Crooked Legislative District Lines for a Crooked State

The Communist State of New Jersey is about to redraw (again) the boundaries for its 40 Legislative Districts. The map is already a jigsaw puzzle of politically-based lines, drawn to favor Democrat, minority districts.  The Legislative District Map is every bit as crooked and twisting as New Jersey’s roads.


Route 23 takes a sharp, dangerous twist in Wayne. The property was originally a restaurant, Dan’s Steakhouse, which was there for many years.  The owner of the Lincoln dealer bought the property with the (unstated) intention of using it for its dealership.  Then, the state came along and said it had to go to straighten highway.


But the owner convinced the state that Dan’s Steakhouse was an historic site. Rumors whisper that money changed hands.  So the state agreed and the highway was twisted around the property.  After the state was through, the restaurant owner tore the steakhouse down and turned it into a parking lot.  The car dealership benefitted to the detriment of motorists on Route 23.


So we wound up with a crooked highway thanks to political corruption.


ACR-4 changes how the 40 legislative districts will be drawn after the future Census counts. The map has immense consequences regarding who gets elected.  These changes will favor one political party over the other.  All decisions will be left to those most likely to benefit and marginalize the citizens, isolating them from any practical influence or input.


Further, while giving the appearance of impartiality, continuing to authorize the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court to have appointment power over the tie-breaking member is a breach of jurisdictional authority and an absolute conflict of interest.


The Court’s duty is to independently evaluate constitutional issues, not to participate in partisan manipulations. Legislative Apportionment is a constitutional subject.


The map, which is being designed to day (Jan. 7) cannot be vetoed by the Governor.


Republican committee members in the minority have criticized the process, claiming that the proposed constitutional amendment was made available to them for the first time only two days before committee consideration.  Many questions remain unanswered as to the origin and practical effects of the proposal.

They have also questioned the committee’s exceedingly hasty and virtually non-deliberative process to advance the proposal, particularly since the legislative apportionment process will not begin for about five years. A proposed constitutional amendment with a significant but unknown impact on the voting rights of New Jersey citizens deserves more than two days’ review and rushed committee discussion with little time to ask even the most basic questions.


As a result, some minority Republicans stated that they could not in good conscience support the proposal to amend the State Constitution.


Our voting rights, our political voice, in New Jersey are about to go the way of Dan’s Steakhouse to become a parking lot for one-way, one-sided, one-party political favors and corruption.






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