare in addition to Medicare, so perhaps Veterans receive Medicare in addition to their Tricare.

But that $2.50 seems like a paltry sum for someone who risked their life for a freedom and maybe lost multiple limbs from bombs in Iraq or Vietnam or lost their sight or is otherwise disabled from service to their country.

If we make the investment up front to protect our soldiers, as nearly as is possible in war, from harm (better armor, better weapons, better technology, better vehicles), give our commanders better training for and more discretion in the battles in which they find themselves, at least we will have the satisfaction that our money was better spent.

Better armor and technology, more vehicles and supplies, less bureaucracy and political warriors (of both parties), and more competent, credible intelligence and support for that intelligence in the build-up to an engagement will equal fewer body bags at the end of the engagement.

Thank you, veterans, for all you’ve done and all you’ve sacrificed for freedom.

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