Saying a Prayer for the Second Amendment

Agnostics and atheists always crack me up.  Their belief that either God’s existence can’t be proven or that because it can’t be proven is evidence that there is no God, is like the child who’s committed some calumny.


The shamed child covers his eyes and says to the on-looking, disapproving adults, “Don’t look at me!”  As if covering his eyes would stop the adults from looking at him.


“Dude, we’re still here.”


God is still here. The New York Daily News, in its best deist style, issued a headline on Dec. 3 regarding the San Bernardino massacre:  “God isn’t fixing this.”  The Daily News is a master of pithy headlines and some politically-charged headlines:  “Ford to NYC:  Drop Dead!”  (In 1976, then Pres. Gerald Ford refused to bail the city out of its financial mess.)


The Daily News was aiming its pugilistic headlines at pro-NRA Republicans who had issued public prayers for the victims in San Bernardino, Calif.  The Daily News, along with Democrats and some Progressive Republicans insist that guns kill people, therefore they should be banned.




Newspapers like the Daily News foment public hysteria over mythical assault weapons like the AR-15 (which doesn’t shoot any more bullets than your typical rifle) in order to further Obama’s gun-control agenda.   On the next day’s front page, the paper equated the Muslim Bonnie and Clyde with an odd assortment of fellow massacre travelers, including Robert Dear, the wild-eyed, mentally-ill Colorado Springs shooter, Adam Lanza, the Newtown Shooter whose NRA mother was in mental-illness denial.  Against her husband’s wishes (whom she subsequently divorced), she trained her son to shoot.  The mother was his first victim.


They also identify Mr. & Mrs. Jihadi with the Aurora, Colo., shooter, James Holmes, who’d gone mad watching violent video games and shot up an audience at a midnight showing of the film, “The Dark Knight Rising” and Dylann Roof, who in a rage of racist hate, murdered members of the Charleston, S.C., AME church.


What do these three murderers have in common?  They were all crazy.  Their crimes highlight a need to do better background checks for mental illness before issuing guns.  Still, they could have gotten weapons on the black market, the way drug dealers do.  No one blames guns for the murder rates in Chicago and New Orleans, for instance.  No one even calls the abuse of drugs mental illness.


Ban guns; legalize drugs.  Yeah.  That makes a whole lot of sense.


To paraphrase the co-pilot in the film, “Memphis Belle”, when told a German fighter is heading straight for the cockpit, the co-pilot replies, “We have no guns up here.  What am I supposed to do?  Shoot spitballs at him?”

Without any weapons of defense, the Daily News wouldn’t even have us pray, because that would be culturally insensitive.  We’ve gone a long way down the rabbit hole when we must have guns to protect us from all the dangers which our government has inflicted upon us.


Even quiet suburban towns like mine are no longer safe to walk, even in the daytime.  A drive after 10 p.m. last night revealed the vermin slithering around the town and along our dark, country roads in search of a fix or in search of a customer in search of a fix.  Yet our urban planners want us to surrender our automobiles in the future and live in dense, multi-resident urban apartment buildings.


Are they crazy?


Now, Obama, in addition to the multitudes of illegal Mexicans and South Americans he’s allowed to cross our borders, he’s invited an influx of “refugees” from the Middle East to take up permanent residence here.


These aren’t the nice, peaceful Muslims who, we’re told, have no problem with the celebration of Christmas.  That’s not what the Koran says.


Sura 2:110 – “And they say, ‘God hath a son!’  No!  Praise be to  Him [Allah]! But – His, whatever is in the Heavens and the Earth!  All obeyeth Him, sole maker of the Heavens and the Earth.”


Islamic State seeks to supplant all other religions, destroy their houses of worship, their literature, and their culture.  They do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and consider those who worship Jesus blasphemers, no different than one who bows to juggernaut.


Mohammed’s Koran doesn’t take long to get to the violence:  Sura 2:3 – “As to the infidels, alike is it to them whether thou warn them or warn them not – they will not believe.  Their hearts and their ears God hath sealed up; and over their eyes is a covering.  For them, a severe chastisement!”


Mohammed insisted he was God’s last prophet; Jesus and the Apostles warned us of future false prophets – and that there would be many, some who would come in his name or deny him.  Islam denies the Trinity (so do some Christian sects who say that the Bible was misinterpreted, that Jesus was the Son, not the Father, and so forth).  In any case, Muslims certainly don’t believe God had any Sons.


