Paul Ryan: The Wolfman in Republican Sheep Clothing

Oh, the treachery of it all.

No, not J.J. Abrams wrapping up the new Star Wars film in a great, big cheerful commercial package with pictures of Han Solo and Chewbacca celebrating their homecoming on the Millennium Falcon; a cute, new droid named BB-8 rolling around a familiar desert landscape; and a winsome but resourceful new heroine who doesn’t need any hero’s help, thank you very much, and putting a huge Christmas bow on it.

Then, luring people into the theater only to find out that their favorite space smuggler is not even just killed in action but murdered in cold blood, the villain putting the old Sith chokehold on him, and staring our hero in the eye as he slowly drives his lightsaber through the hapless you-know-who’s heart and slowly draws it out again (if accounts are correct).

Has anyone, other than Entertainment Weekly (thank you, EW!), warned parents of young kids about this?  Who are these stone-hearted teenagers cheering about this movie?  Is sadism the new normal?  HS is light-sabered right through the heart – but otherwise it’s a GREAT movie!  Can’t wait for the sequel!

You really need to wake up, Americans.  It’s definitely not 1977, anymore.  If only.  The heck with this spoiler censorship nonsense.  Think more along the lines of “if you see something, say something,” for God’s sake.

No, this treacherous betrayal, if not as gory (and painful), is just as villainous. J.J. Abrams and Harrison Ford are hyping up the gun control hyperbole with this gruesome scene smack-dab in the middle of a film we’re supposed to believe is just like the original Star Wars.  House Speaker Paul Ryan, who’s supposed to be a Conservative, is giving Obama the entire Santa Claus bag for Christmas, Islamic jihadists, phoney-crony-credits and all.  Stabbings on the screen and in the theater at the same time.  Talk about interactive movies.

A Conservative House Speaker inking an omnibus spending bill. Who saw that coming?  Conservative America is shocked, shocked.  This Conservative blogger?  Eh, not so much.  Lying, cheating and spending are apparently the new, old normal in Congress.  But it’s not news; not if you’ve been paying attention.

Back in 2012, in one of the most anti-Constitutional votes ever, Rep. Paul Ryan (R., 1-Wisc) voted in favor of reducing the U.S. Senate’s power to confirm presidential appointments to key government positions, including federal judges and key positions of federal departments. Another 90 or so Republicans, including some Conservatives voted “Yea” with him.

Happily, New Jersey’s Scott Garrett was not among them, Nor was Lance Leonard.  That this news wasn’t made more public was absolutely appalling, especially given Ryan’s espoused “conservative” views.  If this was a “Conservative,” then the Conservatives didn’t need any enemies.

The bill (at the time, now a law) was entitled S. 679 (112th) Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011. Family Research Council’s Senior Vice President Thomas McClusky at the time, noted the dangers of giving this kind of power to the president, saying:

“The United States Constitution does not bestow kingly powers on the President to appoint the senior officers of the government with no process.”

Now Ryan has given Obama everything he wants in the way of fiscal powers. As the new Speaker of the House and sporting a beard that makes him look like a refugee from some Hollywood werewolf movie, Ryan passed a $1.1 trillion, 2,000-plus page omnibus bill that funds Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation of America.’


According to Breitbart, among other things, Ryan’s omnibus fully funds the Dream Action or DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), grating work permits to 70,000 illegal aliens along with tax credits and access to federal entitlement programs. The bill also funds sanctuary cities, all refugee programs, and all of the Middle East Immigrant programs.  Call it “The Terrorist Express.”


The omnibus also funds illegal alien resettlement in a neighborhood near you as well as the release of criminal illegal aliens. It quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas (that’s 250,000 unskilled guest workers).  The bill also locks in huge spending increase on both defense and non-defense spending next year by $25 billion.


The one thing the Ryan Express does not fund is the 700-mile double-layer border fence that Congress promised the American people.


“What may prove most discouraging of all to Americans,” Breitbart states, “is that recent reports reveal that conservatives is the so-called House Freedom Caucus are praising Ryan even as he permanently locks in these irreversible and anti-American immigration policies. According to Politico, the House Freedom Caucus will ‘give Ryan a pass’ even as funds disastrous policies that prioritize the interests of foreign nationals and global corporatists above the needs of the American people whom lawmakers are supposed to represent.”


Well, if J.J. Abrams can throw away the original concept for Star Wars (old Forties films where the good guys in white hats saved the day), it’s possible for a Republican poser to deceive the people who voted for him and send the American economy down the drain while granting amnesty to Islamic Jihadists who supposedly, just this afternoon, called in a bomb threat to a theater in Freehold which is showing the new Stars Wars flick.


I have a bad feeling about this…



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