Concerning Being Conservative

Boy, howdy! What is the matter with people the last few days?  Is it something to do with the planetary alignment?


Everyone is going crazy over this Conservative thing. “Are you?  Aren’t you?  What does it mean to be Conservative?”  Conservatives are the new Country Club Republicans!  Conservatives want to put everyone in the gulag!  Conservatives are going to round everyone up and put them into concentration camps (uh, no – but we’d send people here illegally back where they came from).  Even Conservative pundits are backing away from their own political identities.


Conservatives don’t want to play nicely! They don’t want to “share” and they don’t want to compromise. They expect politicians to be perfect and that’s never going to happen.  They’re like little children – they want everything their own way (this last was a well-known afternoon radio host) or they’ll take their vote home and then the Democrats will win again and that will be the end of America was we know.


The last time I looked, the Republicans were so much like the Democrats that some Republicans fared worse on the Americans for Prosperity Conservative rankings than Democrats did. John McCain boasted about crossing the aisle to compromise.  George W. crowed about being a “uniter not a divider”.  Mitt Romney was a thoroughly nice guy whose business, when not governing Massachusetts, was turning failed companies around.  What an endorsement for a president of the United States whose country was flailing economically.  Too bad he also endorsed a socialist, universal health care program in his ultra-liberal state.


What is so hard about understanding what being a Conservative means? Read Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley, Edmund Burke or F.A. Hayek for the answers.


We started the Tea Party because we wanted to get away from this notion that we had to “compromise’ our values – both the political and the social. The organizers of the Morristown TEA Party were nervous about addressing the social issues. I wouldn’t have, except the government had already intruded upon them.  Moles infiltrated our meetings with the object of destroying our movement; I pointed out the door to them.  The organizers got even more nervous.  They didn’t want to be branded as “partisan” or “crazy.”


If someone came into your house, insulted your decorating style – and even began rearranging the furniture, made a mess on your carpet, criticized your religion, kicked your dog, told you your kids were ugly and stupid, spat out your food, and stole your money, wouldn’t you show them the  door?


People criticized the Tea Party as “racist,” “homophobic” and every other word in the Liberal dictionary. We’re not the ones policing people’s speech, butchering fetuses or marching naked through Greenwich Village. Yet we’re not advocating blowing up abortion clinics or reinstating the Sodomy Laws, where people were dragged out of their private homes, either.


Even Tea Party administrators on Facebook are urging their followers to “promote the movement in an ‘attainable’ way.” They think Conservatives are “fanatics” simply because we insist our candidates be honorable people?  Did these Facebook people even attend one of the rallies back in 2009?  Because they don’t seem to have gotten the message.  There the real Tea Partiers and the Media’s grossly misleading portrayal of them.


I could think of a few names to call people who abort fetuses, run around naked in the middle of Manhattan, and want to force pastors and priests to marry couples against their conscience. Not to mention people who want to rob us of our right to bear arms and politicians on both sides of the aisle who think subsidies are a natural part of the government’s mandate.


That’s the talk of people who’ve been inhaling too much weed, if you ask me. Everything is not just okay. It’s not okay when you murder a human-being-in-the-making. From the moment they’re conceived, they have the spark of life.  It’s that electricity that occurs in every cell of your body from the moment it starts growing.  Without it, we’d be dead.  Bioelectric genesis, I think it’s called.


It’s not okay when immigrants arrive here early, settle into Section 8 housing and stock up WIC groceries. It’s not okay drug dealers are prowling the streets of your suburb in the open daylight.  It’s not okay to threaten some poor clergy with arrest – that’s what Lenin did, arrested clergy who refused to denounce their religion – because he refuses to marry a couple based on religious principles.  It’s not okay for the government to keep pushing the national debt into the future.  It’s definitely not okay to redistribute the wealth.  That’s a plank of Communism, not freedom.


It’s not okay for Islamic Jihadists to come here in the guise of war refugees and be told that we can’t insult Islam. It’s not okay to make some broad statement that all the world’s troubles are America’s fault.  It’s not okay to decimate our military.  It’s not okay to stifle academic debate (i.e., about climate change).  It’s not okay to say that we’re not allowed to disagree and that we must “compromise.”  It’s not okay to teach our kids that 1 plus 2 equals 5.


