Gaming the One-Armed Bandit

What’s the difference between a Conservative and an Establishment candidate?


We’ve only to look at the attack on Marco Rubio’s performance at the debate on Monday and the attack on Donald Trump’s attitude about eminent domain.


A great fuss is being made over the old woman of Atlantic City and Trump’s intention to bulldoze her house in order to create a parking lot for his casino.   Trump is painted as the evil billionaire and the old woman as the poor, beleaguered widow losing her home.


The word was that Trump would offer this woman a more-than-substantial compensation for her house in order to complete his project. But this woman held out.  She saw a chance at the golden ring and she (and her lawyers) were going to make a grab for it by green-mailing Trump.


What’s wrong with that, you ask?  He’s a billionaire; he could afford it.  In fact, he’d already offered her more than the market price on that old house of hers.


What do you mean, “what’s wrong with that”?!! Everything’s wrong with it!  What’s the matter with you people?  That’s how we’ve wound up with a corrupt, ATM government and with Crony-Capitalism!  It’s all about how we can get “ours.”


Put aside for a moment the fact that this Trump is running for president. At the time, he was simply a citizen of the United States and a business – a very, very, very wealthy businessman.  Do you have any idea how much, in addition to buying this woman out at her price, fighting off her lawsuit cost Trump?  And in New Jersey, the loser pays.  If that rule was in effect at the time of those lawsuits, then Trump payed double.


Eventually, this woman won, Trump lost, and by 2007, he was bankrupt. Part of that bankruptcy involved over-leveraging on his part (building four casinos in a casino-glutted city, with competition beginning to arise in other cities).  Then the economy went bust, the buses with the senior citizens stopped coming, and Trump got out.


The one-armed bandits are the mainstay of any casino. The casinos empty them frequently and as any gambler knows, you have to hit on a pretty filled-up machine to hit the jackpot.  The change from the one-armed bandits, not the high-rollers, keep the casinos running.  The high-rollers fill up the hotel rooms at a luxury-rate prices, but it costs money in labor to maintain quality in those rooms.  The casino bus passengers cost the casinos nothing but a free lunch (in the beginning).  When they stopped coming, it was the end of the line for Atlantic City.


You can say what you want about the egotistical Trump with his name plastered over everything. A huge neon sign flashing his picture greeted travelers coming off the Atlantic City Expressway onto New Jersey Avenue.  But at least he didn’t have a statue of Vladimir Lenin in the courtyard of any of his hotels (Lenin stood sentinel in The Quarter at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino)!


Now that we’re “buddies” with Castro’s Cuba, we’re seeing an increase of Communist Cubans being given the red carpet into the United States by Obama. These Cubans are not going to be voting for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, in spite of their Cuban ancestry.  They’re here to game the one-armed bandit known as the United States Government.


Ted Cruz is reviled for standing alone against this voracious thief in the U.S. Senate. Monday night, it was Sen. Marco Rubio’s turn to be mocked by Establishment candidates for telling it like it is about Obama – something we average American voters have known since he was a candidate:  the guy isn’t incompetent.  He is knowingly destroying the United States of America and the freedom for which it stands.


Gov. Christie led the charge, complaining that Rubio kept repeating the same mantra and that he sounded “robotic.” Excuse me?  Seriously?  The same mantra?  You mean, like the government can solve problems?  The rich are evil and we should tax them?  Liberty and social justice for all?  If we don’t bolster the government financially and keep raising the debt ceiling, economic Armageddon will result?  We can’t cut the size of government?


Why on earth not? The one-armed bandit is $19 trillion dollars in debt.  Government entitlements of every sort have emptied the till.  The roll bar is coming up all lemons.  Allowing more and more illegal immigrants enter the country, even if you then do the old touch-back and grant them amnesty, will only put us further in the red.


We had three – exactly three – candidates in favor of limited government, and one of them has now dropped out (Rand Paul – dude, if you’d just gotten off the legalize drugs bandwagon, you’d still be in the race). The race is now two Conservative candidates versus the Establishment.  Christie, Bush, Kacich, and yes – Trump, he’s Big Business and he’s Big Government.


We could certainly count on Christie, Bush, and Trump to bring to the presidency a pro-American foreign policy. I’m uncertain about Kacich but as he said himself that he should have run as a Democrat, he should heed his own advice and run over there right now, where he’ll be welcomed with fireworks and parades because the Democrat ticket is a disaster.


Christie touted his “experience” and Bush’s as state governors compared with Rubio’s one-term stint as a Senator. Christie’s not to blame for New Jersey’s lousy economy.  That’s the fault of the one-armed bandit voters who elected Democrats overwhelmingly to the state legislature, which proceeded to tax companies right out of our state.


He is to blame for regionalization, though, and a good guess is that Trump and other developers are rubbing their hands with glee. As for the George Washington Bridge scandal, the problem New Jersey voters have with that is not that he (or his minions) closed the Fort Lee lanes.  No, the problem was that he was willing to make a deal with Fort Lee’s Democrat mayor; privileged lanes onto the bridge in exchange for the mayor’s endorsement of Christie.


That sort of thing does not go down well with commuters in northwestern New Jersey and blue collar truck drivers coming in from Routes 80, 3, 4, 46, and the N.J. Turnpike. We sit in traffic for an additional 45 minutes so that the swells living in the high-rise towers along the Hudson can have their very own lanes onto the bridge, even though they already live five minutes from Manhattan?  Those are about Christie’s poll numbers right now, 3, 4.  Maybe a little higher since he declared himself an Establishment Republican.  Moderates like that sort of thing; it gives the GOP credibility in the press.


We gamble with our future every time we elect an entrenched, Establishment candidate. Experience is exactly the problem we have them.


They’ve played the one-armed government bandit for years and know how to drain it dry.





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