A Brokered Convention for a Broken Party


The last time any political party held a brokered convention was in 1952, when the Democrats overrode their base and nominated Adlai Stevenson as their candidate. The last time a presidential nominee selected in a brokered convention won the presidency was in 1932 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the nomination.

The leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1932 was New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. Speaker of the House John Nance Garner and former New York Governor Al Smith were trailing him. Before the 1932 Democratic National Convention met in Chicago between June 27 and July 2, Roosevelt was believed to have more delegate votes than all of his opponents combined. However, due to the “two-thirds” nominating rule then used by the Democrats, his opponents hoped that he would be unable to obtain the two-thirds majority necessary to win, and that they could gain votes on later ballots or coalesce behind a dark horse candidate.

On the first three ballots, Roosevelt had well over a majority of the delegate vote, but still lacked the two-thirds majority. Before the fourth ballot, his managers James Farley and Louis McHenry-Howe struck a deal with House Speaker John Nance Garner: Garner would drop out of the race and support Roosevelt, and in return Roosevelt would agree to name Garner as his running mate. With this agreement, Roosevelt won the two-thirds majority and with it the presidential nomination.

With Donald Trump gaining ever more support even as he sets “conventional” wisdom ablaze ever increasingly “outrageous” statements – the current message, to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States – has put the Republican Party into a panic.

Trumps declared that he will bring the ban about by fiat (executive order), if necessary, for the protection of the citizens of the United States. I quite agree that we’ve had enough of executive fiats from Obama.  However, the jihadists have long been on the warpath against the West.

While we’re still in more danger from our own driving habits, drug habits, and drug dealers, none of these precludes the rest of us from worshipping God in our own way. If we live to get to church or synagogue the next weekend, that is.  The dangers from Muslim extremism are two-fold:  there is the jihadist short-term game – kill all infidels – and there is the long-term strategy:  breed or tax us out.

We still have the problem of remember that terrorism is a means to an end, one that has been used by tyrants and savages since the beginning of time. Fear works.  The Romans knew it.  Genghis Khan knew it.  Attila the Hun knew it.  Napoleon knew it.  Hitler, Stalin and Hirohito knew.  Lenin knew it and boasted about it.  God knew it and did not shirk from using it against his enemies:

“Jehovah is a God who requires exclusive devotion and takes vengeance; Jehovah takes vengeance and is ready to express His wrath. Jehovah takes vengeance against His foes, and He stores up wrath for his enemies.  Jehovah is slow to anger and great in power, but by no means will Jehovah hold back due punishment.  His wrath is in destructive wind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet…Mountains quake became of him and the hills will melt.  The earth will be in an upheaval before his face, along with the land and all those dwelling in it.  Who can stand before His indignation?  And who can withstand the heat of His anger?”  Nahum 1:2-3, 5-6

“How long, O Jehovah, must I cry for help, but you do not hear? How long must I ask for help from violence, but you do not intervene?  Why do you make me witness wrongdoing?  And why do you tolerate oppression?  Why are destruction and violence before me?  And why do quarreling and conflict abound?  So law is paralyzed and justice is never carried out.  For the wicked surround the righteous; that is why justice is perverted.  ‘Look among the nations and pay attention!  Stare in amazement and be astounded; for something will happen in your days that you will not believe, even if it is told to you.

“’For here I am raising up the Chaldeans, the ruthless and impetuous nation. They sweep through vast stretches of the earth to seize homes that are not theirs.  They are frightening and fearsome.  They establish their own justice and authority.  Their horses are swifter than leopards, and they are fiercer than wolves in the night.  Their warhorses gallop forward.  Their horses come from far away.  They swoop down like the eagle rushing to feed.

“’All of them come bent on violence. The assembling of their faces is like the east wind.  And they scoop up captives like sand.  They scoff at kings and they laugh at high officials.  They laugh at every fortified place; they pile up a dirt ramp and capture it, then they move forward like the wind and pass through.

“’But they will become guilty become they credit their power to their god.’” Habakkuk 1:2-11

The Chaldeans occupied what is now Iraq, East Syria and southern Turkey.

