A Green Christmas for New Jersey

There have been White Christmases. Even Blue Christmases.  But for New Jersey this year, and surrounding areas, Christmas 2015 is going to be Green.  As in we got bucket-loads of rain today.  On Christmas Eve morning, we’re due for some morning thunderstorms that will lower the temperature 10 degrees from 73 degrees to 63 degrees.


The record temperature for Newark (the state’s official weather capital), was 69 degrees in 1964. The record high for Christmas Eve in Newark was 64 degrees in 1990.  Seven years earlier, the temperature, in 1983, was 3 degrees in Newark (and a whole lot colder in the northwest suburbs!).


What do all the climate changers have to say about that? The latest “rumor” is that climate change is caused by carbon dioxides that come not from cows but from vegetables.  Not only shouldn’t we drink milk, eat meat, but now we shouldn’t even eat our veggies.  You can just hear the kiddies cheering.


The news comes one day after the official winter solstice, the longest day of the year. The record-breaking Eastern temperatures are like a gift from Santy Claus to Climate Changes.  What fun they’re going to have postulating on the extreme warmth of this Christmas, not to mention the Christmas Eve asteroid that’s going to race by Earth.


Then again, we’re also due for a rare full moon on Christmas. Rudolf can take this Christmas Eve off.  There’s a huge, unexpected solar flare coming out from the Sun.  It was so strong, that it blacked out short-wave radios in the Southern Hemisphere.


None of the Christmas Eve asteroids are coming that close to the Earth. The asteroid passing us by tomorrow will come within 1.4 LDs (Lunar Distance) of the Earth, about 6:15 Universal Time.  It’s not a very big asteroid.  It’s come a lot closer to Earth than this.


No one around here, or any other Northern clime, unless they’re kids or ski buffs are complaining about the extremely mild temperatures or care why it’s happening. If Easterners will be strutting around on Christmas Eve in shorts and tee shirts, that’s just fine with them.


The only thing I find disappointing is that I won’t be able to wear either of my ex-sister-in-law’s beautiful Christmas sweaters. Christmas sweaters, on the whole are mocked, but she had a tendency towards good taste in clothes and these sweaters are quite beautiful.


Climate change is like a bus. If this Christmas Eve disappoints, just wait – another cold Christmas will come around within the next 15 years.  Not that I’m dreaming of a cold, snowy Christmas.  I remember them.  Plenty of them.  They were fun when we kids in the Sixties.  Not so much when we struggled to get from our cars to whatever auditorium in which we were playing with our musical equipment.


You don’t need snow for sleigh bells. You can get them at Musician’s Friend or any number of other musical websites for about $35 dollars.  Being a bell player, I even bought a small, sleigh bell Christmas tree as a decoration about 15 years ago (when I was working).


We’re having a Warm Christmas? Don’t sweat it!  Just of all the green you’ll be saving on heating bills this month.


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