Christmas Eve, 2015 (Baby, It’s Warm Outside)

Some wag at MRC (Media Research Center) went to a college campus to recruit students to petition all radio stations to ban the song “White Christmas.”


Most of the students bobbled their collective heads in agreement, signing the bogus petition. Didn’t their parents ever warn them not to sign a petition if they weren’t sure of its authenticity?


You can hear Bing singing the song in the attached clip from the 1954 film, “White Christmas.” He originally introduced the song in the 1942 film, “Holiday Inn”. He sang it again in the 1946 film, “Blue Skies.” Legend has that Der Bingle didn’t like the song.  Go figure.


Still, he did his duty. The stories about his dislike of the song only came out later.  He was smart enough not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.  He recorded the song numerous times.  He sang it and he sang it and he sang it.  And then he sang it some more.  Crosby was the consummate professional.  Whatever his personal feelings were about a song, he gave the audience what it wanted, no matter how many times it wanted it (Harrison Ford, take note).


Interestingly, none of the actresses who appear with him in the White Christmas numbers (in “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas”) actually sing the number. On the soundtrack for “White Christmas” singer Rosemary Clooney is replaced by Peggy Lee, due to a contractual conflict.  In “Holiday Inn,” Marjorie Reynolds was dubbed by Martha Mears, the Marni Nixon of her time.


Another interesting thing about “White Christmas” is that the plot was about a warm spell in Vermont, which nearly dooms the owner of the ski inn, the departing general at the beginning of the movie, before Crosby and pals rescue him.


Conflating the word “white” as in snow with the racial term “white” is such a feat of linguistic legerdemain that one wonders if such people need a tow truck to pull them out of this racial snowdrift into which they’ve plowed.


The War on Christmas has been raging since the Seventies. Liberals have succeeded in changing Christmas concerts to holiday concerts, Christmas trees to holiday trees, and Christmas parties to holiday parties.  Not that the change in terms mattered to the San Bernardino jihadists.  They weren’t fooled.


Fortunately, the “petition” was only a gag; it would be a shame if the song, especially in its 1954 film/video version. “White Christmas” 1942 was so popular during World War II, that it made Bing Crosby the most popular performer by the armed forces and inspired the producers of the 1954 version to film the scene against a World War II backdrop (Monte Cassino, to be exact, southeast of Rome, a place where my father could very well have been fighting).


The scene is so touching that it just blows you (and any other versions, including the romantic 1942 film version) away. Sometimes that’s all it takes – one extraordinary singer and a music box – and our guys in our uniform.  Notice the general’s expression when Bing sings about “children.”  That’s just about how old those World War II soldiers were – about 19.


Of course, they’re only actors in the movie. But they give a great performance, all the same.

You’d have to be pretty cold-hearted to hold the racist view of “white” while watching this scene. The political police have succeeded in taking not just “Christ” but the entire concept of “Christmas” out of Christmas.


Are the climate changers planning to ban the “winter” song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” too, just because today (on the Eastern Seaboard), baby, it’s warm outside? And gray, not white?  Might as well stop putting marshmallows on your hot chocolate, while you’re at it.









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