So, What Really Happened in San Bernardino?

What really occurred in San Bernardino yesterday?  Now the Farook neighbor who feared being labeled a racist stated that she witnessed dozens of Muslim men leaving Farook’s apartment and that a remote bomb was discovered in the conference room at the Inland Regional Center.


Sometime during the summer, some entity registered a conference at the Inland Regional Center for December 2nd.  The event was listed as “The Environmental Workplace Awareness Conference.”  There’s no listing there now, of course.  But there was.  You’ll have to take my word for it.


As many companies and corporations do, evidently the San Bernardino County Public Health Department’s employees wanted to hold a Christmas/Holiday party.  Only multicultural inclusion directives prevent them from listing their events under such titles or they would be prohibited from holding them.


Did the San Bernardino County Public Health Department decide on the title of “Environmental Workplace Awareness Conference” as a cover for their Christmas Party?  Many company departments have resorted to similar acts of innocent subterfuge in order to celebrate Christmas.


Let’s suppose for a moment that they did.  Syed Farook is then notified of this “meeting.”  The department can hardly exclude him from such a “meeting” or he’d report them to their Human Resources Department.  But as the holiday nears, Farook may begin to hear rumors of a party or other employees let tips slip, perhaps unaware that the silent Farook has taken notice.


The December 2nd meeting date arrives.  Farook is suspicious and prepares for this attack and more.  His apartment is arsenal with enough Islamic fireworks for every day in the month of December.


Still, note that he doesn’t go into the meeting with guns blazing.  Had he simply been seeking revenge on co-workers or some supervisor, he wouldn’t have bothered to go into the meeting dressed for business as usual.  He wouldn’t have sat around observing the proceedings.


No.  He instructs his militarily clad wife to wait until he checks out the scene.  After all, he’s been told that this is a business meeting.  No one has told him otherwise.  The sign in the hall may say “Environmental Workplace Awareness Conference.”  He wants to be sure.


As he watches the party proceed in its merriment, Farook is no longer in doubt.  This is a Christian Christmas party, complete with a tree, presents, and employees wishing one another not “Happy Holidays” but “Merry Christmas.”  Angry, he complains to the meeting organizer about the deception and refuses the order to join the photograph.  He has a different “shoot” in mind.


His conscience clear, he leaves the conference room to join his wife.  He puts on his own military attire, locks and loads, and returns to the conference room.  A getaway car is awaiting them, for he and his bride have further missions in mind, as the arsenal of evidence the police and FBI have now uncovered clearly suggests.


That’s what really probably happened in San Bernardino yesterday.  That’s what has taken a full day to reveal.  We knew the identity of the Colorado Springs shooter almost immediately.  We knew the name of Dylan Roof within a few hours.


With Muslims, a president and an attorney general who are at the very least Muslim sympathizers, and a complacent media, the truth will take longer to uncover.



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