We’re a democracy – well, a federated republic. That means we vote for what we believe, not put the other guy in prison if we don’t like the way he thinks.


If you don’t like the notion of being a Conservative, then don’t call yourself one. Become a Moderate. Became a Liberal.  Become a Hare Krishna.  But don’t tell us who we must be in order to be “acceptable” to some brain-washed, brain-damaged Millennial.


If you think limited government, lower taxes, accountable politicians, and fiscal responsibility (the main TEA Party tenets), plus the Constitutional rights of freedom to worship, speak, think, as you please, and freedom to associate with whom you will, and a belief in the U.S. Constitution as it was originally set down by the Founding Fathers (who believed in God) are “extreme” views, then I can’t imagine why you would want to be a Conservative.


The American people are free to form, or join, any political party they wish. Those who would create a “Conservative Party” (it doesn’t exist yet; at the moment, it’s merely an ideology that either you share or you don’t) are under no obligation to modify their beliefs. Those tenets I mentioned have changed or are being transformed (Obama’s promise) and we who think of ourselves as “conservative” by definition oppose their alteration or dissolution as a degeneration, a progressive assault on freedom.


There’s no reason for us to “compromise” one single belief we hold.  We’re being accused of having a “group-think” mentality, which would be about as antithetical to freedom as a mentality can get. And maybe we are into “group-think” ourselves. But we don’t compel anyone to share those beliefs.  No one’s forcing anyone to become a Conservative, don’t be.   Become a Communist if you like or join a Coven. This is what we believe and if you like it, join us in our “crusade” for freedom.  If not, leave us alone.


Nitwits complain that the country is “divided.” Well, no kidding.  And who do we have to thank for that?  The Conservatives?  Or the Progressives, who’ve advocated and engineered these “changes” for the last 100 years?


Ideally, George Washington felt that there shouldn’t be any “parties,” soliciting for the office of President of the United States; just two, outlining how each would be the best defender of the Constitution of the United States. Some believed it was by a strictly centralized Federal government.  Others argued that the size of the federal government, as stated in the Constitution, should be limited in its powers (and size), with the majority of power left to the state governments.


Over the two and a half centuries, many things did change, in the natural course of time, that is. Travel and communications became easier.  The capital was located in Washington, D.C., at the time a central location for the seat of the federal government.


Representatives built offices – and homes – there and began spending more time shaking hands with their Congressional colleagues than their constituents. Congress and the Supreme Court began instituting changes to the Constitution.  The very first SCOTUS decision, Marbury v. Madison was a doozy:  The Court ruled in 1803 that Congress exceeded its power in the Judiciary Act of 1789.  The Court, then, established its power to review Acts of Congress and to declare invalid those it found to be in “conflict” with the Constitution.


That’s how long the nation has been divided and hurtling closer to a centralized bureaucracy and away from freedom and limited government.


With the turn of the 20th Century, a new movement in politics, Progressivism, combined with another recent movement, Communism, joined forces to establish and engineer a collective society that would ultimately banish individual rights (particularly to property).  Congress instituted an income tax in 1913.  Previously, Congress was only permitted to levy taxes in time of war or emergency.


In 1934, the Federal Communications Commission was created to regulate radio, television and any other electronic communications. That same year, the Security and Exchange Commission was established.  During Roosevelt’s unprecedented 12 years in office, he would create an alphabet soup of regulatory agencies.


In 1935, he passed the Social Security Act. Originally intended to tide retired older citizens over in a financial crisis, Social Security became a crutch upon which, to this day, senior citizens are dependent.  The framework for a bureaucratic government became entrenched.


Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson set that bureaucracy in cement when he signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and in 1965, abolished the immigration quota system. The Civil Rights Act was actually favored by the Republicans.  The burdensome, oppressive language of the 1964 Act, essentially regulating speech, laid the foundation for our politically correct society of the 21st Century.  It also ensured that minorities, in Johnson’s words, would be “voting Democrat for the next hundred years.”


