What the Stars Forecast for New Star Wars Movie

The new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, debuts tonight in Los Angeles for its world premiere.  American fans will be the last to know the plight of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo.


The original Star Wars film was absolutely phenomenal and so was its event horoscope: two grand trines.  That’s like two enormous lucky stars in the sky for something that happened on that date, when the film premiered, or someone was born.  Star Wars was just destined to be shining star of science fiction movies.


It couldn’t have come at a better time. We were just recovering from the Marxist-inspired Sixties.  Living through the Sixties was comparable to reading Marx and Engels’ “Communist Manifesto.”  Every.  Single.  Day.  Ugh.


Will the new Star Wars, set 32 years after SW: The Return of the Jedi share that same, optimistic success?  Probably not.  The new film does not possess the double grand trine necessary to match the original.  Having a retrograde Uranus, which indicates audience popularity, one might think that it would not be popular.


However, the original movie also premiered under a retrograde Uranus and in the last optimistic sign of Scorpio. Whatever failings this film might have, as opposed to its parent movie, audiences will take them in better humor and stride.  As much fun as Star Wars was, at the time, it was ruthlessly mocked for its comic strip dialog, use of every article in the filmmaking attic, and Princess Leia’s double-buns.


Yet people adored it. I saw the film countless times.  We loved it because it was so optimistic and hopeful.  Star Wars was a breath of fresh air in an increasingly doped-up, Leftist theatrical repertoire. Annie Hall won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director (Woody Allen).  Ugh.  A movie only a West Sider could love.  Richard Dreyfus won the Oscar for Best Actor in The Goodbye Girl.  Another soaper.


Finally, Jason Robards and Vanessa Redgrave won Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Julia, a small film so underwatched  you can only find it now in a library collection, although it’s an historical biopic about playwright Lillian Hellman smuggling funds into Nazi Germany.  Sounds like a case of Hollywood once again missing the boat on the real best picture of the year.  How typical.


The Star Wars prequels were eagerly awaited, just as this movie is now. I never bothered to cast a horoscope for those three films.  The outcome was rather obvious:  Anakin Skywalker would become Darth Vader.  What else could it be but a downer?  So it was and audiences responded with shock and disappointment.  Well, what were they expecting? Singing in the Rain? I found the prequels rather interesting and simply discounted the annoying antics of It-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named (Jar-Jar Binks).


The overcall cast of The Force Awakens is what is known as “the train”. The planets are arranged in a sort of line, like a train going around a curve in the track.  One planet – Jupiter – is leading, or rising – and another planet follows at the end, like a caboose – Uranus (the planet indicating the audience and the movie’s overall popularity, how it will be received).


The Sun, the most important planet in any chart is in merry Sagittarius in the fun-loving 5th House.  Audiences, on the whole, should enjoy this movie.  The Sun makes a trine (positive) aspect to Uranus, the caboose.  They should come away with a good feeling about the film, but it’s likely to be delayed or countered.


Something is amiss in that galaxy far, far away. Most of the planets in the chart are on its western, sunset side, indicating much of the film will be a downer.  Fortunately, Jupiter in Virgo, at the lead of the train, followed by Mars is Libra, are past the nadir and on the upswing.


Jupiter in Virgo is a good placement for a science fiction movie and, happily for its producers it’s in direct motion in the Second House (money, in short). However, it’s followed by Mars in Libra, what is called a “fall” placement for a planet.  That means it’s in the sign opposite to the one it rules.


Being placed in the Third House (the written word), the action is going to get bogged down by the dialog. Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th House (more technical stuff) is squared to Mars, reaffirming this weakness and also indicates the aging of the primary characters (Luke, Han and Leia).  But Mercury in Capricorn is also a sign of growth in their stature and maturity.  Capricorn is a leadership position.  For actual dialog, Mercury in Capricorn is heavy stuff, indeed.  Either there will be too much lengthy dialog, or not enough of it for people to understand what’s going.


Mercury trines Jupiter, a good aspect for a sci-fi movie, so it works in that respect. The film will work in many small ways.  Jupiter makes a wide (weak) sextile to Venus (romance), Mars sextiles the Sun (it will be a handsome, well-edited film), Venus sextiles Mercury and Pluto (the personal dialog between the characters will be serious, tension-filled, perhaps even profane, but will help cement the relationships between the characters, old and new.


Finally, the strength of the characters will help make it a generally good film.   They have aged, but they’ve lost none of their spirit.


That’s the good news. The bad news is that Jupiter squares the film’s Sun.  Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, meaning it’s really not a good placing for Jupiter.  Virgo is too critical (as in “critics” for happy-go-lucky Jupiter.  You’re not going to get that fun, May 1977 feel from this film.


Emotionally, The Force Awakens is a film that’s not entirely sure of itself. Its moon is in erratic Aquarius.  If rumors are true, that almost certainly is an indication of the original Star Wars’ missing hero, Luke Skywalker.  Where in the galaxy is Luke Skywalker?  Rumors are that he’s gone crazy, that he’s gone to the Dark Side, that he’s the new Darth Vader.


No. As one who has seen every scrap of trailer footage, rest assured that’s not the case.  Just remember what Yoda said:  Luke hadn’t finished his training.  What he’s been doing these 32 years and why he disappeared, well, we’ll find out when we see the film.  The chart indicates that the mysterious figure turns up at the end of the film, and it’s a very positive thing:  Neptune in its own sign of Pisces.  The villain (Pluto) is a Saturnian would-be tyrant whom our hero(es) will oppose at the climax with the aid of the mysterious figure.


Mars squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. There will be a life-or-death battle with rather dire consequences that will sum up the crux of the movie, and possibly account for some of its unpopularity.


Where the original film was met with scorn and ridicule (Uranus in Scorpio) for minor offenses of dialog and hairstyles, offset by its double grand trine, this film may be met with outright anger at the outcome of the death of what will probably be at least one major character, if not two. The anger will be muted by Libra and offset by the sextile between Pluto and Neptune in Pisces in the Eighth House of death (a sacrifice of some sort, as well as the emergence of a mysterious or missing character at the end).


The menage of trailers gives a rather gloomy forecast for the film. Characters screaming in agony.  One character weeping over the body of another;  a relationship to which the crying character, new to the story, must be awfully close to account for such copious tears.


Someone studying the recovered mask of Darth Vader, someone those unfamiliar with the full nature of the trailers and teasers are mistaking for Luke Skywalker (it is not). But there are also hopeful glimpses, though not many.  Another figure missing from the trailers and teasers, though not from the movie poster (entirely) is C3PO.


Uranus and Neptune, the two planets most associated with filmmaking, make an inconjunct aspect to the leading planet in the chart Jupiter. That may indicate no more than loose ends generally associated with a serial film (there are two more installments to go).


We can depend upon director J.J. Abrams, a hip dude in his forties, not to make the mistake of the prequels. No Jar-Jar Binks will be around to disturb adolescent notions of coolness.  However, the indication is there for another downer and some audience disappointment.


You will find Luke Skywalker again and the Force will be with him. You may not like what happens to Han Solo (given Harrison Ford’s age, though…).  Princess Leia is no longer a princess.  You will not find this movie the next original Star Wars, even though the original cast returns.


But at least the adventure continues.



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