The New Class of University of Missouri 2016

In the end, the New Class of Mizzou couldn’t even get their Hate Group symbols right.  The Swastika is the symbol of the Nazi – or here in America, the Neo-Nazi – movement.  The Ku Klux Klan uses a burning cross.


While the Neo-Nazis have little love for Blacks, Negroes are not at the very top of their Hate list.  That designation is reserved for Jews.  The rest – Catholics, Blacks, and other assorted foreigners – follow in no particular order.  The Ku Klux Klan, on the other hand, created just after the Civil War, has a special place in their evil hearts for the hatred of Blacks.  They are suspicious of others, including the Jews.  But their hatred burns hottest for African-Americans.


Having its origin in the farms and plantations of the South, the Klan used a symbol appropriate for such rural societies, where neighbors resided some distance apart.  Thus, they used the burning cross to mark their targets which could be seen for some miles.


The Nazis are strictly urban sect of hatred, forming in the industrialized cities of Germany, where Communists were attempting to unionize the work force.  The Nazis outdid the Communists in infiltrating Western Europe with their particular hatred.  Those books you see burning in German propaganda films are all communist tomes.


The German populace, at first, fell in with this line of thinking.  The German farmers didn’t want to suffer the fate of the Ukraine (or for that matter, the Irish of the 19th Century), having their farms seized and left to starve by communal ideology.


Once the war began, however, some Germans, most notably Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox”, who was a personal confidante of Adolf Hitler’s (Hitler liked Rommel’s common man demeanor), began to see the darkness of Hitler’s mind, and more especially, of his inner circle, his sycophants.  Rommel defied Hitler’s orders and dared to tell the Fuerher that the war was already lost.


Privately, Hitler admitted as much to Rommel, but doubted the West, particular Gen. Eisenhower, would agree to any terms of peace with him.  Hitler’s Secret Service was rightly feared even by the German military.


Anyone who countered Hitler’s commands or showed a defeatist attitude could on imprisonment, beating, torture, and finally, death.  Because he was Hitler’s favorite, and because the SS would threaten even Rommel’s distant relatives, he was given the choice of prison or suicide by poison pill.  Rommel chose the latter and was given a funeral with full military honors.


The Nazis were defeated.  The Soviet Union was granted Poland, Eastern Europe, and the eastern half of Germany as a reward for its alliance with the West.  We would pay a great price for that partnership during the Cold War.


Hitler wanted to force Europe to become German.  He knew he didn’t have the means to conquer Africa and the Middle East, much less America.  Lenin wanted to make the whole world Communist and his preferred method was terror.  Mass terror.  He encouraged terrorism on a world-wide scale and his successors, through the Komitet Gosdarstvennoy Bezonpanosti – KGB – saw to it.


“The scientific concept of dictatorship,” Lenin declared in 1920, “means neither more nor less than unlimited power resting directly on force, not limited by anything, nor retrained by any laws or any absolute rules.  Nothing else but that.”  Barron, John.  “KGB:  The Secret Work of Secret Soviet Agents.  p. 2.  Bantam Books, 1974.


Originally, the secret police were called the Chekha, Russian for “linch-pin.”  “Established as an investigative agency” in 1917, “the Chekha swiftly transformed itself into a vengeful political police force committed to extermination of ideological opponents.”  Ibid.,  p. 88.


Barron writes that over 200,000 “opponents” were executed during the Bolshevik Revolution.  But when the war ended, “the people” found that “reality differed from Marxist theory.  Violent opposition to the communists erupted among workers and peasants in the form of strikes, demonstrations and riots” during the 1920s.  Ibid., p. 89.


“Lenin perceived,” Barron tells us, “that as a minority representing virtually no one but themselves, the communists could survive and rule only through force.  He reiterated that their dictatorship must be based ‘directly on force.’


“Proposing a new criminal code in 1922, he wrote Justice Commissar Dmitri Ivonovich Kursky:  ‘The courts must not ban terror…but must formulate the motives underlying it, legalize it as a principle, plainly without make-believe or embellishment.  It is necessary to formulate it as widely as possible.


“While terrorizing the general population, Lenin also turned on the socialist factions that had fought alongside the communists, arrested their leaders, and, in 1922, staged the first of the Moscow show trials.  Then he proceeded to eradicate democracy within the Communist Party itself.


“As Lenin destroyed the right of members to debate, disagree, and advocate their own ideas, the Party became an exclusive order through which the privileged could gain preferred status and perquisites for unquestioning obedience.  Members formed what Milovan Djilas terms ‘the New Class’ and acquired an overriding selfish interest in sustaining the Party that favored them with income, status, housing, food, merchandise, and leisure denied the general population.


“But the whole power of the Party resided with whichever oligarchs succeeded in capturing control of the leadership… By 1924, Lenin…had bequeathed the Russian people dictatorship by an oligarchy, supported by a privileged New Class, wholly dependent upon a political secret police force.”  Ibid., pp. 88-90.  The eventual KGB, which spread its influence worldwide by the 1960s, into governments, the press, and academia.


Marxism had already sunk its hooks into academia by the 1930s.  These were the New Class teachers who would eventually produce the Marxist educational professors (the teachers of the teachers).  Their reach would descend right down to the elementary school level and into children’s textbooks.


