New Jersey Trumpsters Sock it To ‘Em

Donald Trump boasted yesterday that he had more supporters in New Jersey than in any other state.


I wouldn’t be surprised. According to the Asbury Press, his “favorability in New Jersey has increased eight points since Rutgers-Eagleton’s last poll.”


The AP goes on to note, “According to Trump’s campaign committee’s filings with the Federal Election Commission, 87 New Jerseyans donated nearly $18,000 in the fourth quarter of 2015. The committee raised more than $19 million in 2015, nearly $13 million self-financed.  Ocean County – a strongly Republican area – was Trump’s biggest cash cow in the state, netting him nearly $4,800.”


Didn’t Trump campaign on the fact that he didn’t need anyone’s money? Well, anyway.


“All but two of the statewide donations came in increments smaller than $1,000, and all but seven donations were less than $500. The average donation was $206.25, according to the filings.”


Last night’s North Jersey Regional Tea Party meeting was initially about religious freedom. (Barbara from Harlem, as always, broke up the room with laughter and Israel Teitelbaum honored us with his presence and political wisdom).  Still, Trump’s name managed to surface.


These were mostly older voters. Why, you might wonder, does Trump attract so many older Conservative voters?  Because they’ve been around to witness the political corruption the longest in one of the most politically-corrupt states.


Some female pundit (she was on television and I was in the bedroom on the computer, so I couldn’t see who it was) guessed that Trump’s popularity lay in the fact that Conservative voters wanted to bludgeon the Republican Party.


That pretty well sums it up. That’s exactly what they want and Trump, boxing match organizer that he is, is certainly seems the guy to do it.


Cruz is my guy. But it’s not just about me.  Many of my friends are Trumpsters and I encounter many Trumpsters on Twitter and Facebook.  I get why they want to vote for Trump.  Even though I disagree with them and feel that Trump is being less than forthcoming, I just can’t find it in my heart to “hate” them, call them names and insult them.


My family is different. Mom wouldn’t vote for Trump if he was the last man in America.  Her dislike comes from oversaturation.  If you drove the long North Jersey-Atlantic City Run (about two hours, given the time it takes to pick up passengers) and at the end of the Atlantic City Expressway, you were met by the towering neon sign with Trump’s face, you’d be inclined not to favor him, either.  Nine hundred and ninety-nine trips was enough for Mom.


My brothers are Moderates, so they’ll most likely vote for Marco Rubio. But all my musical friends and my Facebook friends from my previous job generally favor Trump.


When I wonder why, I only have to time-travel in my mind back to the Morristown Tea Party rally on April 15, 2009. Nominally, I was part of the group’s “Writing Committee.”  They wanted to invite numerous politicians as speakers.  I advised them that might not be such a good idea, given the climate.  The people, in general, were so furious with politicians, at the perfidy of the GOP,  that they might just boo them, if not lynch them.


I was overruled and the politicians arrived to face 2,000 citizens so red-faced angry that they booed, shouted, waved their fists (some even spat) as the politicians seated themselves on the platform. The crowd yelled out that they didn’t want to see or hear from politicians anymore; they wanted the politicians to listen to them for a change (which is why the home-made signs were so popular; they were a civil way to express their outrage).


The politicians, for their part, were upset and I couldn’t blame. ‘This wasn’t what we signed up for,’ they complained quietly but angrily to the organizers.  I told them so.


If the Tea Parties have not been as successful as they might be (I think the jury is out on that one; the angry voters today are the same angry voters back then, only now they’re more vocal), it’s because they’ve courted the politicians rather than the citizens. The Tea Party should be all about education and uniting as Conservatives.


The North Jersey Tea Party (which meets in Wayne) and the Morristown Tea Party, although they can’t lend any political campaign financial assistance, would do handstands if any of the candidates offered to come speak to their groups. The audiences don’t mind listening.  But the politicians had best be prepared for some very candid comments.  The audiences don’t want to ask questions; they want to make statements and have their voices heard.


The Tea Party, at least the North Jersey chapter, is pro-Trump. Morristown TP may be, but I can’t speak for them since I haven’t been to their meetings in a long time (I’ll always be a friend of the Morristown Tea Party, however!).  There’s also the newer Lakeland Tea Party, whose meetings I want to attend (they’re just down the road from where I live) when I can find the time.


The Republican Party, with its Moderate, Establishment stance, mocked the Tea Party and in so doing, mocked the Silent Majority voters behind us who weren’t into joining grassroots political groups, but were angry enough to attend the rallies. I believe there were 6,000 participants at the Labor Day 2009 on the Morristown Green (I couldn’t attend as I was marching in a parade that day).


Six thousand angry people. Where did they stash them all on that relatively small parcel of land?  They must have been climbing the trees (they were in the trees on Tax Day 2009)!  Even though I’m a Cruz supporter, I’d love to see Trump – or Cruz – hold a rally on the Morristown Green this summer.  The Media would certainly follow Trump in.  They’d have no more doubts about the claims of angry voters.  Trump, I must say, would probably close Morristown down and stop traffic on Rt. 287 from Route 80 in the North all the way down to Route 78 in the south.  What a splendid show it would be.  Better make that a Saturday rally, if the Trustees of the Morristown Green will permit (any group must promise to protect the flowers, bushes and trees, and clean up thoroughly after the event is through).


Trump has more supporters in New Jersey (if his claims are true) than any other state because New Jersey has more angry voters per square mile than any other state. They’ve good reason to be angry.  Think of New Jersey divided not only between north and south, but east and west, as it was in the Colonial days.  The central dividing line between north and south is Rt. 78; east and west, the Garden State Parkway.


North of 78, the “Republicans” are in the West, Democrats in the East. South of that highway, the voters are reversed, thanks to the proximity to Philadelphia.  Some of the Shore towns, like Asbury Park, are filled with Democrat-hugging minorities.  But outside, in the suburbs you’ll find the Shore Tea Party and others, with better success at turning the vote, at least initially.


Given the tree-climbing animosity on display at the Morristown Tax Day Tea Party, no one should delude themselves that it’s vanished or be surprised that they would lean towards bash-and-smash-‘em Donald Trump. Like it or not, he’s the one they’ve been waiting for.


That’s not good news to more sensible voters who prefer the studious gutsiness of Ted Cruz. We don’t hate the Trumpsters; we wish the Trumpsters wouldn’t hate on us Cruzers.  But there it is.


Don’t hate or insult the New Jersey Trumpsters; you don’t realize what they’ve suffered through in terms of job losses, high taxes, and crime, or how badly they’ve been educated by the state’s Marxist-oriented school system and treated by the Republican Party that’s supposed to represent them.


In the idiom of the Sixties’ comedy, “Laugh-In”: Sock it to ‘em, Trumpsters!




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