Clifton’s School 11 Cinnamon Bomb Plot

In the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist plot, in which Syed Farook and his terrorist bride gunned down 14 co-workers at a Christmas party incognito as a business meeting, the Clifton School No. 11 Cinnamon Bomb Plot is both amusing (by comparison) and alarming.


Clifton has a growing Muslim population.  Whether the Muslims had anything to do with this particular plot is problematic.  Two possible scenarios come to mind, depending on how knowledgeable the students, and my readers, are about the culinary customs of Hanukkah.


Nothing is, or will ever be known, about the juvenile plotters, give their extreme youth.  All are said to be excellent students.  Two are members of the School 11 orchestra; orchestra meaning there’s a strong likelihood that the culprits were string players, violinists or some variation of the instrument.


One demographic we can eliminate is the much-maligned white, male student.  Not many white students of any variety go for playing violin.  Trumpet, maybe.  Clarinet, if the student is smart.  Trombone or baritone.  Percussion, if they aren’t.  White Christian students neither know nor care about Hanukkah traditions, even if they are delicious.


The fact that the bomb’s prime ingredients (cinnamon and vinegar) indicate that the students were likely Jewish. Vinegar (most particularly apple cider vinegar) is a major ingredient in Hanukkah treats like latkes.  Cinnamon is a traditional spice in Jewish holiday recipes.


School 11 parents and authorities are rightly concerned about the students’ activity, plotting to set off their “bomb” at a celebration – possibly, a holiday concert by the high school band and choir – at Clifton High School.  Their contraption failed because they lacked the scientific knowledge to set it off.  A simple spring-trap, like a jack-in-the box, would have sent the cinnamon flying, sprinkling the audience like confetti.  The vinegar, being a heavy liquid, would have posed a problem in physics and kinetic motion beyond their elementary school ken.


The other, less likely scenario is that the plot was by Muslim students.  However, the school’s make up is primarily white and Hispanic.  If Muslim students had some malignant intent, they’d more likely arm their bomb with lamb’s blood and eyeballs, or some such horrific ingredients.


More than likely, the Cinnamon Bomb Plot was a failed prank than a failed terrorist attack.  Parents and school officials should be concerned about their students copying, even if for more innocent reasons, the tactics of cold-blooded killers.  Like yelling fire or setting off fire alarms, enfant bomb plans must be dealt with seriously.


Bombings are no joke.  People are scared.  Yesterday was a rainy day here in Northern New Jersey.  I needed a warm coat with a hood, which happens to be black, to go across the street to the bank.  I rather felt like an evil Jedi Padawan in this coat, but I needed to deposit a check so I can pay my monthly condo maintenance bill.  Next time, I’ll wear a hat, one festooned with snowflakes


Unfortunately, the poor customers (two men, one of whom appeared to be an Arab) in line ahead of me had a similar notion, or worse.  Their eyes widened with terror.  I quickly removed the hood to let them know all was well.


The Islamists have a well-planned agenda to transform the globe into a Muslim caliphate.  Already, our lives are being changed, with the assistance of Liberal progressive multicultural diversity “training.”  For years, departments have carefully labeled their Christmas parties as “End of Year Meetings” or given them some other innocuous business title to hide the real purpose of the meeting – to celebrate Christmas.


Was Syed Farook aware of the nature of his department’s end-of-the-year meetings in the past, and gained a new perspective thanks to his Muslim bride.  Or was he suspicious because in the past the meetings had been clearly labeled “Christmas” or “Holiday” parties, of which he could steer clear, and now, thanks to diversity initiatives, the party was cloaked in a business title?


Thanks to political correctness, we may never know, or never be told.  According to Obama, terrorism is a non-starter compared to climate change.  There’s the real threat, he tells us.  That and people who own the mythical assault weapon, the AR-15, which is built to look like the real thing, but is simply a rifle like any other, cosmetically altered to look more lethal than it actually is.


Obama and the propagandist media would have us believe that the National Rifle Association, not Islamic State, is the real terrorist entity.  They also told us early on that this was a “workplace” incident, in which Farook had gotten into an argument with a Jewish Christian convert, formerly from southern New Jersey.


Yet Obama is silent about the arsenal found in Farook’s home, real military grade weapons, not the AR-15 posers.  The authorities also found 15 ready-to-blast pipe bombs and the materials to make more.  Where is the Media outrage?  Is Obama going to issue an Executive Order on pipe bombs, too?  How is this the fault of the NRA?  Several Conservative pundits have pointed out that no one has mentioned any investigations of the local mosque Farook attended.  Why is that?


How is that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) had their spokesman (the former translator for the Blind Sheikh!) in place for a press conference with Farook’s family before the authorities did?  And what happened to the third shooter, the one who barricaded himself inside the pastor’s house?


Ask yourself this:  if you’re at a Christmas Holiday party, who would you rather be standing next to?  The guy wearing the NRA hat?  Or the guy mumbling verses from Koran (“Allahu Akbar”).


All this political correctness, all this dissembling, all this trembling lest we be labeled “racists” for reporting suspicious activity, all this propagandizing, all this struthian blindness, simply makes an alliance between the Progressives and the Islamists easier.


Both want to eliminate Christianity.  Both believe that people should submit to an oligarchian order.  Neither believes in a spiritual existence.  They only believe in what they can understand with their five senses.  The latter is willing to fight to the death.  The former stands ready to pick up the pieces after all is over, meanwhile lending every ounce of support through disinformation, mockery and even regulation they can muster.


The San Bernardino bombing means we’ve taken one more step towards banning Christmas celebrations all together, a road on which we’ve already traveled a long way.  The pranksters of Clifton School 11 inadvertently paved another, sugar-coated piece of that road.









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