Muslim Bonnie and Clyde

Last summer, I was doing some research on the Internet and came across a listing for the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Calif.  On Dec. 2, 2015, their calendar listed a meeting for “Environmental Health Awareness.”


In the popular parlance of Star Wars, I “had a bad feeling” about this meeting.  I couldn’t imagine why, unless some small business people decided to go postal and shoot up the meeting.  All I knew was that whoever was attending that meeting had better be careful.


Thanks to a dearth of information from the authorities to the media, no information was forthcoming about what the “meeting” was about, who attended it, and who the shooters were, even though later information revealed the authorities knew precisely whom they were hunting.


A witness stated that the shooters blasted away a Christmas party.  My friend and I, on our way to a band rehearsal, got into a heated argument.  He:  It was a Christmas party!  Me:  It was an environmental meeting!  He ultimately turned out to be right it was a Christmas party.


But one shooter, Syed Farook, was a health inspector for the county.  He disappeared from the party just before a group photo was to be taken.  He returned with his Saudi Arabian bride, Tashfeen Malik, dressed in black military fatigues similar to those worn by ISIS and bearing military grade weapons, and opened fire.


Merry Christmas.


Pundits are now wondering what could have set them off.  Well, let us think here for a minute:  uh – Paris?


This shooting follows on the Colorado Springs shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility last week.  Nanny Obama has spent the past week lecturing us on the evils of owning assault weapons.  Most gun owners prefer rifles and short-range weapons.  Our Muslim Bonnie and Clyde had stored up an arsenal in their California apartment.


The Colorado Springs shooter was a wild-eyed loner with a history of mental illness who lived in a trailer in a small mountain town.  He had no water or electricity and rarely spoke to anyone.  Syed Farook reportedly was also the silent time, polite but not given much to conversation.


Farook’s neighbor told authorities that in the last week or so that the couple had been amassing suspicious packages and spent every evening on some project in their garage.  A Farook had a shooting range right in his California backyard – California, where barbecue grills have been banned.


The neighbor rightly feared repercussions for discrimination if she reported Farook.  Many a witness to a Mafia shooting has expressed the same reservations, only they feared the gang, not the government.  Suburban neighborhoods look the other way as drug pedallers ply their wares on quiet streets and even main thoroughfares, while local police, in the pay of drug lords living not on tropical islands but right in their suburban midst, miss or ignore the portkey signs of an imminent drug deal.  The only thing standing between us and them are the county police, whom some activists are trying to persuade Tea Party activists to disband.


Suburban watchdogs might not find dead horses in their beds.  But they just might find a dead deer left on a sidewalk at a busy, built-up intersection where no deer in its right mind would ever wander.  No wonder the Farook neighbor didn’t report the activity.


Between the Islamic terrorists and drug dealers, a complacent media and a questionable law enforcement agency, it’s no wonder we’re losing both wars.  That’s not to impugn those brave law enforcement officers who tackle the terrorists.  However, our “environment” needs to be cleaned up so decent citizens can trust their government.


We certainly can’t trust a president who lectures us about “gun violence,” committed mainly by people with mental illnesses, and ignores the growing threat of Islamic fanaticism.  A week before the Colorado Springs shooting, Islamists were shooting up the City of Lights.


The so-called “peaceful Muslims” are those who ignore the horrific dictates of the Koran and the Hadith.  The more devout Muslims are the ones to fear; those who regularly attend mosques, grow beards, and collect arsenals of weapons.


Of all the answers to this growing problem, taking away the rights of legitimate, mentally-stable Americans to own firearms is the least productive and most misguided.


How many more Muslim Bonnie and Clydes are preparing themselves with the very weapons Obama denounces in the peaceful clime of suburbia to wage jihad on America?



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