Trump Crashes Beck’s Nevada Caucus Speech

Legend has it that Donald Trump walked into Glenn Beck’s stump speech for Ted Cruz and that as soon as Trump came in, the audience flocked to him.


Beck’s own news organization, The Blaze, published the story without providing any video of the event (which they must have been taping) or Beck’s side of the story. I was only listening absent-mindedly to his show this morning, so if he explained it, I missed it.


The only thing I heard Glenn say was, “Nazi brownshirts.” Apparently, he also made some reference to Josef Goebbels.  The analogy to Trump’s repetitious accusations would be correct.


Did Beck’s audience abandon him (it was rude, if they did)? Was Trump ignorant of who was speaking the room? I doubt it.  Did Beck walk off in a huff?  We haven’t heard.  I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.


Trump told someone on MSNBC, I believe, that the crowd bolted because Beck is “boring.”


That’s demonstrably false. Beck is an amazing speaker with a great talent for holding an audience’s attention.  But these claims would seem to indicate the contrary.  The Trump Trolls were out for Beck’s blood on The Blaze’s website, making the usual trollish comments.  These are long-time Beck haters who can be counted upon to bash Beck.


Still, I’ve had my concerns about Glenn Beck’s tack in the last week or so in promoting Ted Cruz. He’s been invoking too much religion into this political battle.  I suppose he’s been doing this in an attempt to win over the Evangelicals.


If the Evangelicals have been favoring Trump over Cruz, it’s because Trump has latched onto their fear of ISIS. They’ve been watching the news with increasing alarm as ISIS burns Christian churches in the Holy Lands and so-called refugees swarm into Europe.


It’s only a matter of time before they begin targeting European churches and the Evangelicals worry that they’re next. Cruz hasn’t spoken strongly enough about protecting the nation – and its Christians and Jews – from ISIS and from our own government as well.


Cruz has allowed Trump to plant his flag on this issue. He’s all over it and so when they listen to Beck talk about messages from God and Trump talk about preventing Christianity’s deadliest enemy from planting their flag on our shores, naturally they’re going to flock to Trump.


One of Beck supporters on the website had it exactly right when they accused these people of being “idol worshippers.” The Bible warned us about them.  The Trumpsters are star-struck, and they’re looking for a king, not a preacher.


Trump is the shadow in Plato’s Cave. There’s no use in telling Trump’s many followers that.  They have a vague idea of Plato being a Greek philosopher.  But they have no idea what Plato’s Cave is and certainly no idea that they’re the audience in Plato’s Cave, mistaking shadows for reality.  Oh, they accuse Glenn Beck of being a shadow, but certainly not Trump.  He’s the real deal.  They’ve watched him on television every week for years and years.  Of course he’s real.  Glenn Beck is just some idiot on the radio with a few fanatical followers.


Oh brother. But that’s reality of this surreal political landscape in which we find ourselves.  The voters have finally found their champion to overthrow the shadowy figures for whom they voted and who ultimately betrayed them.


Amazingly, Rush Limbaugh reported this afternoon on his program, breaking down Trump’s Nevada votes (I believe) that 38 percent of Conservatives voted for Trump and a whopping 55 percent of Moderates – Moderates!!? – voted for Trump. Moderates?  I still can’t believe it!  I mean, I do, because it came from Rush and he’s never wrong, as we know.  But all the same!


Moderates are the idiots who gave us John McCain and even Mitt Romney (I really hate to insult Romney, because he did seem like an awfully nice guy). I was sure this bunch would have voted for Rubio, not Trump.  I’m stumped and I’m usually not easily stumped on things like this!


Wow. Whew!  Moderates drinking the Trump Kool-Aid.  Conservatives, eh, not so much.  There you go.  At least we have that consolation.


I wish we could see the breakdown on education levels. That’s where I believe we’ll get the answers to the support of Trump.  Older voters?  They’ve seen the most corruption since they’ve been on the scene the longest.  Blue collar, high school educated?  They’ve long since educated (brainwashed) that their votes don’t count.


A definite divide exists between the college-educated and the blue collars. Blue collars – my guy pal is a Trump supporter – reject higher education as useless and a waste time.  They don’t know anything about Plato’s Cave or Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and they don’t care.  What they see and hear is what counts.  That’s reality to them.  They believe they can think and judge for themselves and don’t need or want to be told what to think in some book.