In fact, God had many sons, beginning with Adam (who blew it); Salem, the founder of Jerusalem; and Enoch, who never died but was simply taken up by God.   Jesus was the Son of Man (as he called himself) who, at His Father’s bidding, volunteered to take an earthly form in order to deliver God’s message in person to the fatheads humans had become who could no longer hear God’s voice and serve as the sacrifice that would mitigate Adam’s sin and restore humankind to God’s favor.


At least that’s the way I understand it.  The faithful still pray to God both in need and in thanksgiving.  That’s a mistake more secular Christians forget and forego:  to thank God for his benevolence.  We’re mighty quick at blaming Him when things go wrong, diseases, accidents and other catastrophes that are mostly our own fault.


We pray to God and hope that He’s listening.  When the prayer goes unanswered, we figure He’s not listening or doesn’t care.  Why would the Almighty allow a pair of murderous Muslims kill innocent people at a Christmas party?  Or permit maniacs to shoot up movie theaters and abortion clinics.  Wait – abortion clinics?  Maybe we need to rethink that one.  What about Dylann Roof killing nine in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., this past June?  Why would God allow murder right in His own sanctuary?


Obama can sit in front of a Christmas tree in the White House on national television and proclaim that he is an advocate of peace.  However, his tongue did not waggle on about gun control when a Muslim shot up Fort Hood.  He called it workplace violence, even though Nidal Hissan reportedly shouted out, “Allahu Akbar!” [“Allah is Great!”] before firing on the unarmed soldiers.


This would never happen, Liberals cry, under a Socialist or Communist regime.  Not only would the authorities seize all our guns, but close all our churches as well, churches always being a hotbed of evangelical passion.  We would live communally, as they do in the former Soviet Union, with a communist overseer in every building reporting on our every move, every package and visitor we receive, and the contents of our dwellings.


We’d be completely safe.  What has God done for us lately, the Daily News, in effect, asks?


The Left accuses Christians of apocryphal madness.  They’re wrong.  The Bible states that no one knows the date of the Apocalypse, the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the return of Jesus Christ.  The Muslims, who inherited a love of astrology and mysticism from the ancient Persians whom they conquered, believe the End Times have come.  They’re certainly doing their best to jump-start the Apocalypse.  Apocalypse Now.  That was a 1979 anti-Vietnam War movie, which had nothing to do with the end times but, rather, was based on Joseph Conrad’s 1899 anti-imperialist novella, “The Heart of Darkness.”


God never expected us to not protect ourselves from attack.  After the Last Supper, even Jesus instructed his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy swords.  “Testing” God is one of the great forbidden acts.  We cannot throw ourselves in the path of a tornado and then ask God for His help.  He expects us to guard ourselves and our loved ones.


Those who find themselves unexpectedly confronted by danger will find God ready to help, if they can hear him.  Express any doubts and we’ll close ourselves off from his guidance.  If we’ve proven ourselves ungrateful, unrepentant, or presumptuous, He may not see any particular reason to help us.


We are blind, deaf, and dumb.  In our insolence, the more intelligent we are, the less likely we are to believe in God.  We compare ourselves to our ancient forefathers, gazing back on a rural, agricultural, illiterate desert culture and pride ourselves on our progress.  Heaven and Hell; the stuff of fairy tales, myths, and legends.  Everything we know can be explained through scientific methods.  Anyone who claims to hear the voice of God will likely find themselves shuffled off to a mental institution or doped up on medications.


So we cling to our Bibles for inspiration, our churches for assurance, and our guns for protection.  We can trust God.  Our fellow man – not so much.  God strictly forbid us from murdering our fellow man, seized as we are by the passions of the Seven Deadlies.  The translated word is “murder” not “kill.”  Gentle Jesus, I suspect, would not even have us do that much, but turn the other cheek, even to death.


Still, Jesus is the Son.  God’s still the Boss.  The Boss has no use for the wicked, those would slay the innocent and imprison His faithful.  We probably have enough sanction to use guns to fend the wicked off until God is good and ready to separate the wheat from the chaff.


No one knows the date when God will make His move.  But a pretty good guess would be when a mortal government, declaring a universal rule which includes killing off God, renders the innocent defenseless, depriving them of weapons of self-defense and the power of prayer.


Then – look out!





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