The First Order Versus the New World Order

I must apologize to my readers for a few things.   First, for posting a blog without a Star Wars spoiler alert.  Second, for getting the name of the “Supreme Leader” wrong in my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens:  the name is “Snoke”  not “Snopes.”  Personally, I think it’s a stupid name, either way.  I also incorrectly referred to the new Star Wars regime as the “New Order”; it’s the “First Order.”


I may have been confusing the Star Wars galaxy with our own “New World Order” which I think is an understandable mistake.


By the time we left the theater, it was close to 8 p.m. The advantage of going to a 5:30 p.m. showing is that you stand a better chance of getting in if the movie is a popular blockbuster.  Parents don’t bring their kids to a showing during the dinner hour.


We were now hungry, so we stopped at a nearby McDonald’s to get some food. This was a new, 21st Century, state-of-the-art McDonalds.  No plastic kiddie seats, no goofy characters, no primary colors.  The restaurant even had television.


This was Saturday night, the night of the Democrat debate. My companion wondered who would want to watch a Democrat debate.  I replied, “Nobody’s going to be watching it, not even the Democrats; not around here, at least – they’re all back there at the theater, waiting in line for the Star Wars movie.”


Supreme Leader Hillary was holding forth on the screen. No complaint of Bernie Sanders that the Democrat Party had favored the S.L. in distributing data of some kind and cheated his campaign out of it.  The Supreme Leader deflected the charges as haughtily and as easily a Sith Lord fending off a mere blaster shot.


We weren’t sure what was going on. But it seems as though the Democrat Party is jealous of all the attention the Republican Party is getting with its huge list of candidates, angry voters, and candidates falling all over themselves to prove how “Conservative” they are.


We have Donald Trump. We know it isn’t fair, Democrats.  We’re having all the fun.  But you’re welcome to some of our other candidates.  Frankly, we don’t really know why some of them are even on the Republican primary ticket.


Lindsay Graham just threw in the towel. Since you have a dearth of candidates, you’re welcome to him.  He has all the proper Liberal bona fides.  He couldn’t do any worse than that third-place, two-percent loser at the bottom of your short ticket, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.


We’ll also throw in John Kasich. He’s so Liberal, he’s probably to the Left of Hillary.  You can also have Ben Carson.  He’s definitely good material for the Democrats:  he wrote a tract criticizing the Vietnam War, stating that Communism is actually good for some countries.


George Pataki is another Liberal Republican, in the style of Nelson Rockefeller. He helped destroy the Conservative movement in the Republican Party in 1964.  Just think what a Rockefeller Republican could do for you.


We’d tell you to take Jeb Bush, and probably Marco Rubio, too, except that the GOP is so panic-stricken at the notion that the Conservatives might take over that they’ll never let these two go. If they can “liberalize” the Republican Party, why couldn’t they “conserve” the Democrats?  Tit for tat, you know.


This trade-off would balance the scales enormously. Some of our lower tier candidates aren’t even of any use to us, much less to you.  Republican Party voters would be appeased.  They could stop taking Pepto Bismol every time a Liberal Republican supports the Dream Act or signs on to huge budget increases.  Bush talks tough on defense.  But Trump and Christie are tougher.  They’re naturals at it, where Bush is a poser.


That would leave us with four or five really strong candidates: Christie, Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum and Trump.  They would have more time to discuss the issues.  You Democrats would get freedom of choice.  What choice do you have right now?  An old socialist hippie and a Supreme Leader facing criminal charges?


Oh, but wait, I forgot. Essentially, you’re socialist communists.  You don’t believe in freedom of choice.  In fact, you don’t believe in freedom of anything.  All that bilge about being for “The People” is just bilge water.  You’re no more for “The People” than Supreme Leader Snoke.


As long as you get yours, which you believe, in your supreme estimation of yourselves and your intelligence, you deserve, the common people are just cogs in the machine, meant to work for the greater good, not their own. They don’t realize that, of course.  Where Communism has conquered freedom, the first of those freedoms to be banished is freedom of speech, and with it, the truth about Communism.  The second thing to be squashed is ownership of weapons, and third, education.  Or rather, “re-education.”


In Russia, “The People” were squashed into communal apartments, and very small apartments at that, where they must share a common bathroom with other floor residents. The Chinese haven’t fared much better.  They lived in what America used to call “factory towns.”  One of them just got washed away in a mudslide in southern China.


The Democrats have the same plan for America. You almost managed to co-opt the Republican Party.  But voters are fighting back.  The Tea Party has succeeded in getting its main message out.  We’ve never been about politics; our goal is freedom.  Limited, accountable government, lower taxes, and unlimited liberty.


Two interesting complaints about the Star Wars movies, that I have on good authority from friends with teenagers is that 1) one of the reasons they hated the prequels, of which I had been ignorant, was the planet Coruscant, the city-planet. Absolutely hated the great, indoors, the polish, the cleanliness, and the focus on high-level politics and 2) that the Star Wars movies always seem to involve desert planets.

Climate change message? I don’t think so.  That’s where we’re all going to wind up, either in massive, planet-wide cities or in deserts, where we can’t interfere anymore with Mother Nature.  Shang-Hai, China, is the model (I believe) for Coruscant of the prequels.


Shang-Hai used to be a dirty, poverty-stricken heck-hole. Then along came the Olympic Games and the city was remade.  Now it’s a city of high-rise residential and business towers, stream-lined roadways and high-price luxury stores.  Not exactly the place to raise children, which the Chinese Communist government discourages.


But Shang-Hai is great for the Arrested Adolescent who wants to do nothing more than work on computers and come home at night, have a few drinks in some posh bar, and go home and play more video games (or watch pirated Western movies). Children?  They’re just an expensive nuisance as far as your Chinese cousins are concerned, American Millennials.


Homes with yards? Property ownership was banned back in the ancient history of Communism in the early 20th Century.  No one owns homes.  Besides, they’re high-maintenance.  You have to mow lawns, rake leaves, and clean out gutters.  Life’s a lot easier in modern Shang-Hai.


Back during my Public Affairs days, I once stayed in an Atlantic City hotel. Across the way was another high-rise hotel with a neon display which took up the entire face of the building.  At first, it was interesting.  However, this thing flickered all night long through the chinks in my hotel curtains.  I cut my assignment short that next day, and even though it was the middle of the night, I hurried back up the Garden State to my comfy condo and the comparatively mild annoyance of giant light in the laundromat parking lot next door.


The television screen on the McDonald’s wall was set up on high, so it would be visible. The effect was that when Hillary came on the screen, she was looking down her nose upon the McDonald’s audience.  She reminded one very much of the old posters of Lenin, holding his giant hand out to the people.


The last two Harry Potter films replicated this image of the Minister of Magic, now a tyrant (in the Deathly Hallows) towering over the citizens of Magical London.


Just imagine if she’s elected, the electronic images of a giant Hillary towering above you, flickering in an endless, insomniac vision as you, Lenin’s useful idiot, try to get some sleep in your cramped, high-rise condo, never again to feel the earth beneath your feet; only the rock hard concrete of Communism.


Welcome to the New World Order. You voted for it.



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