Ted Cruz: I Hate New York Values

That Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was insulted by Ted Cruz’ comments about New York City was understandable, in that The Donald is a native New Yorker, born in Queens.   But tough on him. He should suck it up like a man.  I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be “tough.”


Ted Cruz spoke about New York attitude. “You may not know what ‘New York attitude is,’ he said, “but the rest of us do.”


He went on to state, “Donald comes from New York and he embodies New York values. Everybody understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal and pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage,” he said. “And focus on money and the media. Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan. I’m just saying.  The concept of New York values is not that complicated to figure out.”
Those are values? You could have fooled me.


Trump huffed that he was personally insulted – well, he would be – and went on to invoke images of the World Trade Center crashing down and the ensuing stench that polluted lower Manhattan for months.


What Trump failed to mention was how many Americans from across the United States came to work on the recovery at Ground Zero. The insurance company for which I worked at the time sent in its national catastrophe team, its truck navigating its way along the narrow streets of lower Manhattan in the early hours of the morning.  They had to have special security clearance to investigate the claims, both auto and life, the largest number of life insurance claims in a single day the company had ever had to process.


All Americans were New Yorkers on 9/11. But then along came New York City politics, delaying the clean-up, delaying the identification of bodies (which were sent to a landfill on Staten Island), and delaying by over a decade a memorial to the tragedy.  A controversial mosque, proposed for a building into which the landing gear on one of the 9/11 planes had fallen, was approved and constructed more quickly than the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.


By the time of the first anniversary observance of the attacks, then New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D), whom Donald Trump supported in her candidacy, had successfully campaigned to prevent Jeb Bush’s brother, then-President of the United States George W. Bush, from attending the ceremony, citing partisan politics. She charged that Bush was using 9/11 for political purposes.


What? Excuse me?  He was the President of the United States, whether New York City liked him or not, the Commander-in-Chief.  He had every right to be there to commemorate the event.  If anyone was guilty of partisan politics, it was Clinton herself, whose husband brushed off the first attack on the World Trade Center as a mere criminal act.


That’s the New York City values Cruz was attacking. In 2013, New York City elected its first communist mayor, Bill de Blasio.  New York City’s taxes and regulations are outrageous.  Only the very rich and the very poor can afford to live there, the latter on the taxation of the city’s outer-borough and out-of-town (Long Island, New Jersey, Rockland and Westchester counties) workers.


New York has a fantastic mass transit system. With its business district located on a relatively narrow peninsula, the city needs it.  No liberal, I would concur that this is one city that definitely needs to restrict automobile traffic, especially in lower Manhattan.  But it is also fantastically expensive to commute there, especially if you live in New Jersey.


The city has also become more dangerous since de Blasio took the helm as mayor. For starters, since 1993, New York has been the Number One Jihadist Terror site in the Western Hemisphere.  I worked in the city 30 years ago.  Today, National Guardsmen are everywhere, both an unsettling and a comforting sight, given our security situation.  If the country hadn’t taken such a New York liberal laxity towards immigration and national security, one would be more secure in winding one’s way through the Port Authority terminal.


New York is not the place you want to get stuck in an emergency, of any sort. We saw that on 9/11 when all the bridges and tunnels to New Jersey and Long Island were closed.  We also saw during the power outage of 2003.  What would happen to the city in a major, sustained attack, nuclear, EMP, or an outbreak of civil unrest?


Just last weekend, the 1981 film “Escape from New York” was on one of the cable channels. Manhattan is sealed off as a penal colony. In the movie, a troupe of drag queens sings a show number, a la “Everything’s Coming Roses,” entitled “Everyone’s Coming to New York.”


Shoot a cop/With a gun/The Big Apple is plenty of fun/Stab a priest/With a fork/And you’ll spend your vacation in New York/Rob a bank/Take a truck/You can get here by stealing a buck/This is bliss/It’s a lark/Honey, everyone’s coming to New York!/No more Yankees/Strike the word from your ears/Play the roulette/There’s no more opera at the Met/This is hell/This is fate/But now this is your home and it’s great/So rejoice/Pop a cork/Honey, everyone’s coming to New York!


And that was in the old days before illegal aliens were welcome to flood the streets with even more drugs, more illegal guns, and more stolen goods.