I saw it personally in my junior year of high school, when our avowedly communist American History II instructor dismissed American History at mid-school year in favor of the “glories of Communism.”


Initially, five of us mounted a protest.  The teacher was well-versed in communist indoctrination.    He knew which students to target, the future class valedictorian and his girlfriend, and which ones to intimidate.


“Just sit down, do your homework, take the tests and pass the class, and you’ll get into the Ivy League school of your choice,” he whispered to the student.  “You don’t want to throw away your grade and your future for this, do you?  Just pass the class and don’t worry about.”


The student slunk down in his seat and so did his girlfriend.  Three of us remained.  The other two were “C” students.  I had a B-plus average.


He tried to throw my older brother up to me.  I replied he didn’t have to tell me anything about my spineless older brother.  That didn’t work, so he tried pointing out that I “only” had a “B” average and that I was throwing away my grade for nothing.  I responded that no one knew or cared about the high school grade averages of the guys who died on Iwo Jima.  If they could give up their lives for America and freedom, I guessed that I could give up my grade, even it was “only a B”; it was all I had to give, but I’d give it all.


That brings us up to the present time.  The Bachelor’s Degree is pretty much worthless in the business world and everyone knows it.  You have to have it, but only to get or save your job.  If you want to move up the corporate ladder, the Master’s Degree is absolutely essential.


This degree inflation has made college education an expensive and time-consuming business.  Academia and the Corporate Empire agree that they will benefit enormously by this New Class bell curve.  Corporate Emperors are convinced that they will have only the best employees.  Academia ensures its “prestige.”


Intelligence, however, is not what they’re looking for.  Not exactly.  Oh, the New World Order (shall we agree to call it that for the sake of expediency) want Master’s Degree-grade employees who show extraordinary intelligence.  But it has nothing to do with productivity.  Rather, what they’re looking for are the two qualities inherent in intelligence that make for the most reliable managers:  vanity and arrogance.


Vanity and arrogance are how Communism lured the New Class in the Soviet Union and how it will lure the New World Order class into selling out America in the near future.  We already are seeing signs of that obeisance on college campuses in code words and behavioral norms, such as advocacy of homosexual marriage, minority preference, diversity reeducation, social deviance, moral decline, rejection of religion and Western culture, and embrasure of secularism.


The new password for anyone who wants to be a member of the American “New Class” is “climate change.”  The Liberals had to reset this password several times, as real science proved their climate theories outright falsehoods.  Now, legislators are discussing the possibility of criminalizing anyone who opposes climate change theory.  Criminalize, as in “prison” or perhaps fines, and certainly the end of a scientist’s or journalist’s career.


Speech codes are the vogue now on college campuses like the University of Missouri-Missoula.  To think once upon a time, students protested against speech codes.  Now, they’re holding protests in order to enact speech codes and have succeeded in having any college administrators fired who violate those student codes or refuse to enact them.


The Mizzoo students are chicks peeping for the attention of the Mother Hen professors.  Engaging in such protests will guarantee good grades and recommendations on the way to graduate school.  Once out of school, they will take their future positions in government, academia, and business, advising corporate CEOs which diversity agenda they should adopt.


These Masters of the Universe will be plied with every incentive to tow the communist line.  Climate change?  Got it.  Hello, expensive car, big house, vacations to exotic locations, the best schools for your kids, and the latest in electronic gadgets, all ahead of the general population.


Who wouldn’t bobble their head for such opportunities?  Big Brother bobbled his head and implemented a solar panel project for his company.  By golly, he’s got the expensive car, the big house, sent the Nephew to the best schools, goes on great vacations (when he has the time), and buys the latest in gadgets (although, he is also a washing machine killer – he’s overloaded three washing machines into oblivion, including mine).


It’s hard picking on one’s brother.  He works extremely hard for his money and he’s only doing what most people would do in his position, running the flag up the pole and saluting it.  I don’t really begrudge him his high salary or his toys.  He’s certainly earned them.  He’s a solid fiscal Conservative (otherwise).  The solar panel project appealed more to his mania to save greenbacks than to save the planet.  He thinks Donald Trump is ridiculous and leans towards Marco Rubio, the cool candidate.  At least he votes on the right side of the ballot kiosk.


Nevertheless, the master’s degree is – and has been – the determining factor in whether you’re a member of the New Class or the Old, peasant class.  Academia is worried about having too many New Class members on board.  After all, it is an elite class and you can’t be very elite if you allow every Tom, Dick and Harriet on board.  They would prefer Tonya, Ricardo and Hashid.


Like the Russian peasant class of old, blue collar workers will be furious when they realize that they’ve been duped and deceived, that there’s no money left in the Socialist entitlement funds, and that they’ll be expected to yield to Sharia law (if religion is the opiate of the people, it’s certainly a useful one).


The Youth Speech Police are on the march.  Another college administrator was forced to apologize to a group of Black Lives Matter protestors who rampaged through the college library and assaulted white students doing their research.  She made the mistake of criticizing the protestors instead of the White Privilege Students.


“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  Vladimir Lenin.





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