Harrison Ford on Climate Change: “Damn People”

‘Damn people.’ I think that every time another motorist cuts me off or honks at me because I don’t react immediately to the green light.  I think that every time a co-worker stabs me in the back.  I think ‘damn people’ every day I see garbage littering the roadsides.  I think it every time I walk around town and see nothing but drug dealers peddling their wares to idiot millennials.


I think it every time some developer clear cuts a lot for a new affordable housing unit.


Ford’s rant was that “Nature will take care of itself — nature doesn’t need people, people need nature to survive.

“The planet will be okay; there just won’t be any damn people on it,” he intoned dramatically.

That sounds vaguely familiar; didn’t I write something along those lines about climate change? It’s an issue I rarely address because there are so many other political topics to cover. Pollution may or may not be a problem, but Mother Earth can take care of herself.

Ford made the comment while in Australia, shilling for the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will have its world premiere on Dec. 14.  Guess that was as close as Ford could get to Beijing, where residents routinely wear air filter masks because the pollution is so dense.

The air pollution used to be bad here in the United States. When we used to live in Los Angeles back in the early Sixties, you couldn’t see the Hollywood sign for all the smog.  You couldn’t see the New York City skyline from New Jersey, either, on certain days.  The Great Falls at Paterson (N.J.) were a froth of soap suds from washing machines and from the dry cleaning establishment and the car wash just upriver from the Falls.

We’ve come a long way since the Sixties in terms of curbing pollution. Our automobiles are cleaner and more efficient.  Not bad, for a democracy.  In totalitarian China, where you would expect regulations would be strict, factories run amok and cars belch out fumes with impunity.

Climate changeologists claim that the problem is carbon dioxide, the stuff human beings exhale. Yet for all the Chinese people are trussed up in air filter masks, China’s pollution problem is increasing.  People in China aren’t allowed to speak freely, so surely that would be another factor in reducing their carbon dioxide problem.

Was Ford’s statement just a coincidence, coming out the day after Secretary of State Kerry announced that the United States would double its assistance to poor countries struggling to cope with the “effects” of climate change?

This isn’t about climate change, the cause of which scientists can’t agree upon; it’s about the redistribution of wealth and the penance of Western civilization for its “imperialist” and “colonialist” success.

This same day, the Media are crowing about the disappearance of America’s Middle Class. As the lower class grows and the upper class grows even larger, the middle class is disappearing.  Thanks to taxes, regulations, and technology, what’s disappearing are Middle Class jobs.  They’re probably not coming back, either.  New Jersey showed an increase in employment this month, but the rise was mainly in the “Services” sector, meaning retail and fast-food jobs.

Ironically, there aren’t enough “Middle Class” Americans to fill those new technology jobs. In the interest of environmental awareness, the Liberals propagated “Zero Population Growth” back in the Sixties to reduce the human population humanely.

In short, producing fewer “damn people” would be better for the planet. But not so much for the economy.  Don’t let the Media fool you, however; ZPG and the elimination of the Middle Class has been a Marxist goal since Karl Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto” along with Friedrich Engels in 1848.

Don’t bother trying to tell the Twenty-Somethings that climate change is a hoax. In their limited, 15-year view, the weather seems to have been warming up.  Oldsters who could tell them of very snowy winters in the Sixties (my younger brother was born just before a blizzard in 1960), or the blizzards in the 1990s are just not hip.  We’re old, which means we don’t know anything and whatever we remember is ancient history and not relevant to the times.

History is irrelevant in climate change theory. The East Cambridge scientists fudged the climate warming numbers, which is why the theory had to be altered to “climate change.”  We’ve figured that out, darn it, or knew it all along.  Once upon a time, propagandists could get away with such publishing such misinformation.  But thanks to technology, theories can be challenged.

The Left is attempting to have anti-climate change criticism banned (along with any “anti-Muslim terrorist speech”). The U.S. Constitution has proven to be a stumbling block.

Enter the much-beloved Harrison Ford. Alias Han Solo.  Indiana Jones.  Jack Ryan.  Dr. Richard Kimble.  President James Marshall.  Jack Stanfield.  John Book.  Rick Deckard.  Bob Falfa.  And “Hobey” (a 1972-73 episode of “Gunsmoke”).

Harrison Ford. Movie star.  Pilot.  Carpenter.  And Democrat supporter.  With the next (and probably last, for him) Star Wars movie coming out, he’s the perfect spokesperson for Climate Change.

Seemingly taking a page from this blog (using a hypothetical, I wrote, “Let’s say for a moment they’re right about climate change. The planet will survive it, but the people might not.”), Ford doesn’t go for the absolute cataclysmic, end-of-the-world approach.  He makes it personal.  We’re the ones in danger.

When you see photos of Beijing residents wearing air filters, it’s hard to argue otherwise. On the other hand, when you look out from the 8th floor of Montclair State University’s parking garage and clearly see the New York City skyline, something you couldn’t do very well in the Sixties, you’ve got to wonder what he’s going on about.  Our air is fine.  Never better.

Post Brook, outside my back door, is cluttered with the refuse of Mother Nature, not Man. Pity we can’t say the same for the rest of the town.  Why are we holding corporate feet to the fire, and Common Man’s?

‘Damn people.’

Why aren’t we cleaning up our own streets? Could it be because amongst the refuse are drug dealer’s portkeys?  Could it be because in the city, litter sometimes turns out to be messages to espionage specialists?  Is that ridiculous? Does that sound like conspiracy theorism? It wasn’t back in the Sixties.

My mother and I were on our way to visit a friend who lived near the United Nations. As we walked from the parking garage to her apartment, I noticed a discarded cigarette pack.  The package was slit open.  I thought that was strange (my mother had been a hard-core smoker).

Upon inspection, I found a large “X” marked on the inside. I was nine or ten.  I handed the thing to my mother.  She gasped and placed it in her pocketbook.  Mom showed the package to her friend, who told us that things like that were all over the place.

“It’s because of the United Nations [two short blocks away on Second Avenue],” the friend, a long-time resident of Manhattan and my great-uncle’s secretary, said. “Since the U.N. was built, we’ve had all sorts of strange people wandering around here.”

‘Damn people.’

Want to make the world a better place? Let’s become ‘better’ people, not ‘damn people.’  Let’s clean up our streets, our language, and our government.  Let’s try to be safer, more considerate drivers.  Let’s not run mothers with children down in the supermarket parking lots.

Let’s try slowing down in bad weather. Let’s try not cutting one another off during rush hour and causing accidents that kill some 30,000 people a year and make a lot of other people late.  Just because your car can do 120 mph in 60 seconds doesn’t mean you should, especially when the car ahead of you is only about ten feet away.

‘Damn people.’

Let’s stop turning a blind eye to recreational drug use. Let’s put a stop to drug users, abusers, dealers and kingpins.  Let’s stop pretending that consuming large amounts of alcohol doesn’t cause problems.  Those are bigger problems than a government dictating how much salt or sugar we consume, although you might want to consider personally lowering your consumption and live to dance with your daughter at her wedding 20 years from now.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop yelling at one another. What’s the matter with us?  We talk about peace but we sure don’t practice it.  Not on the road.  Not at work.  Not even at home.  We practice peace one day out of the whole ‘damn’ year.  Peace begins with you, not the other guy.

Tone down the anger – and pick up after yourselves!

‘Damn people.’

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