We Americans Know Who We Are, “Mr. President”

Obama says, regarding the immigration of Syrian “refugees” – and illegal Mexicans, Chinese, and a whole multicultural panoply of other illegal immigrants who come from countries where they’ve been indoctrinated into hating freedom and worshipping oligarchies – that our “inhumane” opposition to their admittance into our nation is somehow unworthy of our immigrant heritage.


“We’re better than that,” he charges.


Has Obama ever heard of Ellis Island or Castle Clinton?  Has he ever been there?  Immigrants of the 19th Century wishing to enter the country had to prove that they A) had money; B) had a trade or skill, some means of earning an honest living; C) had someplace to live; D) someone to sponsor them if they didn’t; E) had no communicable diseases.


Failing any one of those requirements would have guaranteed the immigrant a one-way ticket back to the home country.  In order to become a citizen, they had to follow-up on the job skills and learn to speak English.  Failure to comply would put them on the next boat to whatever country from which they had come.


We certainly were better at protecting our borders and the resident population back then.  Other nations couldn’t simply dump their surplus population on our shores, in spite of what Emma Lazarus’ progressive poem stated.  Political refugees could come here, on the condition that they meet all the requirements and assimilate into America’s culture.


Since 1965, those rules have “progressively” vanished.  Anchor babies, upon reaching adulthood can sponsor an extended family reunion here in the land of E Pluribus Unum (that’s out of many, one – not out of one, many).  But the malapropism of this phrase may be the new normal.  Our united states have been riven by centralized bureaucracy, political policing of speech, minority privilege, and outright defiance of the U.S. Constitution.


These days, America is more “pluribus” than “unum” – and with the invasion of so-called Syrian refugees we’re about to become even more “pluribus.”


The sad fact of the matter is our Millenial generation has been indoctrinated into the belief that we deserve our fate.  We deserve to have Islamic State jihadists swarming our streets, threatening our large entertainment venues and shopping meccas, and machine-gunning our smaller, urban cafes, bars, nightclubs, and fast-food restaurants.


Cities are where the greatest number of young people can be located, but Americans shouldn’t necessarily breathe a sigh of relief.  Muslims are already here, in great numbers.  They’ve been here for about 20 years or more, having arrived during the Bill Clinton immigrant invasion.


About half the state governors have already refused to accept the Syrian refugees.  But once the illegal immigrants arrive in the Liberal states, there will be nothing to stop them from crossing state borders, where they can mingle with the in situ Muslim communities.  That’s how Mohammed Atta did it.  He was all over the place in northern New Jersey, using the city of Paterson, which already had a sizeable Muslim community, as his New Jersey base of operations.  The town of Bloomingdale, about ten miles to the north of Paterson, had a smaller community of Muslims, and West Milford featured a little-used airport.  Those who saw him think that’s what he was doing here – hiding out and getting assistance.


Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed Atta thought big, as in the World Trade Center.  These Islamic State thugs think big, too.  But they think big in terms of larger numbers of small operatives.  Draw and quarter Giants Stadium, for instance.  Four terrorists, one stadium, lots of dead people.  If they can get through the gates.


Meanwhile, although East Rutherford isn’t exactly like Paris, the terrorists could wreak a good deal of havoc with East Rutherford’s emergency response team.  The Paris terrorists chose about five targets approximately four to five miles away from the stadium.


We don’t want to help the terrorists too much – Obama is already doing too much of that – but let’s just say that with the Meadowlands Complex, the terrorists don’t really have to travel four miles to achieve their diverse, chaotic goal.  That’s what’s wrong, you ridiculous urban planners with putting everything and everyone in one single location.


Pres. Eisenhower, the general who won World War II, knew that all too well.  That’s why he encouraged suburban development and spread everyone out, so they wouldn’t be targets.  That was some 60 years ago when Eisenhower developed the interstate highway system.  The Progressives needed to figure out how to counter the natural protection northern New Jersey enjoyed in case of a nuclear attack.


The outskirts of Hiroshima and Nagaski enjoyed that same hilly protection, which also increased the destruction of the cities.  The Hiroshima bomb only reached about one percent of its potential, one percent being all the fissionable nuclear material that exploded.  Not to worry, though; the Democrat mayor of Bloomingdale, who was re-elected thanks to those newly-imported Long Island Limousine Liberals now living in Avalon Bay, has given license to Tilcon, the owner of the quarry, to flatten the granite-laden hills that protect the town.


What’s nice is, though, that Avalon Bay will be the first to go, being the eastern-most residences in the town.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Liberals.  If the local Muslims don’t get them first.


Everywhere you find Liberals, oddly enough, you’re going to find Islamists.  They hate us Conservatives, too.  However, we rarely collect ourselves in large groups, being that we’re anti-collectivist.  That’s why don’t often see the Tea Party anymore in its large gatherings.  It’s just not us.  We simply adopted a Liberal protest method for the sake of expediency in 2009.


Our Tea Party advice to tavern owners would be this:  arm yourselves.  Nightclub owners, barkeeps, café owners had best get themselves long guns to protect their patrons and their properties.  By the time law enforcement gets there, you’ll be picking up your patrons and your glasses with a broom and a dust pan.

Your business insurance probably doesn’t cover terrorist attacks; insurance companies saw the terrorist light back in 2001 and wrote their business and even homeowner policies accordingly.  Too bad our government didn’t see the future in the same light.


Insurance companies believed future terrorist attacks on American soil were in the cards.  Why didn’t our current president?


Maybe that’s because he’s one of them.  Syria has been a terrorist training ground for decades.  The KGB conveniently located itself in Cairo, Egypt, where they used Syria as a training ground for Palestinian terrorists.  The Soviet Union may have disappeared, but its goals, like its Middle East proteges, simply adopted a different identity. Another favorite KGB location was Mexico City, and another, Stockholm, Sweden.


Vladimir Lenin may not have invented terrorism.  However, he certainly put it to good use in the furtherance of Communism.  He considered terrorism to be the chief, and in fact, only way to hold the Communist state together.  Lenin cared not for “The People” but for the oligarchy, the elite, who ruled them.


The current Vlad holds the same view and so does Obama.  Obama is allowing people who openly hate America to overrun our borders and our culture.  Then he has the nerve to lecture us about our immigrant heritage.


Our forefathers and mothers came to America because they loved it, not hated it.  They came here to build their lives in freedom, not to tear freedom and opportunity down.  Did you know that the Russian people, within a decade or less, came to despise Communism?  By the time they realized their mistake, it was too late:  the Chekists, the secret police, were in charge.


America’s Communist-in-Chief knows precisely what he’s doing, as American Communists (like Barney Frank) did before him, laying out the foundation for America’s demise.  We Americans know who we are, Barack Hussein Obama.  The question is:  who are you?  Or rather, what are you?


The terrorists aren’t coming; they’re already here and more are on their way from Syria.  Our Conservative representatives will do what they can to prevent another calamity like 9/11 or the recent Paris attacks.  Or the downing of the Russian airliner.  Or the Charlie Hebdo murders.  Or the London bombings in 2005.


Well, you get the picture.  Obama is primarily a basketball fan.  However, if he shows up for a major league football game at a stadium near you, run for it!







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