Still, our politicians – our Republican politicians – either won’t or can’t recognize the danger. They disdain the “cultural insensitivity” of “bigoted” Conservatives who don’t care to overwhelmed by a violent religion and race.  Rather than yield to popular consensus and give the nomination to the candidate who wins the most votes, Reince Preibus & Company are vowing to hold a brokered convention, in which they can manipulate the vote away from the people’s choice to the party’s choice for nominee.

Conservatives are God-fearing people, in general. Every Moderate social issue that they’ve opposed – the legalization of marijuana, the Marriage Protection Act, abortion, illegal immigration – has been embraced by the Establishment wing of the Republican Party.

How much longer can the GOP and Conservatives pretend to be allied? The GOP won’t even  consider candidates farther down in the polls:  Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie.  They want Mitt Romney to run.

Mitt Romney should have been the choice in 2012. If only he’d been stronger on Conservative issues, he would have won.  Instead, he chose the meandering, middle path so as not to alienate the Millennials, and so the Conservatives stayed home.

Moderates and Conservatives will never be reconciled, any more than our two groups of Tea Partiers – the Millennials and the World War II/Baby Boomers – could be reconciled between rock music and speeches at the rallies. Neither group would tolerate the other.  The speeches triumphed.  So, the younger Millennials went home and the rallies died out.

When it comes to jihadists shooting up Christmas Parties, however, both sides of the Conservative aisle are in practically unanimous agreement: something has to be done.  The measure is where you find the divide.  The Millennials believe to solution is to ban all guns; Baby Boomers want a stop put to any further immigration by Muslims (from any country).

If the GOP thought Trump had finally put his foot in his mouth and sunk his boat, they were astonished find they were wrong. Hurling multicultural insults at Trump supporters or those who want to ban further Muslim immigration will only send those voters deeper into Trump’s camp.  Threatening a brokered convention will only infuriate further and ensure a Republican or Independent loss.

Back in 2008, when Hillary was running, a backroom deal was made then, too. Democrat women felt they’d been cheated.  Hillary was winning and Obama simply shut her campaign down.  The party machine simply chewed their women voters up and spat them up, figuring they had nowhere else to go and would prove loyal in the next election, which they were.

Conservative Republicans are more fed up than their Democrat counterparts. We’re already losing anyway.  Gay marriage?  Abortion?  Illegal immigration?  Legalization of marijuana?  Bringing in voters from basically communist countries who will never, to their dying days, vote Republican?  Unless of course, the Republicans “open up their tent,”  “let more diverse voters in,” “be more ‘sensitive’ to those with other views.”

The GOP has all the appeal of a car owner trying to sell a perfectly sound car as a lemon.

Christianity is no longer in vogue, we’re told. We must be tolerant of other religions.  We mustn’t be judgmental of those who break moral codes of all sorts.  The Muslims certainly aren’t very tolerant of immorality.  They’re intolerant to the point of savagery.  But do we say to gay people?  ‘Well, we’ll never treat you that way.’

Certainly we have no intention of resorting to such barbarism. Except that the barbarians are at the gate, the Customs desk, howling for their blood and Obama is ready to let them in.  What’s he going to do when they start stoning gays, women caught in the act of adultery, and Christians who reject Islam?  What will he do when they start cutting off the hands of thieves caught in the act of thievery and foisting themselves upon young children?

The peaceful Muslims are peaceful because they know if they don’t submit, they’ll be beaten or worse. The Christian God, Jehovah, reserves vengeance for Himself; Allah directs his minions to go out and kill in his name.

Our permissive, promiscuous society has earned God’s wrath. We already know the Democrats are hopelessly abandoned, leading the young, the poor, and the ignorant down the road to darkness.  For the Republicans to join them is appalling to Conservatives.

Yet the Bible tells us that all we can really do is stand aside and report on what happens.

“Write down the vision,” God tells Habakkuk, “and inscribe it clearly on tablets so that the one reading aloud from it may do so easily. For the vision is yet for its appointed time, and it is rushing towards its fulfillment, and it will not lie.  Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it.  For it will without fail come true.  It will not be late!”   Habbakuk 2:2-3

“At my guardpost I will keep standing, and I will station myself on the rampart. I will keep watch to see what he speak by means of me and what I will reply when I am reproved.”  Habbakuk 2:1

The wrath of God is yet to come, though I suspect it is near. The wrath of the Conservatives has arisen already and speaks through Donald Trump (of all people).  It would be better if the Republican Party listened rather than chided.
















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