Packing Away 2015 – The Year in Review

Packing away an old year is similar to packing away the holiday decorations. You want to clear everything away as quickly and as orderly as possible, taking care of the delicate ornaments, sighing over heirloom ornaments that in their fragility have shattered in spite of taking great care with them, laughing over the survivors with their memories, and rolling your eyes at the new-fangled ornaments your children insisted on hanging on the lower limbs.


Unless you’re a proponent of artificial trees, the sacrificed Christmas tree is now laying in the gutter, awaiting pick-up. You go through the refrigerator routing the leftovers that have lingered a little too long.  With relief, you look around at your restored living room, happy for some memories, but glad the holidays are over, along with the family squabbles and, in some families, the sorrows.


2015 took a terrible toll on our moral values, which now lay in the gutter, cruelly abandoned. Some communities will hold a bonfire, heaping traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, prosperity, and peace into the burning flames of socialist communism.


The heathens will make merry as we remember 2015. Where shall we store the Iran Nuclear Deal?  Perhaps in a metal box in our backyard fall-out shelter?  The last time we felt this insecure, Kennedy was president and Russia was about to give Cuba an early Christmas gift of nuclear weapons.  Our parents wondered whether we would have a future.


Not so the Millennial Generation. They have no worries, or what worries they have they blow off in a cloud of marijuana smoke and heroin packets.  They direct their attention to the latest electronic technology, to Facebook friends and Twitter news, and place their children in front of the HDTV to watch a Disney movie rather than the Rose Parade from Pasadena, where real imagination is on display.


How much of 2015 do we really want to save? What was 2015?  It was a monster of a year: It began with Islam Jihadist violence in Nigeria and ended with the heartless, jihadist massacre of party-goers at an office Christmas Party in San Bernardino, Calif.


2015 was the year of “Je Suis Charlie”, the murder of the editorial staff of the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo. Another Jihadist attack killed 140 in Kenya in April.  Then there was the shooting at a Black African Methodist church in Charleston, S.C., by a young white racist.


If there was one silver lining in this dark cloud, it was that the illegal Confederate flag was banned from ever flying over government property again. Americans are free to fly whatever flag they wish on their own property. That’s fine.  But the North won the Civil War and that’s all there is to it.


Another day of jihadist massacre occurred in June, when Islamists struck in Tunisia, Kuwait and France, killing dozens. Boko Haram struck again in July.  Still, Obama insisted that the United States was making “progress” against ISIS – his own Frankenstinian creation.  Meanwhile, another Jihadist opened fire on a military base in Tennessee, killing five.  The same day, a mentally-ill man who still managed to pass a background check to buy the murder weapon killed two and wounded nine at a Lafayette, La., movie theater.


In Bangkok, Thailand, jihadists blew up an ancient Hindu temple, killing 20 and injuring more than 120 others. But virtue triumphed on a Paris-bound train when three American soldiers overpowered a jihadist while still in Belgium.


A gunman killed nine and injured nine at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., giving Obama the “ammunition” he needed to further his attack on our Second Amendment right to bear arms (and protect ourselves).


As disturbing as all this shooting was, especially from Muslim Jihadists, the worse news of the year was the Muslim incursion of immigrants into Europe. Allegedly fleeing the war in Syria, the refugees claim to be fleeing the war, but refugees have been found to come from countries as far away as Sudan in Africa.  Germany’s Andrea Merkel welcomed the tide of refugees, but other nations, like Austria, have closed their borders.


Islamic Jihadists have been noted among the new “immigrants” carrying weapons, not children. These genii, once released from their bottle, will be impossible to be put back.  Within 20 years, at the latest, they will overwhelm Europe and Sharia Law will be the law of the continent.


Here in America, the illegal immigration crisis has been front-page news the entire year. Socialist Democrats decry the ungenerosity of Conservative Republicans in wanting to return these genii to their original countries.  The Democrats wail about the cruelty of returning illegals to their home countries.  Oh, the suffering!  Oh, the inhumanity!  Oh, the heck with that.


Democrats even have the nerve to cite Jesus Christ, who urged the Israelis not to reject the visitor. Excuse me, but didn’t He mean the visitor to the Kingdom of God?  That no one should be barred from visiting the Holy Temple?  Surely, He would realize that these invaders have been invited into the U.S. to ruin her economy, give power to the enemies of freedom, and tear down her churches and synagogues?


In a separate category all by itself is the Black Lives Matter movement. These agitators have been trying – successfully – to reignite the fires of the Sixties.  St. Louis, Mo., was last year’s city.  This year, the city is Baltimore, and the alleged victim, Freddie Gray.


Gray, a 26 year-old Black man, was arrested by the Baltimore police for possession of a switch-blade knife. Gray, who had a lengthy arrest record on drug-related charges, and another man in a high-crime area of the city bolted when they saw the police cruiser, even though the police had no probably cause to question Gray or the other man.  Running was enough.


Once in the van, according to a prisoner in the other cage, Gray began yelling and thrashing about violently in the back of the van. The police stopped and shackled him to stop him from flailing about, and had to stop three more times.   A week later, Gray died of head and neck injuries.  Protests became violent and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake demanded an investigation of the police, although no evidence suggested that Gray was harmed by anyone but himself.  The fatal injury matched a bolt in the back door of the police van.


