Trump: You, the People; Me, the King

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he would not appear in the Fox News Republican Primary Debate this Thursday if Megyn Kelly was a moderator. Fox News responded, ‘Whatever.  But you’re always welcome back to the debate anytime.’


After Trump tweeted a complaint about Fox News’ lack of fairness in their debates, some delver Fox News media specialist tweeted: “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”


The Donald reportedly consulted his Twitter followers to find out whether they thought he should accept the open invitation to the debate. After Fox News’ response, he categorically turned the invitation down.  This is the man who would be president?


The race is getting down to the wire and those Conservatives still considering Trump should consider that he’s made such comments as:


‘President Trump isn’t going to be Candidate Trump.’


‘We’re going to have to compromise.’


‘I’m good friends with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.’




We think he’s courting us, but he’s actually addressing himself to disenchanted young Democrats who, let’s face it, only have some really bad choices in front of them. Moderate Millennials are happy to sign on as Trumpsters since Trump is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.


And he’s got their numbers.


He claimed in the first debate that he was a Republican and wanted to run as a Republican. He vowed that if he couldn’t run as a Republican, he’d run as an Independent.  But what does being a “Republican” really mean?


Democrats claim they have the Big Tent in politics. In fact, the Republican tent is much bigger with many different factions and many different ideologies.  This “diversity” has made the GOP leadership a craven, groveling bunch.


The GOP was initially opposed to Trump. He sounded like a Conservative.  That frightened the leadership.  They criticized him.  Conservative pundits criticized him.  Glenn Beck criticized him.  The more they criticized him, the more his base expanded.


Then, in the last debate, Ted Cruz accused him of holding New York values. Trump launched off on a tirade about 9/11 that had absolutely nothing to do with the September 11th attacks.  Did you know that Trump is a Truther?  It’s “true.”  He believes that the government played a role, if only a passive one (the Truther have been getting their clocks wiped on this one), in the attacks.


That’s almost as bad as his being an Obama “Birther.” Now, he’s a Cruz “Birther,” casting doubts on Cruz’ citizenship.  Cruz made some blunders, saying of his dumping his dual Canadian citizenship in 2014 that he “didn’t know” that it was a problem.  Cruz’ numbers subsequently went down, along with some of his credibility.


The question seems to be whether his mother ever renounced her U.S. citizenship at any point and whether she was the citizen of another country when Ted was born. Well, to use a little average gal logic, if Cruz had dual citizenship – U.S. and Canadian – he couldn’t have gotten that dual citizenship if he hadn’t had at least one American parent when he was born.  That should put paid to that particular controversy.  Let’s hope Cruz is a little more careful in his answers in the future.


Trump tried to catch Cruz out on his Goldman-Sachs campaign loan, to much less effect. Anyone who’s taken out a mortgage on a home – and that’s about 65 percent of Americans – get it.  Sometimes you have to borrow money.  Taking out a loan to run a campaign just isn’t the same as taking a campaign donation from Goldman-Sachs, as Obama did.


Thanks to Glenn Beck, once again, for giving us all the facts on his program this morning about Trump and the Atlantic City eminent domain controversy. Beck played video of Trump denouncing the home as “ugly” and pleading, ‘wouldn’t the city be better off with beautiful fountains and beautiful buildings than a, frankly, ugly house.  I think that house is ugly.’


I remember that clip now. Thanks to Mr. Beck for jogging my memory.  There is nothing more beautiful than a house whose mortgage its owner had paid off and is now freely owned for the resident to enjoy through their own hard work, rather than through government largesse.


Beck noted that the house was worth about $1 million, but Trump offered $250,000. That would have been its approximate market value before the casinos began going up.  Atlantic City was a hovel and it’s now a hovel again.  In today’s headlines, Gov. Christie is talking about a state takeover of Atlantic City.  The homeowner did hold out, then, but also won both eminent domain lawsuits.


