Glenn Beck is “FANTASTIC”!

One of the advantages of being unemployed is that I can a) work on my blog and b) listen to Glenn Beck’s televised radio program in the morning.


I found Donald Trump’s claims that Beck’s (two-minute) campaign speech in support of Ted Cruz was ‘boring” highly dubious. Trump also claimed there were “a thousand people” in the room who all flocked over to him when he appeared at the door, “unwittingly” interrupting Beck’s speech who then walked off in a humph!


Glenn Beck boring? Seriously?  The same Glenn Beck who had me in stitches with his rendition of “The Telltale Heart” one Halloween as I drove over the terrifying, hump-backed Throgs Neck Bridge onto Long Island?  The Glenn Beck whose hilarious “Soviet Update” complete with the Soviet theme song turned me into a faithful Glenn Beck fan?


I hoped Glenn would provide the contrary evidence that would put the lie to Trump’s claim and he did not disappoint. Trump counts on the fact that Beck’s program is not aired in the metropolitan New York market (anymore) and is probably ignored in other major, urban markets.  If nothing else, listeners wouldn’t be able to see a video if they’re driving to work.


Well, Glenn Beck did not disappoint. This morning, he did play the video of the incident.  Glenn was certainly not boring.  His brief speech was passionate, patriotic, warm and uplifting.  He said, and his associates affirmed, that there were more like 500 people in the room, not a thousand, and it didn’t even look like 500 to me.  However, I wasn’t there.


Glenn was coming to the close of the speech, when girls in the back of the room began squealing like Sixties’ Beatles fans: they’re idol had arrived.  The “cheerleaders” went running, Trump signs in hand, over to the door to greet him.  There was no sudden exodus of Beck’s audience.  If he stopped, it was only due to the noise level.  It was hard to hear what he was saying with all the shrieking going on.


But Glenn did not stomp off in a huff. He came down off the stage – a stage, not a podium – and went to speak personally with his audiences.  Glenn wasn’t angry; he was laughing and so was his audience.  So was I.  Oh my gosh!  There’s no more piercing sound in the world than the shriek of an adolescent girl.  There’s no fighting and no protection from it.


That was it. There’s really no more to tell, except that Trump is a liar.  Whether Beck is boring is a matter of subjective opinion.  If you’re Donald Trump, you’re certainly not going to like Glenn Beck, who’s a much better speaker than you are.  My cat, Daisy, is a better speaker.  You’re going to trash him and hope not enough people have listened to Glenn Beck to speak on his behalf.


Trump was certainly lying about Glenn’s audience abandoning him. He was lying about the whole room flocking to him (alas, only his cheerleaders).  He lied about the size of the room.


Meanwhile, yet another GOP debate is scheduled for tonight. Oh no, you’re probably groaning, not another one.  Conservative pundits are wringing their hands over what Cruz should do tonight, how he should present himself differently, say different things, behave differently or it will all be over.


Many of the theories (some of which are mine) about Trump’s supporters are correct: It’s about jobs.  It’s about immigration.  It’s about ISIS.  It’s about the feckless GOP, whom Trump’s supporters want their Superman to clobber (even I wouldn’t mind seeing that feat, only Cruz could do it better and without having to bribe anyone).


Maybe Ted Cruz should study a manual on basic wrestling and boxing. Someone twittered a cartoon (that was about ISIS, not Trump) with a Rocky-style boxing coach telling his boy to “go for the ribs, go for the ribs.”  In debate parlance, that would translate to going personal, shouting, forcing the opponent to shout, and literally robbing him of oxygen.


Trump claims that he’s won in every demographic, even among highly-educated, but that he “loves the poorly educated.” Trump’s advantage is in being a super-confident media star whose known all over the globe, the larger than life neon sign that used to greet visitors to Atlantic City.


Trump and his minions have been using the same sort of memes that political operatives used to use in the AOL Chatrooms. “Liar!”  “Loser!”  “Bush lied, people died!”  Over and over, yes, Goebbels-like.  Absolutely in the fashion of Josef Goebbels.  They had multiple terminals and would copy and paste whatever insult they were hurling, until it took up the entire page.


Trump shouts “Liar!” at Cruz, repeatedly, and his supporters eagerly – support him. They’ll brook no contradictory evidence from Cruz.  He’s a liar.  That’s it.  Argument over.  How many times does Trump have to say it?  Cruz is a liar! Trump wins!  Hurray!


Actually, he does have to say it repeatedly for it to be absorbed, until it becomes a preconditioned reaction. Voters don’t hear Cruz at all.  Cruz tried to present some video evidence about Trump and Trump had the nerve to wave it off.


“I don’t need to see any video,” he claimed.


Excuse me? When did Trump become a moderator in the debate?  Yet he was able to suppress the evidence; the video was not shown.  Does he think we’re idiots (obviously, he does)?  The video wasn’t for his benefit; it was for the voters’ benefit.


If Trump becomes the nominee, what does he think is going to happen if he calls Hillary a liar? You know what’s going to happen?  She’s going to laugh at him.  Trump’s a down-and-dirty fighter and he’ll do everything he can to make sure no one believes a word Cruz says.


Both Trump and Rubio, as it was with Trump and Carson before, will gang up on Cruz. Two against one isn’t a fair fight, but no one ever said politics was fair.  What we should remember (and we hope Cruz remembers going into the debate tonight) is that when he stood against the U.S. Senate concerning the vote against the procedure to bring the debt ceiling issue to the floor, it was Cruz against 98.  Only two Senators were in his corner, and they were there to assist, but he took on the main portion of the fight.  In his book, he relates that normally placid senators screamed at him until they were purple.


Trump certainly won’t play by the rules. But then, neither did the U.S. Senate and he faced them down against all odds and the scorn of the Media and the GOP.  If he can take them on, he can take on Trump and Rubio.


If he can get the microphone away from the loudmouth, populist mike-hog long enough.



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