Tourists and gazillionaires never see this part of New York City. The gazillionaires don’t see it living in their sky-high towers and the tourists never see it because they’re busy looking up at the sky-high towers.  The commuters marching double-time in lock-step to and from the bus and train stations know better than to gawk or they might their wallets or purses missing.  After they’ve been run over by the human commuter train, which stops for nothing and no one in their quest to escape from New York City.


If New York is so great, where are the suburbanites going in such a hurry? That’s then-sister-in-law asked me once.  She wanted to know why I didn’t stay in the city to see a show or visit a museum or go to the opera or a concert.


Stay in New York after dark? Was she kidding?  For one thing, the last train left Hoboken at 8 p.m.  Buses ran out to my town only every two hours during non-rush hours and getting to Fort Authority, as I called it then, meant running the gauntlet of drug dealers, hustlers, prostitutes, and bums along 42nd Street (a main thoroughfare).  Side streets at night were absolutely out of the question.


Yes, New York City is a great place if you ride around in a chauffeured limousine with your name stamped on the plates and you can afford the astronomical rents (even better, if you charge them). Heaven help you if you cause an accident with one of those limousines… Billionaires are lovely people, just lovely.  Why shouldn’t they be?  They can afford to be generous with their billions.  They make their money from investments not hourly wages.


Billionaires don’t have to dodge mentally ill street people, who were released by Liberals (New York and otherwise) back in the Sixties and left to their own devices to self-medicate. They don’t have to deal with speed-gulping, cocaine-cracking managers, supervisors, and even executives.


Why is there so much anger, the New York City Liberal media cries? We don’t know; you tell us.  New York City’s primary export is anger.  New York has more psychologists and psychiatrists per square mile than any other city in the country (Los Angeles comes a close second).


New York City could certainly do a better job of managing that anger. Shortly after World War II, it spilled out onto Long Island, and has crept into the northwestern suburbs of New Jersey.  New York’s cabbies are notorious for their profanity.  But so is the entertainment industry, the unions, and the tabloid media.  Think Occupy Wall Street and don’t forget the homosexual entertainment industry.  The Greenwich Village Gay Halloween Parade is an annual tradition in New York.


Cruz is absolutely right about New York City’s reputation and its communist-socialist political tendencies. Why should New Yorkers feel insulted, then?  The New York Daily News, in fact, defended all its so-called social values.  Actually, they’re social-ist values, but in New York City, it’s pretty much the same thing.  Why all the howling, then?  Why all the prickly sensitivity?  Why all the pretentious feather-ruffling?


New York City’s reputation precedes it. New York City improved greatly under Rudolf Giuliani.  Crime went down.  Taxes went down.  Transit fares went…well, you can’t have everything.  That’s why unions shouldn’t be running the mass transit.


Trump cited the late William F. Buckley, Jr., founding editor of the best Conservative magazine EVER, The National Review, as an example of a New York City Conservative. However, Buckley (who ran for New York City mayor in 1965) knew he was in the minority.  In his famous words, he was determined to “stand athwart history and yell:  STOP!”


Rush Limbaugh lived and worked in New York until de Blasio was elected mayor. He moved his home and his radio operations to Florida.  Glenn Beck, on his radio show this morning, in wanting to rebut Trump’s claims of offense, said that he loved New York but hated its politics.


However, if one recollects properly, he and his wife moved to Texas after the couple and one of their daughters was attacked by Occupy Wall Street-style crowd after viewing a film in Central Park. At the time, he moaned, “I hate New York.  I really hate it.”


No one blamed it. We who live in the area don’t like it, either.  We go out of our way to avoid the city altogether.  We only go to the city when visiting relatives insist on a New York City tour.  Oh look!  There’s the Empire State Building.  There’s the Statue of Liberty!  There’s Times Square!  There’s a bunch of naked women serving lattes to men in business suits!  Never mind that!


My parents were native New Yorkers. They both loved New York.  But not enough to live there.  They couldn’t afford.  Neither could millions of other working class families.  Once the second level was added to the George Washington Bridge (1962), flocks of New Yorkers fled for New Jersey’s (then) lower tax rates and affordable housing.