The Baltimore riots led to unrest on campuses across the country, where white students willingly accepted guilt for their white “privilege.” Campuses went into free speech lockdown.  Common words were banned on campuses, including the phrase “politically correct.”  Oppressive and hateful language includes: “ghetto,” “crazy,” “insane,” “guys,” “tomboy,” “retarded” (already a banned word in the Sixties), “normal,” “gypped,” “prayer,” (both the word and the activity) and the phrases, “I want to die,”  “holding down the fort,” and “rule of thumb” (the maximum width of a stick with which a man could beat his wife and children).


Oh, and another word that is now politically-incorrect: American.  The preferred nomenclature is “U.S. Citizen.”


Speaking of Americans and politics, in or not, the greatest American phenomenon of 2015 was Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate. Trump has defied every logic of politics.  Countless times, foolish pundits have predicted his political death, only to watch his poll numbers rise astronomically.


The Donald Trump comes down to this: Conservative Americans are angry.  Very angry.  They became even angrier when Paul Ryan betrayed the base and signed away on Obama’s very expensive, very liberal budget.  The only candidate who has spoken their language fluently has been Donald Trump.


No one does “angry” quite the way Trump does. He does it with style and flair.  He does it from the posh lobby of his billion-dollar luxury high-rise in Manhattan.  He does it stumping in a red hat that says, “Make America Great Again.”  His opponents have tried to paint him as an all-weather fellow, friend of Democrat and Republican alike.  He’s even said so himself.


He’s never spoken the words “liberty” or “freedom.” But he talks about building a fence across our southern border with Mexico with great gusto.  He talks about the trade imbalance with China with impressive business acumen.  There’s no political correctness about his frank talk about Islamic Jihadists.  He keeps his public speeches simple, with simple words like “big,” “great,” and “fantastic.”  His speeches are full of exclamation marks.  He takes on all comers and insults them enthusiastically and personally.


Americans love it, apparently. Well some of them.  The lady who lives upstairs is going to vote for him.  My ex-sister-in-law is going to vote for him (much to The Nephew’s dismay.  He’s a Rand Paul fan who thinks I should vote for Hillary.  Where did I go wrong helping to raise him?) I think my older brother’s gal is going to vote for him. Her son is a Trump fan.  My guy’s definitely going to vote for him, although I doubt his son will.


But the vote is in 2016 and we’re talking about 2015. Love him or hate him, you must admit Trump was Big News in 2015, the funniest, most audacious thing to happen in politics and wake the voters up since Teddy Roosevelt and his Big Stick.


Will Trump destroy the Republican Party, tear it apart? Who knows?  That’s news for 2016.


2015 was the wake-up call for the GOP. Thanks to Trump, the candidates certainly began piling on the Conservative bandwagon, including Rodney Frelinghuysen, the most un-Conservative congressman New Jersey has ever sent to Washington.  Unfortunately, they outnumber us.  Only two Congressmen are Conservative in New Jersey, and our friend Scott Garrett is under fire for opposing gay Republican candidates.


Garrett’s stance was brave but could cost him in an increasingly Millennial Generation state and era. The Millennials are the greatest disappointment of 2015.  Their insouciance, their carelessness, their arrested development is the greatest threat to freedom the nation faces.  Not even Islamic jihad ranks worse.


We cannot fight off the enemies of freedom if the generation currently at its zenith and raising the next generation in line is no better than the inflatable figures they erected on their lawns for the holidays. When the wind blows, they sway along with it.  Fill them with drugs, and they put on a happy face, with no more comprehension than Frosty the Snowman.  Prick them, and they collapse.  They have no substance, no foundation, and no scruples.  They’re hot for “change” but have no concept of the dangers such changes involve.


This is America’s center stage at present, a center that is all too easily attacked and unwilling to defend itself against spurious charges of racism, classism, and various phobias. “Fighting” isn’t cool.  It isn’t hip.  The thing, these days, is to get along.


Wait a minute. That’s a line from “The Sound of Music” when Baron Von Trapp’s business agent urges him to try to get along with the Nazis.  Oh boy, does the Left ever hate the allusions to Nazi, fascist Germany.  That’s not who they are, they claim.  No?


Nazi Germany vehemently opposed Communism, but other than that, they just seem to be opposite sides of the same coin. 2015 was, in short, a very bad year for freedom.


The only good thing you can say about 2015 is that it’s over. Even in the dying hours of 2015, freedom was under attack.  Munich, Brussels, and Rochester, N.Y., had to cancel their New Year’s Eve celebrations due to serious Islamic Jihadist attacks.  Paris scaled back its New Year’s Eve celebration and in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, their New Year’s Eve fireworks display had to compete with a spectacular high-rise fire at the Address Hotel, a few blocks away from the celebration.


The investigation into the fire is still continuing, although it was almost immediately determined that it was not terrorist-related. The façade of the 63-storey, pre-2012 building was composed of an aluminum-based material that was declared to be unsafe after it was built.  Whether a terrorist group might have been aware of this condition is unknown.  The fire was said to have begun on a 20th floor terrace.


Did 2015 set the stage for more to come in 2016, with a U.S. presidential race hanging on the balance of our success or failure in domestic security, economic and social, and a flagging, foreign policy antithetical to American interests?


Have we packed combustible materials into the American attic marked “2015”?


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