The nascent Conservative Movement was quashed by Liberal Republicans in the 1964 Presidential election by Nelson Rockefeller. It resurged, to great success, with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.  Conservatives – the “Silent Majority” first designated by Vice President Spiro Agnew and taken up by Pres. Richard Nixon in the Sixties – were heartened.  Liberals were infuriated, mocking Reagan, a former actor, and harassing the overwhelming majority of Americans who loved him.


If Reagan made one mistake, it was that, with the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall which divided that city between East and West, Communism and Democracy, he declared that Communism was dead. It was not, as much as we would have liked to believe it had been struck its death-blow in Berlin.


Like today’s Islamic Jihadists who learned from them, Communists had cells in every city in America. During the Cold War, their spies communicated with one another at the Yonkers train station, just below where we lived.  They had cells, committed to terrorism and the overthrow of Democracy and Capitalism, in every city in the world.


Their bases were in Mexico and Cuba. That’s what makes the Mexican immigrants so especially dangerous to our freedom.  Unlike the Cuban refugees who rebelled against Castro after his 1959 coup, the Mexicans, with their Chinese heritage, welcomed Communism.  Their leaders had been trained by none other than Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army during the Russian Revolution (Stalin eventually had him assassinated).


Trotsky believed in localized coups rather than central domination by the U.S.S.R. China, which had a strong influence in Mexico City, held the same ideology.  Such overthrows made Communist victory more certain because it wouldn’t seem like an invasion.  Insurrection would be the closest word.


That’s where America is at today. Liberal Democrats depend upon their legal status as Americans to defray any criticism.  That’s enough.  They’ve been trained to hate freedom, individual liberty, property ownership, and prosperity as selfish.  They’ve been inculcated to hate God.  The collective, the state is all.  Try criticizing climate change, the movement that will ensure the seizure of private property and the nationalization of business.


They depend upon the young, the weak, the poor, the ill-informed, the marginalized “minorities” (whose marginalization they’ve had no small part in achieving) to form their voting bloc. Where stupidity, resentment, or outright anger does not serve them as an aid, drugs will.


So here we are. Those voters are on one side of the divide and the Conservatives are on the other, with no real hope of unity since their ideologies are so polarized.  They don’t believe in freedom.  How can there possibly be any compromise on that issue?  Compromise our individual liberty and what’s left?  “Redistribute” our wealth and we’ll be the virtual prisoners of the government.  We won’t be able to criticize it, control it, or counter it, any more than we can take on one of our corporate bosses without being fired.  Deny our Christian God, and we’ll lose our souls.


That’s where we’re at. To join Socialist, progressive Communists (whatever name they want to be called today) is unthinkable.  Many are doing so blindly or out of peer pressure (how typical) with no thought for the ultimate consequences – and there will be consequences, as anyone who has studied the history of Totalitarianism can attest.


No matter how small our group, we will stand our ground. We must.  We don’t really know what the Conservative numbers really are.  They must be more sizeable than the Media or the Republicans are letting on since nearly every politician is laying claim to that ideology.


Our ability to identify them baffles and infuriates the Moderates, who wring their hands over every election. As Gov. Christie noted, Republicans are taking more state legislatures and governor’s seats.  But at what cost, we ask?  How many hands have they shaken, how much money have they given away, how many of our rights have they betrayed to achieve this “miracle”?


They accuse us of being children. But they’re the ones stamping their feet in political temper tantrums because we refuse to play with them anymore.  They worry that the Democrats will “win”.  It looks to us like they already have.  Obama has achieved every one of his agenda items, including the Nuke Deal with Iran, the closing of Guantanamo, and his crowning glory, Obamacare.


Don’t say this. Don’t say that.  Vote for this guy, not that guy, or all is lost.  Freedom is yesterday’s news.  Now’s the time for compromise.


Where is the Tea Party? What happened to it?  With the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, where do you think we’ve been?  Homeschooling our kids, building up our politically-incorrect libraries, and supplying our fall-out shelters, of course.  God is on His way and we don’t want to be standing under any overpasses or occupying tall buildings – in fact, we don’t want to be anywhere in sight – when He shows up.


Go ahead – you tell God that He’s a crazy, violent, irrelevant, politically-incorrect myth – that He’s dead. And good luck with that.


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