We Conservatives hate New York politics and its lack of values. Even its classical culture leaves something to be desired (as in modern art and jazz dance).  But we don’t and didn’t hate it enough to cheer when the Twin Towers came crashing down.  We cried.  We shook our heads.  We mourned our own family, friends and neighbors who died there on that day, simply because they chose to work in The City.


There is another group who totally hate New York City and every single thing it stands for, from Greenwich Village to Wall Street to the Theater District: the Islamic Jihadists.  Yet, unbelievably, myopic socialist New Yorkers opened their arms to them.  Democrat New Yorkers were frustrated by the outpouring of grief and shared patriotism in the year after 9/11, but knew there was nothing they could do about it.


Only New Yorkers and those near them knew they thought that way. The Media never betrayed them, being the Socialist Propaganda machine, why would they?  Donald Trump is a feeling enough fellow.  He wanted to rebuild the Twin Towers exactly as they were.  Liberal New York reacted with outrage, aghast at the notion of resurrecting these symbols of Capitalism (which they disguised as respect for the dead).


The Iranian Navy is rumored to be circling the North Atlantic in their submarines like sharks, waiting for the official date to destroy the New Babylon, the (please excuse the expression) harlot on the waters. I believe San Francisco is destined for similar fate.


I’m unemployed and seeking another position. Every day, I go through dozens of e-mails advertising positions for administrative assistants in The City.  I delete every one of them.  I don’t want to work in New York.  I worked there once; that was enough.


It’s not the long commute, or even the expense. The length of the commute would enable me to catch up on my reading.  Such hours would interfere with my musical activities.  But if you need the money, you need the money.  It’s not even the double-taxation (wages are higher in the city).  I’ve dealt with that before.


It’s the sheer danger of working in Communist New York City. Now that a communist mayor reigns over the city, it’s open season on white suburbanites.  With the influx of ISIS “immigrants” it will soon be open season on white females.  The route to Fort Authority Bus Terminal (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) runs right through Times Square, where all those demonstrations are held.


If any emergency happens, with The City more crowded than ever, it will be almost impossible to escape from New York. Happily, I don’t frequent bars.  I’m one of those commuters who, at the end of the day, heads straight for the terminal.  I don’t stop at bars, restaurants, shops or Go!  I want to get home again, ASAP.  I don’t feel safe until I see the light at the Jersey end of the Lincoln Tunnel.


I don’t mind saying that I hate New York. I do.  Although I was born in Yonkers, N.Y., one train stop over the New York City border, since coming to live in New Jersey, I’ve gone native.  Native New Jerseyans told us they studiously avoided going into the City.  Some old-time Garden Staters (back in the Sixties) who were descendants of the Dutch settlers said they’d never been to New York in their entire lives.


New Yorkers are as much offensive as they are offended. In 2001, I pitied them.  In 2016, and beyond, if a nuke or an EMP falls slap on them (turning them into Zombies, although I doubt anyone would mark the difference), they’ll get exactly what they deserve.  I have no sympathy, no pity, and about as much mercy as they’ve had on everyone else.


They’ve helped bring us to this ruinous economic and security state. They want to do even worse.  The Democrats (and their crony Republican partners) engineered our economic failure with the intention of driving everyone into a communal state.  Jobs are being driven into The City.


Once these workers are clapped into their prison condos on the Hudson, and the dregs of humanity occupy our once-quiet suburbs (the Edenwald – now Mount Eden – section of the Bronx was once a tree-lined suburb; now, the grim, remaining houses are ensconced in barbed wire, looking like something out of a post-apocalypse movie), the Liberals will allow the Islamic Jihadists to give the “Capitalists” what they “deserve”. The Liberals, meanwhile, are buying up property in remote, mountainous Idaho, the home of billionaires.


Frankly, I just don’t feel like following the sheep into the slaughterhouse. Let them hustle and bustle into New York and then die.  We warned them and they didn’t want to listen.  How I’m going to resist this relentless economic tide sucking everything into the Communist, I don’t know.


But someone has to survive to teach the generation after this one about individual freedom, liberty and God-given rights and responsibilities. I not only value my life enough not to go into The City again, I value my country enough not to surrender what future I have left and what opportunity I might have to resurrect her from the ashes of Socialist “values.”


It’s okay, Mr. Cruz:  I’m from northern New Jersey, and I hate New York values, too.  If I hadn’t already made up my mind to vote for you, you’d have my vote now.






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