That’s something we should note about Trump, the smart businessman; he made his money in Atlantic City, overleveraged himself by building not one, but four casinos in a glutted market, then in 2007, saw the economy tanking and got himself out again. Trump can’t be blamed for the bad economy.  The slump hit northern New Jersey, where a majority of the gamblers came from, very hard, costing us jobs and savings.  No one had the money to gamble anymore.


Once the buses stopped running (the bus company for which my mother worked looked far down the road and with criminal enterprises competing for the bus business, her company got out of the Atlantic City run business), Atlantic City became a ghost town.


That being the case, what exactly does Trump intend to do about our nation’s growing national debt? Declare bankruptcy and skip town?  America is a country, not a casino.  No one’s asked him the big question and he certainly hasn’t given any answers.  Here’s a question for us:  are we gambling with our nation’s future supporting a big-talking casino and golf-course salesman?

Then there’s the problem of eminent domain. Where does he stand on the issue of regionalization and sustainable development?  We’re talking here about the nationalization, the government take-over of private property.  We just got through listening to him say that the Atlantic City town council had “every right” to protect its interests in private property, and to favor a moneyed, corporate entity rather than an individual citizen.


Trump argued that he, and the other casino owners, would bring in plenty of jobs to Atlantic City. And they did.  But, like the middle class and senior citizen gamblers (who came more for the free lunches the casinos offered than the one-armed bandits), they bused the employees in from other places, mainly Philadelphia and the suburbs surrounding Trenton.


Out on the Atlantic City expressway, there were parking lots specifically designated for casino employees. They would park out there in the median in the middle of the highway, and take shuttles into Atlantic City.  The casinos did very little for the actual poor people living in Atlantic City in the way of jobs – and those poor people knew it.   Oh sure, the taxes helped subsidize them.  But now the casinos are history and the poor people are right where they were before.


Trump makes Big Promises. But at heart, he’s a Big Government Guy.  We all know everything is Big with Trump.  He’s famous for it.  He’s magnanimous towards the little people, in a condescending, patronizing fashion.


He won’t lie to us, exactly. But he’s not above deceiving us to get his way.  His deceit is a sin of omission.  He’ll keep his word on issues like the immigrant wall and undoing the Iranian Nuke Deal.  But he’s also a glad-hander and back-patter.  He’s a deal maker and we average Americans are not necessarily part of the deal.


The high-rollers did not build Atlantic City; it was average people like my mother’s bus passengers, gambling their life savings on the one-armed bandits, that built it. They enjoyed the “free lunch” for awhile.  But as businesses and economies run in cycles, there was a limit to the number of free lunches they were going to get.


Hurricane Sandy was the last straw for Atlantic City. Or should we call it “Hurricane Obama?”  In any case, as Trump was the “king” of Atlantic City, will America, after four or eight years of Trump – following in Obama’s footsteps, not Ronald Reagan’s (which is the era when the casinos were built and flourished)  – look like Atlantic City – all flashing lights, flowing fountains, and posh hotel suites while he was there – but an urban wreck in his (and Obama’s) wake?


You know that June 1989 picture of the lone protester in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square? It’s part of the opening of Glenn Beck’s program.  This guy here:




Think of the guy on the top of the tank as Trump. And the guy standing in front of it is Ted Cruz.  One brave little guy standing alone against tyranny and totalitarianism.


The students, ironically, were agitating for the overthrow of Communism in China. The Red Army massacred at least hundreds around Beijing and in other parts of China.  The students and their leaders were later imprisoned or managed to escape to the West.  Those who avoided prison were ostracized from Chinese society, which meant they were unable to work again.


Trump doesn’t like to be criticized or contradicted. As Rush Limbaugh points out on his radio program today, Trump controls the Media.  ‘He controls them when he’s on camera.  He controls them when he’s not on camera.  “He controls them when he’s asleep!”


What’s going to happen to dissent if and when he’s President? What is this self-promoting strongman going to do to those who disagree with him, especially if they’re speaking for people like us?


Fire them? Or fire on them?




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