Cruz Wins Iowa

Fourteen polls indicated that Donald Trump would win Iowa. He was so confident that he barely spent time there.  But Trump made a serious error.  As a businessman, he did what he does best – he wrote a check.  This wasn’t just any check.  The check was to Jerry Falwell and Liberty University.


Everyone admires Trump for being a successful businessman. The main reason for voting for him is that he can’t be bought.  What we didn’t stop to consider is that, being a wealthy businessman, he could, himself, buy votes.


He also dismissed the last Republican debate, which gave the stage to Marco Rubio who did better in the debate that Ted Cruz. Cruz is the collegiate favorite – that is the favorite of young, college graduates with young families.


Last night’s caucus was a three-way race with Cruz at the top, Trump in the middle, and Rubio nearly trumping Trump, missing by only a thousand votes. Once again, it’s a race between the Conservatives (Cruz) and the Moderates (Rubio).  Rubio insists he’s just a different kind of Conservative but that sort of hair-splitting is what infuriates Conservatives.


Glenn Beck complained about Cruz’ acceptance speech last night, quoting the Scripture and giving the Scripture writer – God – the credit. I only heard the end of the speech when Beck played it.  But I liked what Cruz said – or quoted, if you like:


“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning,” Cruz stated, citing Psalm 30:5.


Yeah. So he gave the citation.  So what?  That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday evening and last night.  All my life my mother and older brother and other relatives (Grandma, Tanta Minnie, etc.) have hassled me about my hair.  My hair is my hair.  I don’t have great hair.  I’ve never had great hair.  When I was young it was very oily.  Then I dyed it, and it grew very thick.  My mother sent me to a barber who gave me a shag cut, which I hated.


Then I fought with beauty parlor stylists who gave me the night-time TV anchor look. I swore I’d never go to a beauty parlor again. So I grew it into a page-boy bob.  I was happy with it for a long time, even if my family wasn’t, exactly.


But then I got older. The “change” of life came along and made life with hair growing forward, with thick bangs, a sweating misery.  It was also going gray and because it was so thick, it was hard to keep it colored.  I’d also over-dyed it and needed to strip the color, if I could find the product to do it.


So I started growing my hair out and back. My family was in complete revolt and insulted me every chance they got, especially my older brother (who’s losing all his hair; but we never talk about that lest we hurt his little feelings).


Yesterday, my mother nagged me – again – about being unemployed. I can’t blame her.  It’s been almost four years.  But employers – without even seeing my hair – have been holding my age and my type of experience against me.  And she nagged about my hair.  I told her there was no way I was cutting it short.  Eventually my hair will grow out to where I need it to be and I’ll be able to style it in a decent bun, while still being able to cover my Irish ears.


Yes, I have Irish ears. They stick out.  They protrude.  What am I supposed to do?  Lop them off?!


My mother was then good enough to inform me that my older brother said he would never hire someone who looked like me. Excuse me?  I was busy doing my laundry and went down to the basement to fume for a while.


Who the heck was my older brother to criticize me about anything? He’s a superficial, misogynistic bobble head, I thought.  If he’s successfully employed and I’m not, it’s not because of my hair.  It’s because he’s willing to lie and I wasn’t.  That’s how I lost (or I should say quit) my last job (it lasted two days), because the editor wanted me to write things that just weren’t true.  If that’s the definition of success, I thought, then I’d be better of penniless.


I told my mother those exact sentiments when she said I was letting my older brother get to me.


“Then why did you tell me what he said?!” I retorted.  “Since you prize honesty so [she said when she criticized me that she was only being “honest”), then talk to him about honesty, not me, because he’s the one who lies.”


I didn’t storm out on my 92 year-old mother. I thought that would be unnecessary cruelty to an elderly woman and hand my older sibling a victory.  I watered her plants for her and then I went home.  And cried.


And cried and cried. I got my Bible out and kneeled down to see what it had to say about all this, my cat rubbing against me to give me some comfort.  The Bible said that it was wrong to reject ordinary work that didn’t necessarily bring happiness and fulfillment.


‘Well who the heck is talking about happiness and fulfillment?!” I raged silently. “All I’m asking for is a nice nine-to-fiver doing filing (I’m a great organizer), phones (I have a very good telephone manner), and typing (I’ve been doing Word – or some variation of it – since before some of these recruiters were even born and I’ve taught myself Excel and Power Point since the last company’s Word Processing Department held a very stringent requirement of typing 110 words per minute in order to learn those programs).


Once I got into the Public Affairs Department, I kept on using Word but not Excel or Power Point. However, in my unemployed state, I continuously brushed up my skills.  It’s just that the ten-question ProveIt! tests are very difficult.  Get three questions wrong and you’re toast.


As I was drying my eyes out, the phone rang. It was another temp-to-perm agency.  I made an appointment with them for today to sign up.  Hopefully, I’ll pass the test and get back to work as I told my mother I genuinely want to do.  I want to make my own living not be dependent on anyone else – not my guy friend, not the government, and definitely not my family.  It was joy in the morning (come about 12 hours early).


That’s what’s wrong with Big Government. That’s why the Ted Cruz voters rejected Trump.  They realize now that he’s a Big Government type.  Trump admitted as much.  He’s listed all the many Big Government agenda items which he’s in favor of:  touch-back amnesty (although he would build the wall), gay marriage, abortion, higher taxes for the wealthy.  He says he’ll bring jobs back to America, and that’s where he earned the 24 percent who are still faithful to him.


However, he lost the Ted Cruz voters on New York Values. They’re the same values Big Brother holds.  He’s doing okay.  He’s got a good job.  He’s got beau coup money in the bank.  But he’s also cruel, cynical and intolerant.  He holds the spineless views of the late Baby Boomer Generation – go along to get along.  Don’t stand up for anything, especially what’s right.


He has the same cabinet-banging, moose-bellowing, scarlet-faced temper that I’ve seen throughout my working life (I won’t call it a “career”; my ambitions for a career ended in high school when I was told I was going to be a secretary not a writer). I don’t say he does these things (necessarily), but those managers and supervisors, I suspect, were pill-popping, weed-smoking, booze-guzzling maniacs who made nervous wrecks of the rest of us.


Those are the people who’ve made it to the top. Cruz won last night, but his future isn’t certain.  There are many more Big Brothers out there than Kid Sisters.  They’ll vote for the ambiguous Marco Rubio because he’s cool, he’s hip, he goes along to get along.  He seems like a nice guy, not a pill-popping maniac.  But those people will vote for him, not Cruz and probably not Trump because Trump doesn’t represent their generation.


Trump will be recalculating his strategy to see where he went wrong. Where could he really go right?  The real division is between Conservatives and Moderates, a gaping chasm that only time will fill in.  There will never be any reconciliation.  Age and the birth rate will cause a tectonic shift, one ideology consuming the other, like a shifting of the earth’s plates.


Where Trump – or Rubio – may triumph in the end is with the 50-50 split between two horrendous candidates: Jailbait or Bernie the Socialist Dinosaur.  That’s enough to send any moderate Democrat flying towards Trump or Rubio.


No wonder the Democrats only revealed the number of delegates instead of the actual number of votes in Iowa last night.



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