Yet they’ll turn to the loudest voice at the microphone. The brighter, shinier star – in this case, Donald Trump versus Glenn Beck.  Trump is manicured within an inch of his life.  He wears expensive suits, has expensive haircuts, and wears expensive watches.  He exudes money and power and people are instinctively drawn to it, like moths to a flame.


Trump can afford to laugh heartily at anyone who opposes him because he knows people’s natures. He knows how they talk and how they think.  He had plenty of time to study their speech at the wrestling and boxing matches he sponsored in his venues in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.


Let’s face it: no one wants to listen to a preacher, especially in Las Vegas, of all places.  Sin City?  Are you kidding me?   I do have to wonder what Glenn was thinking.  Taking on a gambler in Las Vegas is like a skinny guy taking on a sumo wrestler in Japan.


David defeated Goliath. How?  Do let us take a look at the Bible for a moment – hold on, while I check it out.  Okay.  So it’s in 1 Samuel 17 (that’s First Samuel, for you Trumpsters).  Now, we’re not preaching; we’re just examining this story of a young boy who defeats a giant of a man (9 feet 5 inches tall) not with a sword, but a stone.


Goliath asks the Israelites why they’ve amassed an army to fight one man? It’s not fair.  Just sound out one man to settle the battle.  (“I do taunt the battle line of Israel.”).  David was the youngest son in the family.  His job was to tend the sheep in Bethlehem while his oldest brothers fought the battle.  Other brothers were behind the lines, and bid David to bring the soldiers food and find out how they were doing.


When he got there, he heard Goliath taunting the frightened Israel’s. He asked what the Israeli king would give to them champion who brought down Goliath.  David’s oldest brother Eliab scolded David for coming to the front just to see the battle.  But David responded by saying that he’d only asked a question.


Eliab scoffed at David’s pretensions of being a warrior. But David said that he’d already proven his worth by saving his flock from the very mouth of the bear and the lion.  This Philistine was just a poser in David’s eyes, for all his iron sword and copper-plating armor.  They clad David in similar armor, but he was too small to carry it so he threw it off and approached the mighty Goliath, telling the Israelites not to lose heart because of Goliath’s size.


Goliath laughed to scorn David with his sticks and stones. Still, he told him to bring it on if he wanted to be fed to the crows and the beasts of the field.  David replied that he didn’t need armor and iron swords, just the name of God whom the Philistines had slandered.  David ran up to Goliath quickly, let him have it in the forehead, and down Goliath went.


We have here not a physical battle, but a political. Can a little David (Ted Cruz is verily the type) bring down the Goliath (in this case, Donald Trump, the Media Giant).  Trump’s “shields” – his supporters, the Media, etc. –  go before him just as Goliath’s did.  Glenn Beck tried to be Ted Cruz’ “shield” which goes against both Biblical and political wisdom.


Ted Cruz must battle the Goliath personally. He mustn’t make the mistake (again) of equating the Constitution with the Holy Bible.  There’s nothing that would put off Fundamentalist Christians more than such a blasphemous equation (I’ve known more than a few in my day, including my godmother).  The Bible is their Bible, not the U.S. Constitution, no matter how great a document the Constitution is.


Ted would be better off leaving the Bible out of this fight and sticking to the U.S. Constitution.


Still if the Biblical proportions in this analogy are correct, Ted only needs one small stone – right between the eyes – and theoretically (and theologically) speaking, down Trump should go. The camps were pitched on two opposing mountains, but the battle was fought in the  valley below, on common ground.


So that may mean that there’s some issue they have in common – be it illegal immigration, or terrorist jihadists, the national debt, something – which Trump can come to the battle bedecked in gold armor but which Cruz can bring him down with a single stone. Theoretically.


David had five stones in his pouch. It only took one, well-aimed and swift, to fell Goliath.  Goliath was proud and waved off his shield-bearers because he didn’t think he needed anyone’s help to take down one puny, inexperienced opponent.


Interestingly, Cruz has invited Trump to a one-on-one debate, but Trump has turned down the challenge. Trump has said, in defense of the attacks by Pope Francis, that he is a Christian.


Perhaps he is, at that. Perhaps Trump has read 1 Samuel 17.











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